3 Mar 2019

She was all about new experiences. So to return to a city with her Lover, at the same time as last year was a surprise. More surprises were yet to come.

It was 12 months ago under the warm winter sun they shared a chilled glass of Rose wine and talk casually turned to desires. Her Lover had not forgotten the glint in her eye as she mused about as-yet-unfulfilled desires. The way she idly stroked the stem of glass whilst assessing his reaction to her confession. That night when they made love, she had a lost look in her eyes as she thought about what they discussed.

Fast forward to today and the same sunbed was occupied. The wine still tasted divine and the heat continued to warm their bodies and fire their ardour. This time is was different. Her Lover admitted her secret passion had occupied his mind as much as it had her siestas. They returned to their suite in silence knowing that tonight would be the night.

They sank into a deep hot bath, bubbles bouncing between them as they bobbed beneath the warm water.. She raised her left leg and laid it across his shoulder. In turn, her Lover caressed her calf with foamed fingers and ran his razor along her long limb. The blades crackled as they smoothed her shins to sateen shine. She swapped over and again was left without a nick or a scratch, but sensuously soft.

In many ways this was alien to her. She was an oxymoron personified. She hated to be seen to be getting ready, but was relishing the attention her Lover lavished upon her in readiness for tonight. Outside of the bedroom, she was so often in charge of her thoughts and actions, but here she was giving control to her Lover of her most intimate actions.

She stood up and rested herself against the edge of the bath, her feet still submerged. She parted her legs to reveal her womanhood, that was never left unattended for long, but was now in need of a little attention of her kinky coiffeur. His smooth-lined jaw rested against her inner thigh, as his held the sharpened steel against her skin. He wisped away the hair into a finely honed line that lead down to the delight that drove him wild with desire. She pushed herself further forward, perching perilously against the porcelain, thrusting her sex closer to his face. Washing the razor in the water, he returned to the pleasure and honour in hand. Her sex was like a perfectly-formed Lodoicea nut, with 2 halves pressed together, suggesting that the sweet taste lay deep inside to those that are lucky enough. She gazed intently and a little nervously at the concentration shown on his face. If he was an artist, this was his masterpiece and not one stroke could be misplaced. Precise pressure and a steady hand was needed and he did not disappoint. The anticipation of what was to come and the touch her Lover that had never been felt her before, was beginning to show and he could sense it.

She stepped out on to the marbled tiling and wrapped herself in soft Egyptian cotton and allowed her Lover time alone to ready himself. When he joined her, his jaw dropped as quickly as his towel fell to the floor. Wearing something familiar, she had an uncommon look about her. Laying on her front on the bed, her legs hung over the edge of the mattress. Wearing her black Bordelle Bondage style lingerie which left little to the imagination as the ouvert style allowed her display every inch of her feminine charms to whoever she desired. Her hair tousled over her shoulders and the only make-up on show was her smoky eyes and her crimson red lips. Clasped in her hands was her phone and she busily tapped away at the screen. "Be a darling would you?" she purred

Without turning her head. Her Lover did not need to be asked a second time or indeed what to do. He dropped to his knees behind her and inhaled her arousal. His lips met the curves of her ass and he peppered her skin with puckered pecks between the straps that framed her rubenesque rear. Working inwards, he wrapped his arms round her thighs simultaneously pulling her onto him and he into her. Her legs involuntarily splayed, teetering on the towering heels she had chosen to wear. Her Lover's breath now breezed against her pouting sex and the air between them was think with sexual tension. His tongue tasted her before it touched her, unable as she was to contain herself. Between the cleft his mouth made love to her hidden hardness. Every brush against her bud sent shivers down her legs. Each snaking probe inside her filled his mouth with the nectar that he could live off for ever. "My friend is already on his way. I told him that I would meet him in the bar." Her Lover's licks became more urgent and she responded by moving her hips against his face, using him for her own pleasure. "He's sent me a pic of what he's wearing... he looks good enough to eat" she teased "Talking of eating and getting ready, I think I should be prepared for all circumstances don't you think?" With that she arched her back and presented herself in a more explicit fashion. They had spoken about tonight, but it now seems she wished to re-write the rules. She never refused any of his wishes and now he had to reciprocate. With unabashed abandonment he began to arouse her again, this time anally. Longer licks, tender touches greeted her wishes. He knew she liked this when she was horny and by the way she squirmed against him, she was about to lose control.

She pushed her Lover back on his haunches, holding his head as she reclined against him, suffocating him with her sexuality. "Enough" she exclaimed "I don't want either of us getting the party started before our guest arrives." She nodded towards the chair that sat in the corner of the room and her Lover took a seat, still naked. She went to the wardrobe and slipped on her black dress. That black dress. The black dress that she knew drove her Lover wild and displayed every inch of her heavenly hourglass figure to the max. She strode over to her Lover and lent down to whisper huskily in his ear "Do I look OK darling? My nipples are pressing against the material. You don't think it's too slutty do you?" She reached under her dress and traced her finger in her moistness, rubbing it against his lips. He sucked on her finger, savouring the sweetness that sought. "I thought that would be your answer" she giggled. "Now whilst I enjoy a little drink or 2, I don't want you going anywhere, so be a good boy" She looped lengths of silk rope over his wrists and around the arms of the chair. He had no wish to give up his ringside seat but the tethers tied him to the spot. She turned down the lights, so her Lover was now lost in the shadows. She turned and left him to his thoughts.

