Written by alwaysagentleman

4 Oct 2013

‘My Husband used to spank me’

Concepta was quite straight faced as she told us this. ‘When we were first married, I was very young when we married barely out of school and Harry well he must have been 30. In those days it was still love honour and obey and my Mammy and Daddy had warned me that I was to be a good wife.’

‘Did you enjoy this Concepta?’ asked Ailsa

‘Connie no one but daddy and Harry called me Concept’

Ailsa and I were on holiday, in Spain a lovely Hotel in the mountains and were having a late night conversation with a small group, led by Ailsa it had got a wee bit racy at times and had got onto what had changed in society since the 60’ and 70’s.

Concepta’s comment was a bit left field to be honest we had been discussing how society seemed to have lost a bit of respect and good manners.

‘God no, I wasn’t meant to enjoy it, I was still a teenager just 18 and a bit of a brat,’

Ailsa urged her to continue.

‘Well I would give him some cheek or have a tantrum and next thing I knew I was over his knee and getting 6 slaps on my backside.’

‘Oh Connie that’s terrible’ a female in the group said

‘Well to be honest, he didn’t know what else to do I guess and though it was sore at the time he didn’t hurt me. Never touched me or hurt me’

‘so Connie did this last long’

‘No once I fell pregnant with the boy he stopped and I guess I matured and it never happened again.’ she looked wistful.

Ailsa asked’ was this on your bare backside?’

‘Gosh yes there is no other way, skirt up knickers down and whack whack’ We all laughed but the image in my head was exciting.

‘too be honest I did quite to enjoy it especially the making up afterwards’

‘well I bet Harry enjoyed it too?’ Ailsa said

‘oh yes when I was over his knee he certainly showed his pleasure, his willy was like a tree trunk!’ again more laughter but the conversation changed track.

Later in bed we went over the chat and Connie’s confession.

‘ I would never have guessed she was a spankee’ Ailsa looked at me ’I think most women would like a strong man to take control, the 70’s was a different time and a young women would let the man take the lead.’

I had one hand on her breasts and moved her other to my hard dick. ‘Well Connie’s story clearly had the desired effect on you.’ Ailsa was right the thought of Connie being spanked certainly had got me excited and I kept the image in my head as Ailsa took my dick into her mouth.

Well many Spanish hotels I have stayed in seem to have thin walls and we often hear strange sounds and noises. What sounded like a electric shaver started from next door, quiet low hum accompanied by low moans which got louder. Our window was open and Ailsa sat up went onto the balcony, it was coming from Connie’s room and she was clearly using a vibrator. This evenings conversation had had an effect upon her as well.

‘Connie Connie Connie ‘

I half heard a whispered conversation and Ailsa came back to the bed, ‘she is mortified that we heard her.’ we both agreed it was quite sad Connie was a widow and travelling by herself on this guided tour. She was mid to late 50’s and really was quite attractive, about 5’7 medium build with large breasts and a round firm bum. She clearly kept herself fit.

There was knock at the door Ailsa told me to go I got up pulled on my boxer shorts thinking the moment had gone. Opening the door I saw Connie standing in her pyjamas t shirt and shorts holding a bottle of vodka.

‘David I am so sorry I disturbed you, please forgive me’

I smiled ‘no problem Connie come in lets have a night cap’ This was clearly her intention and she went over and sat on the bed.

‘Well Connie you need a new rabbit that one sounded like a broken exhaust?’ Connie agreed with Ailsa

‘I bought this when Harry died so that’s 5 year’s, I don’t use it too often but tonight’s stories well I got quite turned on’

‘Don’t worry Connie we all masturbate at times even in couples.’

‘yes but at my age ’

‘ you are still attractive Connie you must have lots of offers’

‘yes I do but they are either after Harry’s money or want marriage, I am well past that what I need is a fuck buddy’

We all laughed and I was really interested in how this was turning, Ailsa had on her robe, silk reaching to the ground, tied at the waist she crossed her legs revealing them up to her crotch whilst her cleavage was revealed .

‘I also have had offers from women but was too shy and worried about what people would think.’ Connie eyes were transfixed on Ailsa

‘Connie sex is sex if it feels good and you are not hurting anyone it can only be good’

‘You are right Ailsa’ she lent forward and kissed my wife on her lips. Ailsa responded and allowed Connie’s hand to cup her breast.

Ailsa then pushed Connie away.

‘stand up Concepta’

She did as she was asked

‘I think you need to make amends before we decide what to do next. You woke me up and David’

Connie muttered an apology and asked if she should go.


Ailsa made Connie stand up and turned her side on and bent her over her knee. A few quick slaps across Connie’s bottom brought squeals of delight. ‘you are not meant to enjoy this Concepta’

Connie stood up and Ailsa tugged her leggings down bent her over and smacked her bum 5 or 6 times. There were loud cracks and Connie’s buttocks wobbled and quickly turned pink/ I moved over to get a closer look, unprompted Connie opened her legs revealing a neat trimmed pussy glistening in the light.

Ailsa gently massaged her cheeks and spread them revealing her arse. A finger slipped into her pussy and Connie breathing got heavier and heavier.

‘Now Connie I think you loved a spanking didn’t you’ Connie agreed and asked for more

Ailsa slipped off the leggings and made Connie kneel as she lifted her t shirt over her arms. Connie’s full breasts flapped against her chest and almost touched her belly. Not as firm as they were they were still magnificent with large nipples sticking up. Ailsa squeezed them both and twisted the nipples. Back over her knee Connie submitted herself to a further 6 smacks.

Connie massaged the bum cheeks and then pushed her index and forefinger into her tight hole pushing in and out using her left hand to squeeze the pink tinged buttocks. Connie came with a high pitched scream which I am sure woke the whole hotel.

‘fuck Ailsa fuck me that was fuck…’ an incoherent torrent of words interrupted with quick gasps of breath.

Ailsa positioned Connie in front of her and opened her thighs She pulled Connie’s head to her pussy and said lick .

Ailsa opened her robe and caressed her breasts as Connie enthusiastically licked and gobbled . Ailsa started to breath in that rhythmic way she does before she also came.

They both kissed and looked over to me, My boxers were around my ankles and I was tugging away at my dick extremely excited at watching Ailsa and Connie until I came quickly shooting come across the floor.

‘See Connie even Dave wanks when require.’