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Early experience's

"Her eyes shut tight but her legs were spread wide"

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"She was beginning to find her sexual likes and dislikes then, swallowing wasn’t one she liked nor was hard or deep anal although she did have it a few times, foreskins is a no no, she loves a smooth cut cock and a big one"

In 2000 when I first met Fee she was just coming up to 36 but looked 15 years younger as she was tiny around a size 6, he’d very very little sexual experience and never climaxed, at first we were casual and I encouraged her to have outdoor “fun” so would dress her up in anything saucy and take her to known dogging areas, not much fun at first although we did get the odd voyeur who would watch as I played with her, one day early summer months up on box hill Surrey we were in a small copse with a blanket down, Fee in a St Trinnians style school girl set-up, we were laying down together with our backs propped up on a fallen old tree, Fee encouraged by myself drew her legs up and open slightly every time we heard approaching footsteps, at last a guy appeared in the copse , small old wiry type of guy in far too tight white bowls/cricket type trousers and tee shirt, big bulge showing, he bent down just in front of Fee in the pretence of tying a lace, had a good look up between her legs and muttered “lovely view” then walked on, she looked disappointed but I was stroking her puffy pussy over her thin cotton school girl knickers so she began moaning slightly as her arousal heightened gradually, few minutes later the old fella reappeared and approached closer this time, knelt literally within touching distance of Fee’s now spread legs and took a quick look around to make sure nobody else was about, then snaked his right hand up between her legs and brushed my hand away from her now damp mound and began rubbing his hard fingers over her sex, her moans increased as soon as he touched her, he got his fingers under her cotton knickers and muttered “oh you’re so wet lassie” plunged two fingers into her in a hooked claw like motion and slowly began a finger fuck, Fee was in heaven then, eyes shut tight but legs spread wide as she enjoyed his fingers, I undid her blouse all the way and caressed her tiny tits as she moaned away there out in the open, the old fella then worked her knickers right off and tossed them aside, got his fingers back to work and pressed his thumb hard onto her clit, this got her attention and she thrust upwards whispering hoarsely “yes yes just there just there oh my gosh that’s it” his fingers came out all gooey and he licked them, “your cunt tastes lovely lassie really lovely” she was a bit shocked at his language and said “my what?” he repeated “your cunt, it’s lovely” then pulled her hood back with two fingers so her bud popped out, all pink and glistening then bent his head and flicked his tongue coarsely all over it, then began sucking it, she came, bucking and shuddering as he chewed her and sucked hard, after she calmed down I said “bet you want some cock now Fee yea?” she looked at me and nodded, the old fella said “not here follow me back in there” pointing at a deeply covered wooded area, we grabbed our things and followed eagerly, once in the safer place we put the blanket down and he lay beside Fee as he unbuckled his trousers, he said to her “you sure you want this?” She looked up at me a bit of worry on her face, I said “you want cock don’t you?” She nodded and the old fella said “hey ask me not him” she looked at him just as he pulled his big hard cock out, she looked in awe at it as he pulled her head down onto the big twitching and bobbing head, “suck him lassie” back then she was crap sucking cock, not much better now mind, he kept telling her to bite and sink her teeth into it as it got him off, she was quite reluctant at first but he insisted and pulled her head right down until his cock was literally gagging her, he looked at me smiling and said “play with her cunt son, give it some nice n ruff she loves it” and she did at that point, she came again on my fingers as he throat fucked her, then he laid back and invited her to mount him, dribble running down off her chin from gobbling him she perched on the top of his big throbbing cock, both her feet on the ground and just about balanced, he held her hips then pulled her down slowly until she engulfed most of his big cock, gasping a bit as it slid home she was again whispering hoarsely “oh sweet Jesus it’s big it’s so big” in her soft Irish lilt, he was just going “take it lassie take that meat in your wee cunt and fuck it” she controlled the pace of the fuck, had quite a few little mini orgasms as she went, then Fee said to him “take me doggy style” they shuffled around until she was on all fours then he said “put your arms down flat and your arse up for me lassie” then said to me “stand in front of her and hold her there” he then got behind her, pulled her legs akimbo, said “that’s it that’s the way” rubbed his cock up her wet snatch a few times then ploughed it in there, all the time saying “your cunt loves cock doesn’t it lassie eh? Big rough cock in her cunt fuck it senseless eh? You’re a dirty little one that’s for sure” the slapping sound of his cock ramming in and out and his tight balls bouncing off her cunt must have been heard by others but we were well hidden in there, Fee was cumming again and telling the old fella “harder harder harder fuck me come on come on harder aggghhh agggghhhh yes yes yes here it comes here it comes” and then collapsed down face first on the blanket, the old fella still inside her went down flat on her and began grinding himself hard into her saying “fuck it I was nigh on there then, fucking bitch cunt take it take it bitch cunt” Fee still gasping for breath under him and panting heavily said “spunk in me come on fill my cunt” I nearly laughed at her posh Irish voice saying cunt😆 but she wanted so badly him to shoot for her, he pulled out tho and knelt up tugging his cock hard saying “here he comes here he comes” took a while longer and just as Fee turned over to face him he shot a nice thick wad over her puffy and well fucked pussy mound and up her flat belly, then he went down and tongued her fucked cunt and around her virgin puckered arse hole, she pulled away at first but then succumbed and allowed his tongue and a bit of finger inside her bum, the old fella said “if I hadn’t just cum I’d fuck the arse off you lassie, that tasted divine girlie” after he went we stayed for 15-20 minutes and Fee slowly wanked me off , at home later we fucked so hard

Written by D4ve75

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