Written by Sue

29 Aug 2005

My husband had gone off to work and left me incredibly horny. I had a little play and a nice orgasm and then got up and showered and put a nice summer dress on all ready to meet my friends to go shopping. I was about to go out the door when there was a knock at the door. It was Mike, My husband’s mother’s boyfriend. Now I am a shapely 27 year old Brunette 34c 26 36 newly married 6 months ago. Mike is a 54 year old jack the lad, has a crew cut tattoos and a paunch as he likes a beer or two. Now Mike is also bit of a sexual pest as he is always trying to have a sly grope.

I opened the door and said good morning Mike what can I do for you ! He said Lots and gave me a wink”. He then asked if he could have back his electric drill bit he had lent my husband. I said oh right it is probably in the kitchen and invited him in as I went to look for the key. Mike followed me through to the kitchen as I searched through for his missing bit.. Mike was stood behind me chatting, saying my bum looked very sexy in my summer dress, which was normal banter for him. But for some strange reason was taking me back to my horny state of earlier. I made out I could not find it and decided to look under the sink. I got down on my knees and stuck my head in the cupboard searching away. I was teasing Mike, why I do not know, but for the moment I was overcome with desire. I stuck my arse out high as I innocently looked for the drill bit. I could feel Mike had moved closer to me and then heard him say bloody hell Sue (that’s me) your give me a heart attack in a minute sticking your arse out like that! I joked back oh sorry did not mean to offend with my big fat arse! He said fat, not fat, perfect what I would give to touch that! And then I said it, “What would you give!

This gave the green light to Mike I could feel him right behind me, and then I felt a hand run over my bottom, and then I heard Mike say that is beautiful. I just froze as he went to work on it he spent a few minutes running his hands over my round bottom cheeks and then I gasped as I felt a hand find the hem of my dress and lift it. Mike swore and said you are a horny bitch Sue. I now knew that he was looking at my arse covered only by a thong. His hands parted my arse cheeks and he ran a finger down my crack. I moaned with pleasure and he stuck a finger in me and then a finger in my arse. I then could him undoing his trousers. Within seconds he was inside me, I could feel his cock fat and about 6 inches. He pumped away at me for a few minutes and then jerked forward as he shot his spunk deep inside me. He pulled out and I turned around and licked his cock clean. He left a couple of minutes later and said thanks he needed that and would be back for more. I am now in quandary………