Written by jasperbd

3 Dec 2006

So I’m on my own & lonely. I start to feel my cock through my pants and I know its getting hard. But this is boring. Surely there must be something better. So I search SH and find others gagging just like me and a couple of them are 10 minutes away.

Problem. No accommodation. But a meet outside in a car might be a possibility.Well its worth a try. So I send a message to a few surfers as to where & when I wIll be

Now the fun starts. I turn up. Its pitch black & I wait. Noone around, then the lights appear coming up the hill & a car pulls in behind me.

We are now sitting there in the dark with no lights on. I flash my break lights & the car flashes its inside light. We repeat this. Then another car arrives and parks in front of me.

We wait a while then the newcomer flashes his lights. The car behind me does the same. I start to wank, watching both the other cars.

A guy in the car behind gets out and walks to my car and looks in. I cut the light. He opens the door and asks if he could join me. .He gets in drops the seat and his pants & begins to wank.

Soon we are enjoying each other, wanking and sucking. I forgot to lock the doors & suddenly my door opens & a guy is standing there with a stiff cock poking through his fly.

I tell him to get in the back and join in. We have a great session. Sucking, wanking, and fingering each other.

Then the fourth car arriveS.

It is a small camper van. It pulls up alongside me and s inside lights on. There are two people inside. A man & woman aged about 50. She has just her bra showing an he had no shirt on.

She lowers her window. I do the same. She asks us to join them in the van. She says she has this fantasy of a lot of guys wanking and squirting all over her tits.

We all get in the back of the van. She draws the curtains & lies on a bunk naked from the waist up.

I ask why she does not strip & she says that the cum was just for her tits. So the three of us wank. She says please try and cum all together, so we ask each other if we are ready. Soon we agree we are and a fountain of cum covers her tits. She then rubs it all in.

We leave them. Get back in our cars and drive away, Probably never to see each other again