Written by Dave & Jen

28 Jul 2004

Jen and i had always struggled with our sex until the other day we were out for a drive and i kept asking Jen to get her tits out!We stopped in a country lane for a drink and a chat and Jen dared me to get her tits out! so i did.We had a good laugh about this and talked openly about how frigid our sex life was.She was wanking me as well while i played with her tits.I began to tell her about dogging sites and how i would like to see her put a show on,she was wet at the thought so i talked her into going out that night dressed as a tart.After we had tea i fucked Jen while she was dressing she was slightly nervouses as she dressed so had a couple of drinks to settle her nerves and give her a bit of courage.We drove to Crickley Hill and parked up soon a guy pulled up and began to watch us,I got jens tits out and was rubbing her nipples as the guy started to wank as he watched,jen was soaking so i took her knickers off and she opened her legs onto the dash board while i finger fucked her,she was surprised to see two guys watching us by now and wanking,i kept telling her to look at there cocks which she did,she was turned on but not quite ready to wind the window down and let them have a grope,The first guy shot his load on the ground followed by the second guy.Jen and i got dressed as she had also been sucking my cock and went back home for are best fuck session we have ever had.I was talking to jen telling her what i want her to do next time we go out,she has agreed to let guys grope her and have a play while i watch,and my ultimate scenario is when she gets fucked by a group of guys while i watch.She has agreed to let guys fuck her and to suck them off while i watch since sunday night she has been constantly wet at the thought and we have been fucking every night since.We are going out again tonight wednesday probably to crickley hill and then again saturday night to toghill where by then i hope to select a guy or two to fuck her while i watch.Look out for us either in a blue vauxhall or silver polo.We are both gagging at our new sexuallty.