Written by Sticky trousers

26 Jan 2006

Long haul flights can be a pain at the best of time, but when you get a young lady with a two year old sitting next to you , you have got trouble.

The child was a pain and the mother getting more fraught, and as I had been chatting to her suggested I tried to get the child to settle after a while miricles i got the child to settle and gradually he dropped of to sleep.

I bought the lady a brandy to calm her down and suggested she try and get some sleep. Covered her with a blanket and settled down, me reading a book and having a drink, a blanket resting across my lap.

After about 10 minutes I felt a hand slide across my lap and un-zip my flies. Looking across at the lady she had her eyes open , smiling and said she should thank me for settling the young one.

My cock was growing at the touch of her hand and she slowly started to wank me off. Running her fingures across my bell end, squeezing and relaxing as she moved her hand backwards and forwards.

This went on for a long time and I loved it, she could feel that I was near to coming and built the pace until I shot my load all over my pants , trousers and her hand.

She smiled zipped me up and took her hand and licked all my spunk off.

For the next two hours I was sat their with a warm glow all round my cock and arse, because if I had moved everyone would have seen my wet trousers.

When we landed I managed to get my coat from the overhead lockers and slip it on so no one could see.

The lady, child and I walked from the plane together chatting- thinking my look might be in , when she was met by her husband.

She introduced me and said how helpful I had been, she gave me a kiss on the cheek and pressed a piece of paper into my hand and left with her husband.

It was her phone number- we have met a few times since , but she will not let me fuck her but loves masterbation either on her self or me and we watch each other.

We have masterbated in some very public places , she loves the thrill of nearly getting caught.