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Turkish Massage

"Happy ending you decide"

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Author's Notes

"The wife loves a happy ending massage"

We can both vouch for a happy ending in Turkey for the Mrs.

Always ask for a man and always ask if it’s okay to watch.

The last time we both enjoyed it was earlier this year on holiday.

we both went through the soapy wash experience and I enjoyed watching my wife as she pulled off her top and had her large tits soaped then scrubbed making her nipples hard and gasp. She then lay back with her legs open and lay on her back as she was soaped then rubbed all over her tummy and legs before taking a long time scrubbing between her legs and then turning her over and doing it from behind again spending lots of time scrubbing her arse and pussy from behind.

Then washed off with the very cold water making her nipples even harder and more sensitive.

She then dried herself off along with me and we went into a room with two chairs a massage table with Michelle putting on a robe and a paper thong and laying down on her front.

The guy comes in and asks in broken English for Mrs to sit up and take off robe. As he laid her back down and put a large towel over her bum and legs. He then asked if okay to take off knickers, obviously yes!

He pulled back the towel away from one of her legs and put some oil in his hand and began to massage her feet, then calf, then thigh, then pushed higher gradually opening her pussy lips and slipping his fingers across her lips as she opened her legs and she groaned slightly as he then openly rubbed her pussy lips and clit pushing fingers across and inside her pussy lips.

He then repeated this process with her other leg until the towel was pulled away with Michelle’s legs now open her pussy lips wet and open wide with him fingering her cunt as he massaged her clit until my wife began to orgasm and cum on his fingers.

He finger fucked her cunt making her cum then I watched as he looked at me and began to pull down his shorts to release a large circumsized prick dripping some pre cum for the end of his bulbous purple helmet.

I nodded to him as I wanked my prick openly in front of him as he pulled down his shorts stood on the step up to the table and pulled my wife’s legs down a bit as she looked at me wanking my cock as he placed his bell end between my wife’s wide open and very wet fleshy pussy lips and inserted himself inside my wife pulling in her hips into him until his prick was deep inside her cunt and he began to fuck her as she began to moan and groan for him to fuck her cunt and fill it with his spunk.

He just began to fuck her hard with his balls banging against her pussy lips as his cock fucked deep inside my wife’s cunt.

She groaned she was going to cum on his cock and for him to keep fucking her as she came in his prick and he began to shout out in Turkish as he pushed himself deep inside her as he spurted his first jet of spunk deep into her cunt

I watched from behind as that thick vein in his prick spurted and throbbed as it shot his hot Turkish spunk up her pussy as she came on his cock.

He pushed his dick up Michelle’s cunt one last time and held her hips to him spurting his spunk up her as he finished shooting his cum into my wife.

Michelle reached behind her and held onto his leg as she finished her orgasm as he held his cock up her cunt as she finished her cum.

He stepped down and pulled out of her well fucked cunt as his spunk drizzled out of her count and I stood up pushed him to one side and inserted my rock hard prick into my wife’s hot spunk filled cunt and began to fuck her and managed about a dozen thrusts before I shouted I was cunning and shot my load inside her adding my spunk to the masseuses. I held myself inside her spurting my sperm up her until I finished inside her and pulled out watching my mingled spunk with his dribbling out of my wife’s well fucked cunt.

Michelle rolled over and asked me to suck her pussy and kiss her which I duly did and filled my mouth with all our juices and then kissed Michelle as she rubbed her cucumber covered clit until she managed another smaller orgasm as we kissed and shared our juices.

The guy left us to our own divices and we had a shower together and cleaned up and left.

Turkey is the best place to watch your wife get fucked by a Turkish masseur, try it you will not be disappointed. Mmmmmmm

Written by Creampiewife1962

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