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We made my mate a cuckold

"Part two"

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She looked up at me with a lustful but disappointed look in her eyes. I told her that I had no intention of demanding payment from her for the bet we had made and that I thought it was just a little bit of fun.

She stood up and looked me in the eyes, then , she kissed me. I can honestly say that it was one of the most passionate kisses that I’ve ever shared with someone. It was also totally unexpected, but It made me so hard and so horny.

She broke away and said YOU didn’t win the bet that you and my husband made ! I won a game , That means that I won the bet and now I AM demanding payment !!

She kissed me again , this time a deep passionate kiss. She broke away and said , “I’m not stupid ! I know that he tells you things that he shouldn’t !! Things that should really stay in the bedroom between husband and wife”…… I didn’t say a word,  I just wanted to see where she was going , I wasn’t sure if she was just trying to get me to tell her that she was right , that her hubby did tell me things….. She continued, “ nearly every single time we have sex he brings up me being shared , him watching me being fucked by someone else or even a few guys at once. Now I don’t know if he is being serious or talking nonsense, so , not only am I collecting on that bet the 2 of you made but when he walks back in he’s going to find me bent over that kitchen counter in there with you behind me fucking me hard, just like he talks about ….. Then !! I will know just how serious he is about making this fantasy of HIS  real.

I stopped her as she was about to kiss me again even though I really didn’t want to and told told her that she was right, that he had said things like that to me and that he’d told me that it was , indeed , his ultimate fantasy. Then I said BUT !!  what if that’s it though ,  what if it is JUST a fantasy that he has.

She was still stood in front of me, I was more or less against the wall, she seemed to be deep in thought , even with my cock still in her hand… which she was gently stroking. I really don’t even think she knew that she was. Then she  stopped, looked at me and kissed me, then said “when he talks about this fantasy he has, the detail he go’s into, well, it is so vivid, the words he speaks when talking about it seem so real that he is obviously obsessing about it and it needs to be dealt with.”

I looked at her with a puzzled look on my face when she told me that the only way to deal with it is for me, to ‘deal’ with her.

She then picked up her phone , took my hand and walked me into the kitchen pushed me up against the kitchen island while messing with her phone, never once leaving go of my ever hardening cock. Then she turned her phone around and gave me it , it was open at the house cctv camera, it  was pointing up the street, she told me that her hubby always comes this way home while out with the dog and to keep an eye on it and let her know when he is on his way.

By this time my cock was hard !  It was pointless trying to resist while the feeling of her moist lips around my now raging hard cock felt so so good. She’d made it so wet. Her hand working up and down it while her head bobbed down on it , occasionally she released the grip her lips had on it just to spit on it !  God that felt dirty.

She would occasionally stop sucking. While looking up at me she looked me right in the eye … and asked…  “When he talks to you about wanting me to act like a slut, when he tells you how much he wants to share me with someone, watch me sucking a cock that’s not his , watch that cock fuck me , hard and deep. When he tells you he wants me to let the owner of that cock do whatever he likes to me , how him watching me cumming on a bigger, harder cock than his will turn him on and make him cum more than ever… when he tells you these things does he ever tell you who he fantasies who that person is” ??

Before I could answer I glanced at her phone, there was a shadow on the screen but quite far away… I told her and she stood up , she took the phone from me sat it on the island and kissed me , kissing me neck she whispered in my ear that it was time. She grabbed my hair and said we arnt going to be stopping anytime soon…I thought about that for around 3 seconds and then I started decided that he had told me so many times that this is what he wanted that I was going to go with it and enjoy it.

I decided to take the lead. I grabbed at her hair and I kissed her hard , then I turned her around and put my hands on her hips … she took hold of them and moved them to her breasts. She wasn’t wearing a bra and with a loose top on I was soon playing with her hardening nipples. She was rubbing her ass up and down against my rock hard cock when she shouted “fuck me NOW”.

She bent forward and reached between her legs grabbing my cock and placed it against her pussy lips … she was dripping … she bent forward a little more opening her legs and with 1 hand, moved her shorts to 1 side while guiding my throbbing cock into her waiting pussy.

Just as I slid the tip of my cock into her wet , waiting pussy we heard the front door open and H coming in.  I froze , she never missed a beat. She leant forward resting her head on the counter and reached back spreading her ass cheeks then pushed back until my cock was deep inside her. Wow her pussy was tight! I stifled a groan conscious my mate had just came home when she shouted to her husband “Don’t come in here!! sit on the couch, take out your cock and listen to your best mate fucking me but DO NOT CUM !!”

I think she then kinda lost it for a while …. She started shouting to her husband how good I was fucking her which made me want to fuck her harder ..  it didn’t matter that she was talking to my best mate who she could see since she was bent right over …. I just wanted her … her pussy felt amazing as she met my thrusts with thrusts of her own.

When I say she was talking to her husband , what she was saying was making me so horny… she was shouting “ your mates cock feels so much better than yours just like you said it would…. Is this what you wanted?!?! You always wanted your best friend stood behind me treating your wife like a slut. Well baby you told me I’d love it and I do … he is fucking me so good baby”

I was super horny and told her I was close to cumming ….. she shouted to her husband “ tell him baby , tell him where you want him to cum” he was silent… she got aggressive and shouted “ tell him where to cum or get out of the house, leave us alone and don’t come back again until tomorrow”.

Suddenly I heard him quietly say…  cum in the sluts pussy …. Then a little louder… That’s where she wants it she wants to feel you filling her pussy with your cum , the more the better.

I was about to cum. What her husband said drove her wild and she was actually begging for me to cum inside her pleading for me to fill her tight little pussy with my spunk.

I cum !!  Deep inside her … she pushed her ass so far back on me that my balls were between her pussy lips. I collapsed onto her …. Still inside she was tensing her pussy muscles around my cock , dragging every drop from me.

As I came down from the heights I had just reached I started to worry about the whole situation.

But was I worrying unnecessarily…. Maybe part 3 will shed some light on that.

Written by Gailpyty2

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