Written by chris

2 Jun 2006

Sometime ago following a party my wife ended up being covered in cum by 12 guys, a story I related here.

Ever since then it has been an almost continuous topic of conversation between us. As a consequence she wanted more, in fact much more.

She has always enjoyed cum in her mouth and on her ample 38DD tits but since that party I have not been able to produce enough to satisfy her.

So the inevitable happened. It took some time but eventually we arranged a mega cum party for her with 25 very well endowed heavy cummers.

In the week leading up to the party my cock barely left her mouth and her 12" dildo nearly ran out of batteries. She was so highly charged.

At last the day came and frm 7pm the guys started to arrive. The first 5 arrived together including Horace a 6'2" black guy who was 11" long and came in pints. She wanted him first.

She lay on the bed sideways so her head was tilted backwards and her mouth and completely shaven cunt very very accessible.

She made some rules, no anal, no condoms and everyone must cum in her mouth at least once. Apart from that they can do whatever they want. Believe me they did

Horace was the first she grabbed him with both hands and pushed him in her waiting mouth.

Another guy pushed his well endowed cock straight into her cunt, 2 other guys started wanking over her tits and the night was away.

Horace produced so much she simply couldn't keep it in. She sat up when he came and it poured out down her chin over her tits down to her cunt.

I scooped up a handful and rubbed in all over her cunt lips and she then licked my hands clean.

Eventually all 25 guys arrived and one after one they fulfilled her wishes and came in her mouth, much of it missed of course and her face was absolutely covered as were her beautiful tits.

Horace was not only big and a heavy cummer but he was also quite a stayer.

An hour or so after filling her mouth he the pushed his huge cock deep into her juicy cunt and pumped so much seed into her it flooded out. Her cunt was soaked, stretched to the limit and her hole was huge. I simply could not resist fingering and consequently fisting her fully. She came with such a spasm I thought the bed would break. She couldn't say anything as her mouth was filled with 2 orgasming cocks.

After about 5 hours of constant fucking and sucking we had no idea how many loads she had taken. She had however fulfilled her desire at least for now. All the guys left except Horace who spent the weekend with us.

She refused to wash that night wanting to savour every drop of cum wherever it was, and I can assure you it was everywhere. Over the following weekend Horace and I had my cum slut wife to ourselves and boy was she used.

There is a very interesting follow up to this story too. To come later