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When Patsy Met Chellely

"Possibly the most intimate, sexy, horny MFF session we ever enjoyed"

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Author's Notes

"Some of the most beautiful, sensual and visually stimulating sex we have ever enjoyedūüėč‚̧ԳŹūüėú"

We have enjoyed a few MFF experiences not as many as I would have liked but enough to keep me happy, but Michelle tends to prefers the attentions of young virile cocks shooting their hot young spunk across her tits and in her mouth, and I prefer it up her cunt

This experience happened in the mid-nineties when we went to a party and met a lady called Patsy whom we both hit it off with immediately. Patsy was bubbly, engaging, funny and very sexy with big boobs, blonde hair and a voluptuous horny figure and was very pretty

We met by sitting at the table where she was sat and she was alone and as we got talking found out her husband had left her for a younger model. we enjoyed a fabulous evening together with the girls hitting off very well and when the party was over I wasn’t surprised to find Michelle accepting Patsy’s invite to enjoy some more drinks back at her house and off we set.

It was not too far and we decided to walk, the girls linked arms with each other and I tagged myself to the right arm of Michelle with her in the middle and Patsy on the left. The girls were giggling laughing all the way to Patsy’s house.

We went in and sat down on a large L shaped settee and Patsy went off to get drinks for us all. She came back and sat down with Vodka n cokes for all of us and as Patsy sat down she knocked both hers and Michelle’s drink all over her dress, completely soaking her.

Patsy got up and went for some paper towels and came back but Michelle was soaked. Patsy offered to wash and dry her dress and undies and said she had some bath robes upstairs that she would get and for Michelle to get undressed when she came back with them.

Patsy came back down with a large fluffy bathrobe and went into the kitchen telling Michelle to get undressed whilst she sorted the washing machine out and to give a shout when she was decent. Michelle got completely undressed as her bra and knickers were also soaked and towelled herself down with the paper towels and shouted to Patsy to come back in and also asked if she could go upstairs as she was sticky with the coke and also fancied freshening up.

Michelle went upstairs and Patsy took Michelle’s clothes into the kitchen putting them in the washing machine and came back in. Michelle came back down and Patsy said she was also going to freshen up and come down in another robe to make Michelle feel comfortable. When Patsy went upstairs I asked Michelle if she had freshened up because she fancied playing around to which she answered she absolutely did as she thought Patsy was up for it as they had been talking about how Patsy sex life was pretty dull presently.

Patsy came back down in another robe with what looked like nothing else underneath as when she sat down next to Michelle her robe bobbed open and I got a flash of her boobs and as she crossed her legs a quick flash of her pussy she was naked underneath, as she pulled up her fairly short robe and tucked it underneath her.

What shall we do now asked Patsy and I suggested a game of spin the bottle for dares as this usually got things going. Both girls agreed, Patsy got an empty beer bottle and Michelle spun the bottle and it landed on me. I dare you to let Patsy kiss you Michelle said, was the first dare and obviously this was not a problem and Patsy got up again flashing the tops of her thighs and her boobs as she pecked me on the lips.

That was a bit tame said Michelle I hope we can do better for the next one as Patsy sat down.

I spun and it landed on Patsy and I suggested she flash her tits to us all. Patsy opened her robe and pushed her lovely large breasts together and also pulled on her nipples which was very sexy. Back in they went and she spun the bottle and it landed back on me, Patsy asked for Michelle to give me a horny kiss with tongues, Michelle is a very sexy kisser and she came over and began kissing and sucking my tongues and lips and I got hard very quickly with it showing in my pants.

She stopped and sat back down and I spun the bottle and it landed on me again, The girls whispered to each other and Patsy told me strip off to my boxers. I stripped in record time nearly falling over trying to get my pants off so quickly. I spun again and it landed on Michelle. Let Patsy play with your nipples for 30 seconds. Okay Michelle said and opened her robes as Patsy sat closer to Michelle and began to pull, twist and pinch both Michelle’s nipples making her gasp as she has very sensitive tits and nipples. I watched until the time was up and I could see Michelle’s chest and neck getting red a sure sign she is getting very horny.

Michelle spun and it landed on Patsy, let Michelle kiss you sexily for a minute, I said. Patsy accepted and Michelle leaned into Patsy and reached up with her hand to Patsy’s face and pulled her into a kiss that began with her tongue flicking out seeking Patsys tongue as their lips closed around each others, Patsy put her hand and into Michelle’s hair as they gasped with passion into each others mouths and sucked each others lips and tongue. They were in the throes of passion now and Michelle put her hand onto Patsys nipple and tweaked and pulled it making Patsy gasp and groan into Michelle’s mouth as Michelle moved her hand lower as Patsy opened her legs and lay back as Michelle lay on to of Patsy but now skillfully moving her fingers onto Patsys clit and wet lips as she pushed a finger into Patsys pussy.

Patsy was now openly groaning and moaning more loudly and Michelle now moved her head down Patsys neck to her breast and sucked a hard nipple into her mouth as she pushed another finger inside Patsys now wet and glistening pussy lips using her thumb to manipulate and play with Patsys clit. Patsy threw her head back and opened her legs wider and pushed Michelle’s head lower towards her now wide open pussy lips which were being fucked by Michelle’s fingers.

