Written by Steve

10 Sep 2004

First of all, excuse me for my bad English!

The story I' m gonna tell you happened in Athens, where I (S) and my wife (T) live.

We 're a married couple, both 43 y.o. with two kids.

One hot Friday night of June we went out for dinner and maybe some drinks. We had booked a table at a classy restaurant we used to go.

T was wearing a silky blouse, a tiny skirt, stockings and high heels. As she was quite suntunned, she was like a dream with her blond hair.

We stopped in front of the restaurant and a young boy opened the car door, from the side of T. I thought I saw him looking hungrily her legs, but it may be just fantasy.

We step in and a waiter took us to our booked table, which was near to the bar, at the smoking area.

We asked for a drink and at the same time we read the "menu" to order.

Meanwhile, we noticed a mature couple, sitting at the bar, waiting to get a free table. They were also drinking some vodka, looking around.

The man was about 55 and the woman about 50. They were both dressed in black. The lady was wearing a see-through blouse with black bra, a very short skirt and high heels. She had a beautiful pair of legs. The man had grey hair and he was very tall, about 6'4'' (taller than me).

We ordered the starters and we forgot them for a while, as we had some chatting. During our conversation, I thought I saw some raw flesh from bar's direction, which is to the right. I turned my eyes there, but I only saw the previous couple at the same position. "It's my imagination" I thought, turning back to T.

After some moments something flashed to the right side, so I turned again. This time I saw the lady moving on her seat. The short skirt left a small area uncovered over her stockings. Her skin was milky and soft. She noticed that I was looking at her legs, but she didn't try to cover her nude leg. In advance, she let her legs open a little, giving to me a better view. The man with her was still drinking his vodka, pretending that nothing unusual happens. I felt my cock hardening.

I turned back to my wife T and told her what happened. As we are swingers for ages, I asked her if I could invite this couple to our table. "Of course" she said, "lets have some good time tonight".

Our table was a round one and had enough place for 4 people, so I called a waiter and told him to invite the "flashing" lady and her man to our table.

They accepted our invitation with no words an after some seconds they came close to us. As they were taking their seats next to us, they told that their names were M (the man) and V (the lady).

"Glad to meet you V", I said. "This is my wife, T and I'm S".

After a while, we were chatting like old friends between a lot of different plates and glasses.

Suddenly, I felt V's leg touching mine's. I didn't resist of course and at the same time I put my hand on her skirt.

"Put it deeper", she said very close to my right ear.

According to her instructions, I tried to put my hand between her legs, but I touched something I didn't expect. M had already put his hand on her trimmed pussy, working lightly on to her pussy lips.....

(To be continued....)