Written by golden balls

20 Nov 2011

We moved in to our new home near Valencia 6 months ago. Jill my wife is 37 with short black hair.From the rear she looks like a young boy. Slim body long legs and very athletic. Since we move here she hardly is ever anything but NUDE. Back in the UK Jill was very much lights out sex. Never the one to show any real love of sex. But under the sun she has changed. Possibly its seeing all the nude bodies on the beaches here?. But now we are having sex like its just be invented. A couple of weeks ago Jill was working in the garden in the nude and I took her a coffee and she looked up and said. "When I finish this coffee you can get nude".I need a good fucking. We finished the coffee and went to take Jill indoors.I want it here in the garden she snapped. OK but won't Betty our neighbor see us I asked. She has already seen us before. Jill what you saying !!. Jill explained that on a girlie lunch a few weeks ago Betty mentioned seeing us fuck from her sun terrace. We had a good laugh. And darling she mentioned she thought you had a beautiful cock. Ill cock her the silly woman. Come on make me happy Jill smiled. We had great sex. As we lay there Jill mentioned Betty was feeling very low its almost 4 years since she lost her husband. Betty confided in me that at 43 she still missed the physical side of marriage.But she a lovely lady she could soon find a guy to keep her happy I replied. Do you find her attractive Jill asked ?. Of course I do. Great because its her birthday next week and I suggested to Betty we go for a picnic on the nude beach and you can fuck us both. Are you joking I asked. No I love Betty like a sister. Anyway I have arranged it. That's fine with me but I have one condition. And whats that?. I want to watch you two together. Blimey your a mind reader we bought a strap-on cock between us in town when we went out for lunch. Betty can wait to try it out. Hell my cock is on fire let fuck again. Hang on YES. Bettys on the terrace watching. Take me from behind and pull your cock almost out on each stoke so Betty can see your cock going in and out. By the way this is the sygnal to Betty that we are all going to fuck each other on her birthday.