I don't know how long she had been gone. Images in my mind tumbled over each other. "Was she safe? What was he like? When would she be back?" Every footstep that I heard outside in the corridor raised expectations and each time disappeared in to the distance. With the curtains closed and only the dappled light from the perforated lantern above the bed, my eyes became accustomed to the dim light. The patterns and shadows radiated from the light danced around the room and the air-conditioning occasionally sprang into action, sending chilled air against my skin, hardening my nipples and condensing the hot precum that cascaded from my cock. A cock that had been permanently hard since our plans had been put into place.

Like a knife to my heart, the door opened. and in they fell. They fell into the room together in a morass of arms and legs entwined one another. My heart raced, my mouth went dry. I wanted to say something, anything, but at the same time my voyeuristic pleasure was best served in silence. In the half-light I could see their lips locked, her eyes were closed, partly in passion and not wanting to be distracted by my presence.

He was different to me to many respects. He had hair. Lots of it and dark. I could just make out his look was tanned and likely Mediterranean. He was dressed in a blue suit that hid his large frame. His was tall and heavy set. Perhaps he was muscular, but at this point I could not tell. I was always confident of my sexuality, but I could not help but wonder why she chose someone so different. "Did she find him more attractive? Was variety the spice that she sought in her life?" It did not matter, for their passions were shared and their bond unique and unbroken, whoever they played with, whatever the reason, wherever the mood took them.

Her leg was locked around his as he pressed her against the wall. She scrabbled at his jacket, tearing at his shirt. I couldn't be sure if this was animalistic desire or to put on a show for me... probably both. He pawed at her dress, running his hands of her barely-covered breasts. The breasts that she loved me to touch. "Did he know how sensitive her nipples are?" Her pleasure was my pleasure. I wanted again to tell him to slow down, take his time, treat her in the way she wanted. Again it was not my place. He drove his mouth on to her neck as she shed his shirt to the floor. Again a difference was on show. Where as I have a smooth chest, he had a thick thatch of coarse black hair about his torso.

His pulled the dress over her head, revealing her near-nakedness and she directed his mouth to her bare breast. It was then she look up and made eye contact with me.It was a stare that spoke without words. I could see everything before me, as she could only make out the light twinkling off my eyes. She pushed her new-found friend onto the bed, tugging at his trousers, working her mouth down his body, her face lost under her tumbling tresses. Her fingers fumbled at forest that emerged from his white boxer shorts and I could see that she found what she wanted. Once more there were differences. She grasped his cock in her hands and flicked her head to side, her hair falling behind her and her showing me the talents that I desired so much. She exaggerated every motion as she began to wank his cock, allowing her tongue to flick over his circumcised cock. There was no foreskin to play with as she did with me, but I knew what this unknown visitor must be feeling. Her head bobbed up and down slowly, taking him deeper into her mouth with every breath. I wanted my hands to run through her hair, holding her head as I thrust between her lips, but it was he that had this delight. Hardly a word was exchanged but the guttural groans told me that he was appreciating her art. She ran her lips along his length, making sure I could see what she doing, cupping his balls I heard her comment "I hope that these are full for me. I want every drop later!"

Despite my predicament, I was transfixed. We had fantasised before, Watched and been watched. This was something else. She was showing me her intimate moments without my involvement. She was in charge of what happened, how and when... this was a rarity. Given half the chance, I would have joined them, but this was not the night for that. Given any opportunity, I would have been wanking myself in time to her mouth. No wonder she had ensured that my torment would also be her pleasure. I rocked my hips back and forth, gently as not to arouse suspicion, but in some primeval reaction to the woman in heat that I saw before me and her mate of choice.

She crawled up his body, trailing her sex against every sinew and muscle she passed, leaving her scent as she went. Her knees lay astride his chest as she reached back to maintain grip of her stud. She swung her body 180 and presented his mouth with what was mine only 2 hours before. Like me, he pulled her down on to his face, feeding his appetite with her nectar. She lay forward, easing her access to manipulate his manhood. She ran her finger over his glistening helmet, allowing a trail of precum to span between his cock and her hand. She licked the sticky liquid in the full knowledge that my cock would be wet as well. "Fuck that's good" she moaned "but I need you in me, I have to have you" she continued.

Her beau for the evening held her by the hips and forced her face down, her head hanging off the edge of the bed. In a single movement he was upon and within her. There was no ceremony or civility, just unadulterated physicality. He forced himself into her without permission or resistance. I knew she was wet with excitement when I had pleasured her earlier. My saliva added to his would have only made her sex sodden. His hands rested on her shoulders, pinning her down as she gave herself to him. I could see how she raised herself to meet him in a rhythmic wave. Her arms outstretched sought solace in the silent darkness. If my binds were not tight I could have locked my fingers with hers. She was tantalisingly out of reach, His thrust were deep and long. His hands turned push push to pull, as he coaxed her to her knees. Hair covered her face as sweat began to bead about their bodies. He, she were relentless.

