Written by phil

23 Jul 2004

this is a definate true story of when i was 18 and went to a friends family party at his mum and dads house.

there were loads of his family there anties,uncles, cousins,etc and the party was great.

at the end of the night (actually it was well into the early hours)most people had made their way home,i was stopping over and had arranged to sleep on the front room floor in a sleeping bag.but because a few more of my mates family had decided to stop over as well it meant i ended up sleeping next to his antie and uncle.

i dropped off to sleep almost straight away having drunk quite a lot of beer. i remember waking up and hearing julie (my mates antie)moaning.i pretended to carry on sleeping but turned around to face them.it was clear that dereck (his uncle)was fucking julie right next to me.if i held my hand out i could have touched them.

her moaning was getting loader and i could clearly make out derecks hand covering julies mouth. my cock was like a pocket rocket as eventually dereck must have cum and rolled off julie and went to sleep.

witin a few moments dereck was snoring loadly,but i was more concered with julie. i made sure she knew i was awake as i got up and headed to the bathroom. before i went back i took off my shorts and made sure i had a hard on so that julie could see it.

by now it was just starting to get light so i knew she would see my cock. as i entered the room i could hear dereck snoring loadly he was led the other side to julie.so as i walked to my sleeping bag i made sure i accidently walked over julie legs to make sure she was awake.

she raised her head up off the pillow to see what was going on. its only me julie i said as i stood over her with my hard on clearly on view.

as i pretended to get back in my sleeping bag i made sure my hands were on julie, are u ok she asked? not as good as you by the sound of it i said.

oh dont tell me you were awake she said.i was and i seen the lot why do you think my cock is so hard i said.and pulled julies hand down to feel it.

she intially pulled away but i did it again and told her it was her fault that i was like this and begged her to keep her hand there.

she did and slowly started pulling back my foreskin i was already leaking pre cum and knew i wouldnt last very long.

i pulled myself closer to julie and started kissing her she didnt object and within a couple of seconds found myself fingering her sloppy pussy,her familiar moans started again as i easily slipped 3 fingers up inside her.i could feel derecks spunk over my fingers as i finger fucked her hard.

very soon i felt her muscles clench together and felt julie cum on my fingers. i was on a roll now and siezed my chance,i slide on top of her right next to dereck and pushed my cock right up into julies very warm wet pussy.

it felt so good as i continued to kiss her but within only a few strokes my bag burst and i shot a load of warm fresh spunk deep inside julie.

after that i got dressed and walked home feeling like a cat that had the cream.

i never did see julie again after that but will never forget her either.to this day my mate is non the wiser.