Written by Kate

4 Feb 2004

My friend, Amy, has a younger brother called David. He sometimes comes round to Amy's place and goes out clubbing with a few of his mates. David is pretty shy especially around girls. The only girl he really talks to is his older sister. He's known me but his shyness gets the better of him and when I try and get a conversation going it's like talking to a wall. Saying this David is a very nice kid. He's polite, kind and I've been told he can be a fun guy to be with. For his 18th birthday he was going to come up and hit the town with some mates, crashing at his sister's place. I, Amy and a few of our mates were going to go out on the same night.

While out on the town we bumped into David and his friends. The groups stayed together all night and we ended up getting several cabs between us. David was kind enough to pay for my cab home despite the fact I offered to pay. We got back to Amy's house and continued to drink. As the night went on there were only a handful of us left. I had been talking to David as he seemed to loosen up while he was drunk. While I was talking to him I noticed that his eyes kept on drifting from my face to my chest. I was wearing a tight low cut top and showing a lot of cleavage with a tight mini skirt on so I didn't really mind. Amy then told me that David had been staring at me all night. After some though I decided to give David his "birthday present"

When there was only me, Amy and David left I told Amy that I was going to have fun with her brother. She smiled and said "don’t be too rough!" David had already gone upstairs. I went up the stairs and seeing as the bathroom was empty I assumed he would be in the spare bedroom. I opened the door and walked straight in, David quickly pulled his trousers up and had a surprised look on his face. I pretended to be shocked and apologised to David who took it pretty well. I was half way in the room holding onto the door and I asked if he enjoyed his birthday? He said he did. I then thanked David for paying for my taxi home and I said I would give him some money. David said I didn't need to bother. I walked into the room and shut the door behind me saying that I always pay back my debts even if no money is involved, slowly slinking over to him. David had a look of both delight and shock.

I put both my hands on his chest and slowly slid them down eventually getting on my knees. His zipper was already undone and I could see his pants. I grabbed a hold of his trousers and yanked them down, I could see a bulge in his pants and went to pull them down as well. David suddenly grabbed a hold of my hands and asked me to stop saying I didn't need to do this. I smiled at him and told him it was a birthday present before pulling down his pants. His dick slowly raised to meet my face. It wasn't the biggest I’ve seen but it wasn't small either. I licked the tip of his dick a couple of times before taking it in my mouth and giving him a blow job. I had only been sucking him off for about a minute or so before I heard him strain and felt his lukewarm spunk in my mouth. I opened my mouth so he could see his dick shooting into my mouth. I swallowed it all and continued to suck him hoping to keep him hard but it didn’t work. His dick got limper and smaller.

I stood up wiping my mouth and I undid his shirt before taking it off. I told him to lie down on the bed which he did. With all of my cloths I pulled my mini skirt up a bit then got on top of him, my G-string was the only thing separating his dick from my wet pussy. I took my shirt off followed by my bra, David was transfixed by my tits and stared open mouthed at them. I grabbed a hold of his hands and put them on my tits. He gave them a slow rub with a slight squeeze here and there. I could feel his dick getting hard again; I leant forward so my tits were now right in front of his face and told him to suck them. He got stuck right in and it wasn't long before he had a nice stiff cock but I let him enjoy himself for a while.

I got off him and was standing by the side of the bed. I turned my back on him and bent over taking off my mini skirt and G-string, giving him an eye full of firm ass. I got back on him but I hovered over his dick rubbing the tip with my pussy before slowly lowering myself onto it, by the look on his face I though David was going to cum.

"You a virgin?" I asked

"Is it that obvious?" David throw a question right back at me

I just smiled and slowly rode his cock trying to make it last as long as possible. It didn't take David long to cum. I got off him got dressed and said Happy birthday then made my way out of his room.