30 Aug 2019

My dirty weekend : Friday 7.00pm arrived at Gloucester and parked up in a large layby for the night. I had been parked up for ten mins and went for a walk to streach my legs (still in male clothes) as I walked past a car that was parked there I noticed a face looking at me from the drivers seat the window slowly came down to reveal a TV sat there all dressed in stockings and suspenders short skirt blouse and bra as I approached she said hi how are you I said I'm ok thanks it is a nice evening, she slowly worked her skirt up so I could see her stocking tops and lovely red silky panties the reaction was almost instant anmd she noticed the bulge in the front of my jeans, Oh she exclaimed your a big boy !. I smiled and said yes and you look realy sexy. She asked me if I was staying the night and I said yes I am about to put the kettle on if you fancy a cuppa. She said yes I will pull my car infront of your van how do I get in so I told her the side door will be open and slowly walked back to my camper to put the kettle on.

Two minuites later her face appeared at the door and I told her to come in and make herself comfortable and made us both a cup of tea. When i put the mug down at the side of her she slowly rubbed her hand over my bulge which was growing by the second, can I have a feel she said and said yes as I was by now feeling very very horny and she smelt great and looked great

she slowly unziped my jeans and worked her fingers gently inside rubbing my hard cock gently up and down, I started to undo my belt and she said let me please soon I was stood in front of her with my jeans undone and around my anklesso I stepped out of them, she was still rubbing my rock hard cock gently with her had through my underware I could feel her warm breath on my legs around her hands as she gently moved her head forwards rubbing her lips over my cock through my silky undies she then slowly released my hard cock from my panties and kissed it gently from the balls up taking a little time to gently suck my balls one at a time into her mouth then slowly licking her way up my shaft peeling my foreskin back my cock was glistening with precum then she slowly took me into her mouth the tea was now long forgoten and I found myself slowly thrusting with the rythem of her gentle caress she cupped my balls in her hand and pulled my cock out of her mouth using just her tounge on my glistening bell end I reached down with hand and slowly rubbed her stocking clad legworking my way gently up to her silky panties and hard cock she let out a little moan as i started strocking her through her panties and lifted her stocking clad leg to give me more access to her hard cock, I felt myself slowly dropping to my knees I was so fucking horny! i started gently kissing her thighs working my way upto her silky panties and cock finaly pulling her cock gently out of her panties and slipping it between my moist lips I felt her give a little shudder as I gently kissed and carressed her hard cock rubbing her balls with my hand her hand came down on top of mine slowly guiding it backwards so I could rubb her ass pussy with my fingers she was moaning big time now so I slid my finger inside her she gasped loudly and whispered in my ear please fuck me, I slowly tucked my arms under her legs and lifted them so I could use my tounge around her balls and up to her pussy gently slipping my tounge into her willing hole she was moaning loudly as I backed away lifting her legs higher so I could rub my hard glistening cock ovcer her hole, Yes yes please fuck me she begged I added a bit of extra lube to my precome and gently slid my cock in fuck she gassped that is so big please fuck me ! I felt little resistance as I fed my hard cock in deep and started gently fucking her building my rythem up slowly she was screaming ooohhhhh Fuck yes please fuck me harder !. Her hands were now on my bum pulling me into a rythem faster and faster then I felt her cock twitch beneath me and she screamed FFUUCKKKKKK IM COMING !!! and I felt her warm sticky come blast from her cock and running down between us to the top of my cock, As i gently pulled my hard cock out she pushed me onto my back and started sucking me deep into her mouth I felt a finger gently push into my arse and could control myself no longer and craied out as my come gushed out into her willing mouth, she swallowed it all and strted licking from my balls to the top of my cock where her come was still glistening, she cleaned that up as well. I sat up and she said FUCK that was good. The tea was cold so I put kettle on and made another while we got ourselfs sorted out. We sat there chatting for a while about the in's and out's of dressing she said that it would be realy horny if I was dressed the next time as well and she had never been fucked so gently by a big hard cock as I had done and that she had never come with just a cock inside her. As she left my camper to go to her car I realised it was now dark outside and we had been at it for a couple of hours!.