Written by Terry

27 Jul 2004

HI all, I am 34 and live near Chester, I have often thought about being with another guy but never got round to it. Well after months of looking it actually happened.

I replied to an ad on here from a guy looking to show a guy what I was missing.

I turned up at his house and and he (I'll call him Pete) opened the door wearing only a bath robe.

I envited me in and pointed to upstairs, I climbed each stair still not knowing what I/we were going to do.

I eneterd his bedroom and he straight away made me at home and offered me a drink, my nerves started to ease.

Pete asked what I had dome before to whch I told him that I had my cock sucked in a car at Christmas but thats all. Did I enjoy it, well yes except for the car, much prefer being relaxed in a house.

He then told me to get undressed and get on the bed, a bit forward I thought but still did what he wanted. He left the room while I did so only to return himself naked. This was it the 1st cock I have seen, god it was big, much bigger than mine. He climbed on the bed and started to fondle me and then proceded to suck on my hardening cock. Boy it was good.

He put me at total ease and started to tell me what to do ( after all it was my 1st time) Play with me he said, wank me harder. Each instruction was followed!

He then told me to suck him, well here goes 1st time for everything. I held this massive member in my hand and lowered my head, my tounge touched the end and pre-come was leaking out. He then pushed my head down and forced his cock into my mouth and I started to suck and lick away at it. His moans were telling me I was good at it and suddenly he gripped my hair and held it onto his cock and released 2 good spurts of come into my mouth. Fuck I haven;t done this before but took it all in my mouth.

I leaned up and thought if this was to be the 1st time then make it good and so I looked at him and raised my head above his and opened my mouth and let his spunk fall from my mouth into his. He opened hismouth and took the lot.

He quickly jumped onto all fours and gave me a condom and said to fuck his arse. I positioned my slef behind him and with a little spit put my cock next to his entrance and pushed. It soon went in (he obviously had done this many times) and I started to push and pull my cock in and out. Before long the sensation was too much for me and I soon filled to condom with great delight. I then fell back onto my back realing in what had just happened.

I looked over to him but he was looking over to the corner of the room, FUCK all the time we had been fucking a mature woman of about 55 was sitting in the corner watching sat in just her underwear. Strangly this made me feel aroused and not ashamed as I thought it might, she soon took hold of my cock and started to suck me to full erection. She then pulled me by mu cock towards to door and into the bathroom. She told me to sit on the toilet and open my legs. I obeyed her. SHe then crouched over me and started to piss herself and aimed it so it ram all over me. (great I thought as I love a woman to piss on me, and had shared this in the past with various girlfriends)

once she was dome she made me lick her pussy and taste her juice (mmmm)

Pete then took over and told me to get dressed and leave, That I did and have never spoken to then since, but loved the experience and would love to try agaian.

hope you enjoyed this story, please tell me it you did.

Bye for now Terry