Written by young master at your service

9 Sep 2006

i would firstly like to start with a bit of background

im 24 male in cheshire

my last partner was very sub but didnt like to admit that so it was a long time before i found out

and when i did i became a very different person

i contacted jenny on SH last week

in her add she stated that she was looking for something different , something new

in no way did she indicate that she wanted to be dominated

anyway i though "just go for it"

i told her what i could offer and she agreed very much that it was different and wanted to try


as agreed we met on the wednesday morning at the cafe 5 miles from me in her town

i had asked her to wear a knee high black skirt, white knickers and a blouse

she turned up on time and did as she was asked

we had a very short conversation before heading off to her place

outside jenny was told that once inside she would submit to me in the ways i demand


i closed the front door and demanded jenny no talking unless asked to or there will be punishment

(allthough i do not deal out any pain)

i then told jen to lift her skirt and show me that she had the white knickers on ,,and she did

i then placed my hand on her pussy which was allready wet and then pulled them down

i asked jen what exactly what she wanted from this to which she answerd anything...just use me

i took all her clothes off and pusshed her back to lay on the sofa

i then demanded that she play with her own pussy as i watch

her face glowing bright red she slowly rubbed her pussy with her eyes shut tight

as she relaxed a little i demanded that she stare at me whilst doing this

this brought on an instant climax with jen moaning very loud

she then asked if i liked what i saw???

yes i did but your not to talk

i then turned over the coffee table and rolled on a condom on the leg

"fuck it" i demanded


"your not to talk and heres you punishment...so fuck it"

"oh please sir i would prefer...."


with that she slowly hoverd over it and down she went

she was riding this very well and got a bit of a rythem going

she was really going for it when she just stopped dead

"what" i said

she then lifted her hand as if she was in school

"yes???? tell me what you want"

"i need to pee sir... im really sorry"

"you can hold it for now ... then i may watch you!!"

she then went on "oh please sir i really cant hold it...i will wet myself!!!"

now im not into watersports and deffinetly donot want anybodys piss on me....but then i had an idea.....

"go n then"

"sorry?? go on then what sir"

"wet yourself" i said

"oh sir no ...i cant do that ...not here"

then i butted in "show me your bathroom"

so she got up...and for some reason put her knickers back on

in the bathroom i told her....

"stand in your bath in wet your self as i watch"

she then started to take her knickers off

"no, you can keep them on....now get on with it"

yes sir

in the bath she stood with her legs apart and her golden piss running out of her knickers and down her legs

"rub your clit" i said to her

"not whilst im peeing sir???...please"

"get your hand on your pussy NOW"

looking a bit embarresd she placed her hand on her pussy just as her wee was running out and franticly started to rub her clit

now this amazed me as she had put up a protest in the first place but she later told me that it had her feeling so sexy she just couldnt control it

after a wash we then went into the bedroom where she asked me if she could suck my dick

"yes" i said "you have done very well so far ,,,you deserve it"

man i have never been sucked like this before

catch my second part to get the rest