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When Andy Fucked Michelle

"Divorced, drunk & a dick full of spunk"

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Author's Notes

"Hearing my mate fuck my wife was so sexy. Then watching in the moonlight was very horny."

We had gone on holiday abroad with our friend Andy who had been divorced several months and was a bit down.

We had stayed up late one night drinking and ended up back in our room carrying on until the wee small hours just talking about stuff in general and having a laugh.

It got really late and we were tired I suggested we all just stay in our room. There was one king size bed and Andy said he would sleep on the floor. Don’t be daft I told him you can sleep in the bed just get undressed and get in.

We al got undressed and turned the lights off and got in bed. I was naked, Andy was naked and Michelle had her nighty on. She got in the middle with Andy on her left and me in her right. We said our good nights and Michelle turned to me and began to kiss me. I reached down and pushed my fingers into her pussy and she was very wet.

I whispered to her. Go on take off your nighty, turn over and ask Andy if he wants to fuck you to cheer him up.

She rolled over and pulled her nighty over her head and put her hand down to Andy’s cock and began to play with him and kiss him, all I could hear was wet kissing sounds and Michelle said, come on fuck me Andy.

Andy said, “oh god I’ve wanted to fuck you for so long”.

He rolled over on top of Michelle who said “let me rub your cock up and down my cunt to get it wet” and took hold of his prick and rubbed it up and down her pussy lips with Andy now groaning

“Mmmmmm that’s nice” said Andy,

“Oh fuck it’s right inside me” said Michelle as Andy began to thrust inside her and groan loudly, “ oh for im gonna come fuck I’m cumming, oh god I’m shooting my spunk up you

Michelle kissed Andy hard as she held him tight inside her as he pumped his spunk deep into her pussy

Michelle kissed Andy as he continued to pump his hot come deep into her cunt.

Andy continued to moan between Michelle sucking his tongue and as his orgasm began to subside Michelle told him to leave his cock inside her and she would make him hard again she had done this to me before and I knew she was going to use her cunt muscles and sexy kissing, she is such a horny kisser to make Andy hard again.

I listened to her kissing and sucking his tongue as all this was going on in the dark it was so horny.

“Mmmm that’s it said Michelle after several minutes I can feel you getting hard again”

Mmmm Andy said as he began to move back and forth and began to fuck Michelle again.

I pulled the sheet right back now and could see Andy’s arse in the very dim light moving up and down fuckingbhis cock into Michelle with sexy squelching slapping sounds as his balls banged against her arse and his prick fucked deep into her cunt.

Michelle put her hand down between them and began to play with her clit as Andy fucked her pussy.

“Mmmm that’s it fuck me Andy, fuck tour cock up me, mmmmm you are going to make me come”.

“Oh good that’s it fuck my cunt with your cock fuck me harder, harder”

“Oh that’s it I’m going to come in your cock”.

Michelle groaned and began to thrash underneath Andy as her organs began to rip through her, she gasped and moaned she was coming and for Andy to keep ducking his xock up her as she came.

Andy began to shout he was coming again and banged he cunt harder and harder until he thrust one last time deep inside her and shot more of his hot sperm deep inside her pussy.

Michelle continued to rub her clit as she came shouting out that Andy had filled her cunt with his spunk and she was coming on his hard cock and to keep fucking his hard cock up her.

As Michelle’s orgasm subsided Andy rolled off and I rolled on top of her and inserted my hard prick inside her very wet and wide open cunt. There was so much spunk, he must have had a huge build up of spunk, her pussy was filled with it and it spilled from her cunt as my cock thrust inside her.

I only managed a few thrusts before I added my spunk to Andy’s and fell on top of Michelle as she kissed me.

“Mmmmm did you enjoy watching Andy make me come, did you like to feel his spunk in my pussy making it so wet””.

I groaned as I spurted the last of my cum inside her adding it to Andy’s huge load.

I lay on top of Michelle for a couple of minutes then got off and turned on the bedside light. What a site to see, Michelle was lay there with her legs open and a massive load of spunk was running from her cunt lips with even more now lay around her arse on the bed with a massive wet patch of spunk on the bedsheets.

“Mmm come lick my cunt and make me cum again you dirty bastard”, Michelle told me.

As Andy watched I put my lips to her spunk filled cunt, fillled my mouth, moved up the bed and began to kiss her sharing our mixed love juices and playing with her clit.

Andy inserted several fingers inside her wet cunt and began to fuck her cunt with his fingers as I played with her clit as I shared the spunky residue of our love making.

It wasn’t too long before Michelle was gasping and writhing again with another orgasm making her shoot jets of girly cumbfrom her pussy too Andy’s arm and bed sheets further soaking them in her juices adding to the spunk already deposited.

I kissed her until she calmed down and we both stood up to look at Michelle’s spunk red swollen cunt lips.

Michelle got up and more sperm began to drizzle from her cunt lips as she got up off the bed and dribbled down her legs as she walked to the bathroom.

She cleaned herself up as me n Andy got back in bed.

“Thanks mate”, Andy said.

“Don’t thank me thank Michelle I told him”, and when Michelle came back in the room and got in the bed she gave Andy a big loving kiss.

I had to get a towel and rub down the bed before we all lay down with Michelle lay on top of the towel complaining that once again she ended up in the wet bit.

The next morning we both enjoyed fucking Michelle again before having a shower together and going down for breakfast.

We enjoyed a couple of more nights together during the holiday which helped cheer Andy up.

Written by Creampiewife1962

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