Written by Jess & Steve

22 Mar 2004

My 19yr old g/f (Jessica) and I have been together for 2yrs now, Im 23, and we decided to have our 1st holiday together last yr.

Being a bit short on funds we decided to do the whole 18-30 thing, as it was so cheap. And besides, you dont HAVE to get into all that drunken rubbish. We were going for sun, relaxing, and a bit of fun. Jess is tall, 5ft 9", brunette with blonde higlights and very leggy. Her tits arent big 34b but very pert & she loves her mini skirts, not just short but Micro short!

Anyway... For months before Jess prepared herself for the holiday, getting regular waxes, and having her tanning time at the tanning studio. She had her usual blonde highlights done 2 days before we were to go away, and we bought a mini skirt for her each time we went shopping, so that she would have one for every day of the holiday.

We were queing up at the airport, with Jess giggling and excited by the prosepct of being able to have sex EVERY day, and knowing that she was knickerless in her short skirt next to me had me with a semi on, Jess ahd promised to go knickerless for at least 2 nights on the holiday. We hadnt been able to have sex regularly uptil now, living with prudish parents who never let us stop over. When suddenly their was raucous laughter behind us in the queue. A group of lads, all bevvied up were clearly heading for our destination as well.

After about 10 mins in the queue, I kept catching two of them staring at jess's legs, and smiling at her. I was a bit bothered, but knew going out with a hot girl meant Id have to deal with these sort of things. I overheard one of them saying that 'if she's at our resort, Im gonna bump her fella off, and fuck her brains out'

I just smiled to myself, and thought - some hope mate. Jess is a flirt, but boy is she faithful.

We arrived, and a couple of days in, having told the reps we werent interested in the trips, we found we had the pool to ourselves, as all the other gusets had gone on a 'booze cruise'... or so we thought.

Halfway thru the morning these lads (5 of them) came down to the pool, complaining how they'd never got their wake up call, and had missed the trip. 'Oh well' one of them yelled out 'at least we've got this hottie to perv on!' looking over at Jess.

Jess pretended not to hear, but I just stared at him, the prick!

I asked Jess to cover up, as she was topless as usual, but she said they were harmless, and that she was with me, not to worry. I relaxed and went back to sunbathing.

All of a sudden, i had a tap on my shoulder. it was one of the other lads from the group, a nice looking lad with short trendy hair, and a Chelsea football tatoo on his arm. He had come over to apologise for his mates, and that he wanted to have a word with me in private. Jess looked at us both, and just smiled - 'go ahead' she said.

I got up and walked over to the poolside bar with him. He went on to say his name was Scott, and that although he was sorry for his mates behaviour, they couldnt help fancying her. I told him Jess's name. I told him that it was cool, and not to worry.

He asked if we wanted to go on a night out with them all, which I declined, but said they were welcome to come to ours after their night for a bit of playstation action to clear the air if they liked. He smiled to himself, and said sure.

Later that night, me and Jess had gone for a meal earlier, the lads came round. It was about 3am, and they were all wankered!... Jess was on the sofa in the lounge... (wearing her SHORTEST skirt, and holter neck top) and the lads just bundled in, Scott introduced me to them one by one, but they were more interested in Jess. I was shocked by my feelings as to what happened next, but glad.

2 of the lads sat next to Jess, and one placed his hand on her thigh. 'Can I fuck her?' he said looking at me. I was puzzled, but I got an instant hard on to this. I didnt reply.

Jess smiled at me, and I smiled back. This seemed to be the Green light for all sorts of carnage.

It was all a mass of bodies, but about 15minutes in, and I was focusing on jess on the bed with 3 guys all wanking around her, and another going down on her, she was bucking, back arched screaming out in pleasure. The guys all took it in turns to fuck her whilst i watched. One stage Jess had a cock in her pussy from Scott, and from a lad called Dean in her Arse, and another lad whose name I forget being sucked off fervently by Her.

The lads all came up her loads, and after about an hr or so, all left. Leaving me and Scott.

Scott just looked at me, and said, 'we cant help fancying her'

I sat down on the sofa, and jess, still in her skirt, albeit hithced up over her arse, crawled over to me, and Scott who was next to me. She grabbed my cock, and started to suck me off. Scott was stroking her hair. He moved off the sofa, and behind her. And started to wipe his dick on her arse cheeks. 'Ur an anal slut arent u?' he said. jess muttered and 'um hmm' and he slid it gently into her arse, and grabbed her hips. We fucked her so hard then, and both gave her mouthfuls of gloopy white cum, which she lapped up swallowing it all down, some of it dribbling out, spewing onto her tanned young tits. Her nipples were like bullets now. She spent agescleaning up the cum off our cocks.

We fell asleep, and Scott got sucked off once more during the night.

The holiday was sensational after that, with jess being fucked in various bar/club toilets over the next week or so, with her ging knickerless in her micro mini's EVERY night. One night the lads even got two other girls who they'd pulled in on our parties, and Jess and the other 2 licked and sucked each other til we had them all one after the other, always finishing with a group facial for Jess.

We've only had each other since coming back from Holiday, but we've booked up in the same place as the lads again this year, so will let u know how it all goes at the end of August!