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We made my mate a cuckold

"Part 1"

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Where to start …

I’ve got a good pal I see a lot of .. we holiday together along with our wives but the 4 of us don’t really socialise together very much.

I call into his house practically every day for for my break, with it being close to the area I work in and I’ve even got a key.

I’d say we are very good mates and I think he’d say the same thing going by the things he’s obviously comfortable sharing with me , ( more on this later).

He works as does his wife but she work’s different shifts so is quite often in when I call in during the day for a break.

I’d describe his wife also as a good friend .. up for a laugh and can hold her own when out for a drink.

Me and her hubby (H) like a game of darts … although in our matches I’m the 1 who comes out on top …I must say that he is a trier. He’s recently started playing against his wife (W) and she wins her share against him which I naturally tease him about.

We usually play against each other online using an app but occasionally I will go to his home and play until the early hours whilst having a drink.

Now I said earlier that he shares things with me… well we are men after all so every now and then the conversation will get around to sex…Well when it does he likes to talk about his wife, what they get up too and more importantly, what they would like to get up too.

He has often told me that his fantasy is seeing his wife with another man, he’s even mentioned that he wants to see her with more than 1 man.  I have to admit that I just go along with it … I listen to him while give the odd opinion. My opinion on it , to be honest,  I don’t think I could do it with my own wife but each to their own. I also suspect that his wife wouldn’t be as keen on the idea as he says she is.

It was last Saturday and we were having 1 of our sessions at his house … darts , plenty of beers, there was sports on the tv and as usual I was beating him on the dart board again.

I had never played against his wife so when he suggested it I was up for the challenge. She had been calling through to the ‘man cave’ we were in periodically, fetching us drinks and having a chat. We would hear the fridge door open and shut quite often which was when she was topping her own drink up.

My pal disappeared to the bathroom and when he came back he said she was going give me a game so as he could have a break.

We set the scoreboard up and waited for her to arrive. To be honest she looked more than a little bit tipsy so I gave her quite a big head start and told her it was the first to 5 games.

H started telling me I was in for quite a shock and that she would surprise me. I was more than confident of a 5-0 whitewash and told him so. His reply was “ honestly mate , I bet she win’s at least one game “

I said ohhhh you bet do you !! I turned to W and asked what she thought.. wether she thought she would win a game .. she smiled and shrugged her shoulders.  I then asked H , this bet then , what is it ??

He laughed and said that if the score was 5-0 he’d tell W that she had to suck my cock ! She laughed out loud , shouted “what”!!!! and gave him a playful slap telling him not to be stupid… I then asked her , come on then what’s my prize for 5-0 to be then ??  She got a little shy and said simply “we’ll see “.

We started playing and I could see straight away that she wasn’t very good at darts, and that 5-0 was a distinct possibility. I cheekily asked when this bet would be paid WHEN I won, H then said that it must be paid before I go home .  I looked at W raised my eyebrows then she said ok then , what if I win a game , what will my prize be ?? I pointed at H and he said , ermmm if you win a game you can decide if you suck his cock or not and the rules.  She said ok , while looking confused, we played the 1st game and I won easily , she then said , hold on , if he wins 5-0 I have to suck his cock if I win a game I can decide if I want to or not , he said yeah , you can decide everything, where to suck it how you suck it , every detail, she thought for a moment and said, I think this bet is rather 1 sided, shrugged then told me it was my turn.

A little while later I was 3-0 up when she excused herself and headed for the bathroom. I was teasing H saying 2 more games ! When he said , do me a favour, let her win a game. I told him no chance then laughing asked why ? He said he was curious about what the choice she would make.

I was soon 4-0 up and she was 1st to go in what was potentially the last game. I played terrible, she played worse to the point where I wasn’t sure that she was even trying. Now I will never admit it but she did actually win that game, it was now 4-1 !  She jumped with delight, I pretended I was disappointed and H was delighted that she had beaten me. I said that I was disappointed about the outcome when she turned to H and said, My choice , My rules ?  H looked blankly at her and nodded when she said right then .. the dog needs a walk and pushed him out the door , H and me were laughing, but W wasn’t and H realised that she was serious and did as he was told.

We heard the front door open and close then she turned to me and without her saying a word , she had knelt down and was pulling down my tracksuit bottoms grabbing my now semi hard cock.

I was lost in the moment as my now rapidly hardening cock was being wonderfully sucked by W. She had me pushed against the wall, my eyes closed and my hand had found her hair which I had grabbed. She was giving me an amazing blow job when I suddenly came to me senses and stopped her.

Part 2 coming soon….

Written by Gailpyty2

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