Written by Felicity Johnson

2 Oct 2005

I'm a happily married woman, 42 and I travel a great deal with my job as a medical rep. It was late one Friday afternoon and I'd been driving from Newcastle heading for my home in Birmingham and was getting desperate for a coffee break.

I saw signs for a place at the next junction on the M1 so decided I'd better stop for half an hour. I spotted a space in the far corner of the carpark and parked my MX5 up and headed for the toilet block.

It was only when I was walking back to my little sports car that I realised that most of the other cars in the carpark were occupied by single men and that all eyes seemed to be focused on me! Hardly surprising though, as I had on my special sexy business suit that I wear when I'm trying to sell to male clients! The skirt is particularly short, showing off my legs wonderfully and the jacket plunges deep at the front showing off my ample cleevage. I must admit to feeling quite a thrill as I felt their eyes on me!

I climbed back into the MX5 and poured myself a coffee from the flask and decided to have a few minutes before getting back into the dreaded Friday afternoon traffic on the M1.

It was only a few minutes before the door of a white van opened nearby and a tall,good looking man in his 30's came over to my car! Then he did something that even I was shocked by! Standing right next to my car and in full view of everyone, he unzipped his jeans and pulled out his cock! I was not only stunned by what he was doing but also by the sheer size of his manhood! He was huge! I guess most women would have driven off, but I was mesmerised! As he started wanking right next to my open window, his cock grew even bigger!

I can't believe that I did this, but I reached out and wrapped my hand around his throbbing cock and began to move it up and down his shaft. Suddenly there were guys coming from all over the carpark!

My car was surrounded by men, all watching me wanking off a total stranger! There was a huge rush of excitement through my body as I realised I was the show!

As I wanked the man, my passenger side door opened and an older man, probably in his 60's, climbed in next to me! He started to unbutton my jacket, revealing my 36D bra to everyone, then he slipped his hand inside the cups and released my large tits! He leaned across me and started to suck my left tit. There were hands coming through my window, all stroking my tits and it felt wonderful!

I reached down to the old guy next to me and unzipped his trousers, pulling out his semi hard dick and I started to wank him too! His hand moved onto my thigh and slipped up under my mini skirt. I felt his fingers stroking the thin gusset of my panties, then he pulled them to one side and slid a couple of fingers into my slit! I groaned out so loud as he started fingering me. I'd lost it all together!

I heard one guy outside say "Bring her out here!"

The door opened and I was asked to get out! I did! A man led me round the front of my MX5 and made me lean over the bonnet with my arse in the air! Another lifted my skirt over my waist and suddenly there were hands coming at me from all directions! My large tits were hanging, pendulously and guys were taking turns feeling them. Suddenly, I felt a guy standing behind me, his trousers around his ankles and his hard cock nudging against my thighs!

"Fuck her Dave!" I heard a guy say in the crowd. I felt my panties being tugged to one side and my pussy lips being parted by his fingers. He nudged his bell end against my lips, then thrust deep inside me! I didn't even know if he had a condom on; I didn't give a fuck! He fucked me hard and furiously from behind as the others clawed at my body!

I don't normally cum quickly but I did then! My body shook and I screamed out for him to fill me and I felt his cock throb and do just that! He spunked inside me as I climaxed. As soon as he stepped to one side, the old guy who I'd been wanking, took his place, burying his old cock inside my wet dripping fanny! It was only a couple of minutes before he added his sperm to the mess between my legs!

I really can't remember, because I was lost in another world, but I believe 8 men had me bareback before I decided it was time to get back to hubby in Brum!

I'm not at all ashamed of what I did; it was the most exciting and thrlling thing I've ever done and watch out Bretton, I'll be back!