Written by Henry

23 Aug 2006

Nora my wife was invited to Jamaca by her handsome married boyfriend Gus. After stepping off the ship ,they spotted each other and embraced kissing passionatly as quite a few of the people around them were sneaking looks. Speacally the older crows. She told me she kissed him shamelessly not bothering to hide our wedding ring. Slipping his arm around her waist ,tells her he missed her. My buddy & I will treat you like a queen. She answers I'll make sure you do.

By the way these are her words as close as I can get them. She has no desire writing, never did.

That night when the boys got back to the plush hotel from work with a few bottles of scotch Gus introduced his friend to my wife. She reached out for his hand & said don't be shy and gave him a kiss on the mouth. She claims Gus got a little jeleous and kissed her hard and long. She said this got her juices flowing. She told them they smelled like dock workers and ordered them to shower. She didn't bother to wash herself.

Nora never was an agressive woman but for reasons unknown since her first time fucking Gus she became so.I think she found out the true power of her cunt. When they returned she was in a see through night gown with small feathery heels and the usual sexy undies.They were sitting around talking them in their boxer shorts. Feeling no pain she took off her gown to show her sexy body. She's addicted to being looked at.

She told me, Henry I never felt so much power in my life & I was crazy for it. Gus came up to her and she stopped him. You, Buster come here. She pulled him close and they kissed. She said all kind of things went through her mind. She felt like a slutty teacher, a naughty mother, whore Domitrix that wanted to be used and use. As she was kissing Buster, Gus went around back of her and started to kiss her face & neck. Never in her life did she believe how hot & sexy this could be. She then pushed both of them down to their knees and spread her legs. My 60 year old wife wanted her pussy & ass sucked clean. They did exactly as she wanted as her sexy hips worked them. After many cums they got her into bed and fucked her all night & all the possitions she wanted. The following night wasn't quite as hot but she told me she could have ordered them to suck each other off if she chose too. I know this is pretty accurate as she has changed. Not the old bored house wife of just a few short months ago. She came home beat and sore.

Buster & Gus was to be treated to her sexy friend who was to eat her first pussy. (My wife) She also wanted to get me to take photos & videos of her so she could be admired on the net.

By the way, one night she told me to lay on the floor she had a treat for me. She sat on my face facing my cock and asked if I was ready. I nodded and she squirted a little piss. She then said you like it, do you want more then I shook my head yes and she took a hot long piss. My dick got so hard she said wow, and sucked me to orgasm swallowing me. I asked if she swallowed her men and she said of course I do darling.