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We made my mate a cuckold

"Part Three"

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Part 3

I pulled my cock out of her pussy and she immediately clasped her hand over it . She told me to stay where I was , to be honest at that moment I wasn’t in any state to do much else after the great sex I’d just had so I just sat back against the island on one of the bar stools with my trousers still around my ankles.

She walked into the lounge where H was and through the reflection in the glass door I could see them , and I could hear what she had to say to him.

She immediately asked him if he had cum. To which he said he hadn’t. Good , she said. Was that what you wanted me to do , is that how you imagined that it would sound ??

I seen him nod his head. She stood in front of him and put 1 leg on the sofa parting her legs… I seen her spread her pussy lips open and ask , is this what you dreamt of, what you wanted me to do for you , is this how you wanted me to come to you ? Is it ?? With my pussy full of someone’s cum , with it running out of me , down my legs… she continued… it feels good baby… the feeling of my pussy being flooded with your best mates cum was as amazing as you promised me it would be… and it turned me on as much as you told me it would… being a slut felt amazing baby , being a slut and  knowing that you were so close gave me the best orgasm I’ve had in years. I could see through the reflection that she was moving her fingers from her pussy to her mouth tasting what I’d just left inside of her.

She continued …. You were so right, you said I’d love it , you said that I wouldn’t want it to stop , you told me that once I had crossed that line I would want to keep going, make the most of the moment just  Incase it never happened again. Well I’m not finished with him baby , I’m want him again , I want his cock which is big ,certainly bigger than yours baby.

Her talking like this was really turning me on again. She told him . I want him to fuck my tight pussy with his fat cock again .. I love how it stretches my pussy , oh and baby,  it’s long … you know I love being fucked deep , and he reaches places I didn’t know existed…. I’m so horny …..

Then she said … Do you want to watch us ??? Maybe you want to join in. I then seen her bend down and whisper something in his ear.

She then walked away from him and as she was walking up the stairs said “go and get yourself a drink then sit back down there “. I was horny again but,  even after everything she has just said to him, assumed the night was over.

I then heard my mate stand up and i quickly pulled up my trousers. He came into the kitchen and with surprising confidence given the situation asked me how her pussy felt. I laughed a little and told him that I had to admit that he was right , that she has a beautiful tight pussy just like he’d told me. Then I asked him if he was ok , to which he replied that he’d never been a part of something so horny in his life , and told me that his wife had obviously loved it. I said are you sure , he said she has told me that if I let you leave before she comes back downstairs that I will never feel my cock inside of her again, so sit tight.

About 15 minutes or so passed with us talking surprisingly casually given the situation when we heard her coming down the stairs , my mate grabbed a drink and took it into the lounge . Then in she walked , I actually said out loud, WOW … she was wearing a tight leather look dress which barely covered her ass cheeks… the perfect length. It zipper up the front was three quarters of the way up with a sexy red push up bra holding her tits in , there was a criss-cross of laces up at the back. Her hair was tied back into a tight ponytail. The look was finished off with black heels.

As she looked at me I felt my cock twitch, she slowly gave me a twirl , lingering a little when she had her back to me and bending ever so slightly but enough to make her dress lift just above her ass. She said I see your still here as she stood in front of me. I couldn’t resist the sight in front of me any longer.  I just grabbed her and kissed her.

I then realised that she smelt great having just freshened up with a quick shower which was when I decided I wanted to taste her.

I helped her up onto the island and laid her back spreading her legs , wearing no knickers I could see she was still horny … I then drove my tongue into her pussy and started licking her. She Grammy head and gently pulled me into her.

I broke away for a second and said I need a drink… she pulled my face back into her mound then shouted for her husband to join us. He came in and as she kept my face buried in her pussy she said to H “ get your mate a drink, he’s far too busy to get himself one”. I heard a drink being sat down on the island and her say to him , “go back in there…. For now”

I carried licking her and found that she loves her clit being sucked and would squeal with delight whenever I done it. Then she pulled me up while sitting up and kissed me , running her tongue all over my soaking wet face, tasting her own juices from me. Then she jumped down and unleashed my cock once more.

Just as she was about to get onto her knees I stopped her and whispered “ you know now he tells me things yeah , we’ll he tells me that you would love to suck more than one cock at the same time, should shout him in” ? She smiled and nodded then got down. After a minute I shouted to my mate “ H ! Come here,  we’ve got a treat for you….

I was leaning against the kitchen island with my mates wife’s ponytail in my hand , guiding my cock into her mouth. There was no resistance from her , just like H had told me so many times, she obviously loved it. She had a hand around me while licking it from the head down to my balls. I pulled her off , she looked up and me and I nodded towards her husband and said ,”why do t you show us how much you love sucking cock”

Final part to follow soon

Written by Gailpyty2

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