Written by wellusedpussy

31 Aug 2006

Hi...I had to write and let you know of my first dogging experience.

I had arranged to meet one of my semi regular fuck buddies who had asked to take me dogging before but I had always refused.

This particular night I was very very horny as I hadn't had any illicit sex for quite some time and was basically gagging for a hard dirty fuck.

We met at the usual place and I got into his car, he promptly drove off. I asked where we were going to which he replied he was taking me dogging!

Now...should I protest or not? I decided not, what the hell there probably wouldn't be anyone there anyway and if there was well I would play it by ear.

We got to the dogging site and straight away he had my tits out of my top, skirt around my waist and his fingers in my soaking wet pussy. We had put the passenger seat back so I was practically laid flat with my feet on the dashboard and by now his head between my thighs giving me a good licking and finger fuck. My eyes were closed and I was on the verge of my first cum when I looked up to see 3 men peering thru the window. I sat up pushing my f/b away...relax he said do u want them to watch or join in or would u rather we went elsewhere.

My mind was in turmoil....yes I wanted this. I had met quite a lot of men for 1 on 1 nsa sex and even had a couple of 3sums but had always wanted to try something like this but hadn't gone thru with it...here was my chance.

What I didn't know til a few minutes later was that my f/b had put an ad in the dogging section of this site inviting men to come along...10 had turned up!

Well to cut a VERY long story short...I fucked all of them. All except my f/b shot into condoms whilst inside my cunt but some of them managed to recover quite quickly and fucked me again, I was fingered and licked out by 10 men,dp'd and spitroasted and loved every minute. I was surprised how respectful all of the men were and basically they responded to what they knew was turning me on more...like the dirty talk mmmmmm.

Eventually I couldn't take any more I was exhausted and my pussy and ass were getting sore after the poundings they had taken. I had cum more times than I could count.

The only down side was that only one load of spunk had actually been shot inside my pussy. I love being filled with spunk (especially when my pussy is licked clean afterwards)but I will only let men that I trust shoot inside me.

That apart, I had a wonderful time and will definately be going dogging again!