Written by Jan

17 Jul 2019

Hi, we play silly games indoors, not sex but who ever wins the dare has to be carried out by the other person.These are always sexual, we're not swingers or doggers, my husband likes me to flash my stocking tops and knickers to other men and it turns me on, probably a bit more than he realizes.

When I lost it was always flashing time usually in pubs and gardens, I asked him if he wanted me to leave my knickers off, defently not, he has a knicker fetish.Eventually I won the next dare, how would you fell knowing someone was watching you finger me and me wanking you, I really wanted to be fucked but thought I'd try something a bit tamer.

As it was winter the gardens were out and a bit obvious in the pub, pictures, let's find a film and give it a try, ok but you pick the film and the cinema.I read the cinema posts on s/h for some ideas, so many 17 pages,we dont want porn places, so I took a leaf out of other people's experiences, found a cinema in the mid week, we set off and stopped for some Dutch courage, he got the drinks and on his return I made sure he could see up my dress, drink always makes him randy.

We arrived and busier than I thought, a few men but also some couples, we sat a few seats away from a single man, we took our coats off and settled down, eventually the film started a bit slow, the other couples seemed to be in clinches, the man left and sat close to one couple but soon left, then tried another, he sat for a while, I said I was going to the loo, when I passed the two couples I was the girls had jeans on.

On my return I opened my dress so he do see plenty of leg,we soon started kissing, then we saw him come back, he walked in front of us and got a good look at my stocking tops, he sat for a while but kept looking around.

We got back to business,the top of my dress was open and his hand was in my bra, my husband could see him better than me. Is he watching, yes, open my dress, he did and he could see my stockings and knickers, finger me, I could fell a finger inside my knickers, I was know wanking him, the man had turned completely around and made know attempt to cover up, my legs were open and he could see me being wan ked through my knickers, my husband said he was close, so am I,another finger went in and we both came, we got up and left, a great afternoon, can't wait for the next dare.