Written by Fluffy Bunny Girl

28 Feb 2018

I currently live in York with my current main cuckold partner, though I work in Manchester and I am a successful business woman. As I travel a lot with my work it gives me ample opportunity to be a real naughty slut and sample some real cock, instead of my pathetic partners attempts to satisfy me.

I work away two nights a week, so I have lots of opportunity to have lots of cock on a regular basis, in hotels, bars, clubs and even on an early train to Manchester from York.

I have lots of lewd and rude fantasies that used to just stay in my mind, but I became a filthy bitch several years ago and love to be a slut for men and lots of hard cock.

This story is about a busy day of mine when I just couldn’t get enough. I was on an early train to Manchester after leaving my pathetic exec in bed with his small cock, he’s not very good in bed, it’s like having sex for the first time, but he is loaded and does anything for me, he doesn’t know what I get up to! I don’t think him or his family would approve of the slut they have in their lives. Though I bet his eldest son would love to fuck me, and I’d love to have a young fresh 18 year old fuck me senseless over and over again, another day!

On this morning, I’d rushed out on a very cold and dark morning, I’d forgotten to put my knickers on, I don’t often wear them to be honest, but I had thought about it as I was cold. I just had my holds up and a short skirt. I’d rushed to park the car and catch the train, hurriedly grabbing a coffee and took my seat on the train, the train wasn’t that busy, but I’d sat down opposite a very attractive young athletic man, which immediately warmed my pussy and woke me up. I took my coat off and caught him looking at my boobs and more specifically my hard nipples, I looked at him and smiled and said, its cold this morning isn’t it! He looked shy and young, and blushed, but he did have to rearrange his bottoms, he was getting hard and it wasn’t even 7 o’clock! But 7 inch o’cock.

I drank my coffee and slowly started to chat to him about stuff and he explained that he was en route to an training camp event in Mallorca later that week. I was really horny and could see his cock growing as I started to talk about sex and was he allowed to have sex before an event, he said no, well that was it... I wanted his cock to come for me!

I asked him what he was going to do with his erection, he seemed to blush and put his jacket over his bulge. I said don’t be shy, it’s fine..... and told him I was wet, I’m in my mid-forties, fit and athletic, and he was in his mid-twenties I guessed, I wanted to be his slutty MILF. I slipped off my shoe and reached across, under the table, to his leg and slid my foot towards his crotch, at first he flinched and pulled away a little, I smiled and said that we needed to deal with that! He looked around, but there was only a couple of other men in the carriage they were several seats away. I said I was very wet and turned on, I slid my hand between my legs and slipped two fingers into my very wet pussy, I pushed them in deep as my foot touched his huge throbbing hard cock. I started to rub his cock hard. I took my juice soaked fingers out of my hot pussy and put them in my mouth, licking and sucking my tasty hot juice off them. As I did I looked straight at him and told him how good I tasted, and how wet and turned on he’d made me, I then asked if he would like a taste!

He nodded, looking round to see if anyone had noticed us, they hadn’t! So I got up and went and sat next to him at the other side of the table. I slightly payed my legs and slid my fingers deep in to me again, oooh it felt good, I slid my other hand down under his coat and in to the top of his tracksuit bottoms, as I found his huge throbbing cock he moaned, I felt warmth in my pussy. I pulled out my dripping fingers and put them to his mouth, he looked at me hesitantly and slowly stuck his tongue to taste my juice, as he did so I started to tug and wank his very hard cock he looked at me sucked my fingers dry, I grabbed his hand and put it between my legs, encouraging his thick fingers to my desperate pussy.

As I rubbed his cock harder and harder he thrust two then three fingers in me, fucking my pussy hard with his hand, I love my cunt being filled and roughly fuckedby hands or cock. I could feel his cock start twitch and the urgency as he thrust his cock back up toward my hand. I could feel myself stat squeeze and the tingling inside that I was going to come and tried to stifle my moans, I knew we were getting near Leeds so we had to be quick, I ground my pussy hard on to his fingers and bit into his shoulder as I shuddered and squirted my juice down his hand and on to my leg, I don’t think he was what was happening, he pulled his fingers out they were dripping. I sucked my juice off them.

‘My turn’ I said. No one had moved on the train, I pulled his cock out of his trousers and started to wank him harder and faster, he tensed, I could see in his eyes he was going to cum, my mouth went down on his hot hard cock and I thrust deep in to my throat, nearly gagging as I felt his cock start to twitch then he shot his huge load in to my throat I was trying not to gag and choke, like a good boy he held my head there until he’d emptied all his seed in my mouth. His hand, lifted off and I sat up, my eyes watering with choking and I was enjoying swallowing all that come. The announcer stated we were arriving at Leeds, I looked on the window I looked a little bit of a mess, he looked at me and thanked me, my pleasure I said.

I jumped back to my seat, my skirt was wet, my pussy soaking and my nipples hard..... wow that was good. People boarded the train at Leeds and all the seats were filled including the very wet one I’d been sat in. We didn’t speak again, I just re-did my make-up and smiled at him. Just before I departed at Manchester I let my foot slide up to his crotch again, he looked at me smiled and I could feel him hard again, I knew I was good! I said good luck with your event and with that I got up from my seat and left the train to go to work........