Michelle left a wet trail licking Patsys belly and the top of her pussy as Patsy pushed Michelle’s mouth into her pussy and grabbed hold of her hair told Michelle to lick her pussy and make her come.

Michelle pushed Patsys legs up and open wide and went further down past Parsys wet and wide open pussy lips to the rim of Patsys puckered arse and as she was frigging Patsys pussy she licked around the rim of her arse and inserted her tongue beginning to push her tongue in and out of Patsys arse whilst rubbing her clit and pussy lips.

Oh my god Michelle you are going to make me cum, keep sucking me keep fucking me mmmmmm, I’m going to cum mmmmm, that’s it, thats it, I’m going to cum, mmmmmm, oh my god, mmmmmm.

Michelle pushed three fingers into Patsys pussy and inserted her little finger into her arse and began a sawing motion alternating between her little finger invading Patsys arse and her three fingers fucking her pussy as she licked her clit.

Patsy screamed she was cumming as Michelle sucked and finger fucked Patsys pussy and arse.

Oh my god Im there screamed Patsy as she came hard on Michelle’s fingers and tongue. Patsy kept shouting she was coming and for Michelle to keep sucking and fucking her cunt until Patsy grabbed Michelle’s hair and pulled her up and groaned.

Michelle climbed up Patsys body past her tits with her fingers inside Patsys wet cunt as she continued to play with her wet pussy lips and clit. Patsy was groaning and Michelle began to kiss Patsy with her wet lips and pussy juice glistening on her chin.

Patsy put her hand to Michelle’s face and pulled her in and kissed her passionately, sucking her lips and tongue as Patsy cleaned up Michelle's lips and chin of her own pussy juices.

Patsy now pushed Michelle backwards and said your turn now as Michelle lay back down and Patsy climbed on top of Michelle and continued kissing her.

Party worked herself down Michelle’s body until she opened Michelle’s legs wide and began to finger Michelle’s pussy with three fingers as she licked and sucked her clit. Michelle put one of her legs over the back of the settee and the other on the coffee table at the side, lifted her arse and told Patsy to lick her arse,

Patsy began to run Michelle’s puckered arse and push her tongue inside as her fingers fucked her pussy,

Suck my clit, make me cum, Michelle told Patsy and as I watched Patsy sucked Michelle’s clit deep into her mouth and finger fucked her pussy with three fingers.

I could last no longer and knelt in front of Michelle and offered her my cock and she sucked me inside and I began to fuck her mouth, making her gag as my cock hit the back of her throat. She pushed me away and shouted and groaned she was cumming as Patsy licked and sucked her clit cunt and arse.

Michelle began to cum and screamed she was cumming and shot jets of juice into Patsys mouth as she came, Patsy kept licking and sucking filling her mouth with Michelle’s juices.

As Michelle began to calm down I inserted my cock into her mouth and wanked my cock and began to shoot my spunk into her mouth then pulled it out and I shot some sperm across her cheek and chin and wanked my cock and shot some punk across her tits also.

Patsy meanwhile came up Michelle’s body and kissed her sharing Michelle’s pussy juices as they kissed sucking each others tongues and lips. OMG this was so horny Patsy then licked my spunk off Michelle’s tits, chin and cheeks and kissed Michelle sharing my spunk between them whilst fingering Michelle slowly as Michelle’s orgasm subsided.

I sat back as they both kissed each other as if I wasn’t there and they lay with each other as they both kissed and played with each others pussys as they both began to calm down.

It was obvious they were both enjoying each others company more than mine and I offered to get some more drinks as they both lay there kissing and loving each other. I looked back as I went into the kitchen to fix the drinks and they were still both kissing each other, with their fingers languidly playing with each others pussy and clit, just massaging and inserting ensuring they were both still very sexually aroused.

I fixed us three drinks and came back in to see them both sat up and I gave them their drinks and sat down.

That was amazing said Patsy, shall we take this upstairs?

Yes said Michelle, and she looked at me and asked if I would mind giving them some time to enjoy each other before I came up and joined them. This had happened a few times in the past when she had met either a bloke, young guy or girl she hit it off with and generally I accepted the situation and deferred, but this time I really wanted to watch and I said I was okay with this but wanted to watch but would stay out of the way and were they both comfortable with this?

They both were so off we went upstairs for me to watch as the girls were going to enjoy each others bodies.

As it turned out I needed the time to recover, I couldn’t hope to compete to cope with the way they made love to each other, and this was the only way to describe what they did when they were together, they made love tenderly sometimes, sometimes hard and very horny, and sometimes just downright dirty and filthy

Some time later Michelle confided in me that she in fact loved Patsy and by the way when we met after this night in reflection it was totally obvious, even though we all did some really dirty things together over the time we spent with each other, that we will share now Michelle is alright with sharing.

My god when we went upstairsPatsy got Out her sex-toys that included dildos, strap-ons, vibrators and we enjoyed using them all night, mostly with me watching initially and then with both of them fucking and sucking me relentlessly.

This was the start of about 3-4 years of filthy, horny, beautiful sex that almost cost our marriage!

But hey what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger right.

More to come now I have the consent to share this part of our lives.

Written by Creampiewife1962

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