Unable to touch myself, I could do nothing to stop the precum spilling from cock, pooling around my balls. The smell of sex saturated the room. She raised her head high like a mare being mounted by a stallion in the stables. I wanted to kiss her whilst he sought her satisfaction. His large hands held her breasts tight against her chest, her nipples struck through his digits. Her excuse for lingerie and shoes never once left her. She was the leading lady, dressed for desire and she knew her audience was delirious with desire as much as her co-star. "I need to cum. I want your cum too" she commanded. Who was he to complain? I never complained with she told me that she was near, when she demanded my seed.

She clambered on board. A rider in her saddle. His head was pointing towards me - this wasn't a mistake. She had engineered the situation so I could see the look on her face in the final throes. Pushing his chest down with her left hand, she kept him in check. The pace, the pleasure and the pinnacle would be her's to dictate. His hands steered her hips and her breasts swayed in the swinging shadows caused by the rocking lantern. Her eyes scanned in my direction, seeking my silhouette and approval. She never needed my permission. I relished and ravished her in equal measure. This was for both of us.

She loved the feeling of roughness against her clit. His hirsute qualities helped the intensity of the situation. She sat squarely on his cock, swallowing its length and girth with pleasure. Every forward and back motion was interspersed was a rise away and an impaling back on him. I would have gnawed through the ropes to stand behind her now, caressing her breasts, kissing her lips, feeling her around him. Instead I watched without blinking. My mouth mirrored hers "I love you" was silently screamed in unison. Her right hand held his balls. She frequently clasped mine in her hands, urging me to the pleasure of orgasm with the torture of tightness.She was like a Jaguar E-type. Coveted by men, elegant curves that longed to be touched and hummed gently when softly ridden. Now she was racing through her gears with silky smooth changes in pace. Her bodywork beamed as her engine started to roar. Her face flushed and her eyes started to roll. I could tell by the tension in her arms, her grip gave no ground and now she wanted to claim and to climax. Through gritted teeth she spat out the words "I'm close, fuck me, fill me." The bed creaked and the headboard rattled. Lost in their oblivion, orgasms ripped through them both. Her friend for the night erupted inside of her, flooding her with his cum, At the same time, her quivering quim clamped his cock tight against her. She collapsed on to his chest and her lips returned to where I had first seen them, against his.

As it ever was, it was a mix of erotic emotion, carnal pleasure and physical attraction that had brought her to this point. She held him tight as I remained in raptures. This was no seedy porn movie, no live sex show. This was something that satisfied a curiosity for both and broke a boundary for each. As they lay on the bed a while, she turned to this man unknown to me and asked him to leave her to her slumber. He reluctantly agreed, but as he stood to get dressed, she could not resist in tasting herself and him on his softening appendage.

Not a word was said as the door clicked closed. She rose from her recline and walked over to where I was sat. She could hear my heart beat loudly in the now silent suite. Still the shadows skipped around the room, flashing light and dark when our eyes met our bodies. She circled her fingers around my cock, slick with such sensation she had caused. Her stare matched mine as she slowly pumped my hardness and forced her tongue into my mouth. The sweetness of her saliva was mixed with the saltiness of his semen that she had sought out as he prepared to leave. I had tasted my own, but again she upped the ante like I had done to her on many occasion. Our kiss was like our first and every kiss since... full of promise, passion and pleasure. She loosened her grip, turned her back to me and placed her hands on my wrists. I expected her to untie my bonds, but her appetite had been whetted and she needed more. With my cock standing proud, she lowered herself on to me. As my smooth, unsheathed sword came into contact with her, she spilled his seed between us, squeezing and seductively squelching. She used one hand to steady herself on my thigh and the other smeared the secretion over ourselves as she ground down against me, her Lover. The Lover that allowed her to be free. The Lover the let her lust and libido loose from the solitude of celibacy. I tried to raise myself to minimise the moments I was not fully inside of her, but it was to no avail - she conducted this orchestra. Her fingers now busied themselves on her clit. The feeling began to well up inside of her once more. I could have exploded at any point during the evening and it was taking every ounce of self control not to cum. The tell-tale signs to me were evident. The shortening of her breath, the tremble in her thighs, the hesitancy whether to stop and delay or speed up and satisfy. She chose the latter. I could not hold back, neither could she and as she squatted down onto me I shot long and hard. Her pussy bucked and thrashed and her fingers finished her to fulfilment.

She slumped back on to my chest. My arms enveloped her. She turned her head in surprise. I said nothing but simply kissed my lascivious lover. The greatest ties are emotional. Ties can keep you in chains when you are free to leave, or allow you the freedom to join in when unable to move. The ties between she and I are many and magical.