Written by biggles

3 Oct 2006


Was invited round at last minute by a couple wanted to try a bit of sexy shaving. As always, you are never quite sure if they are real or not but when the mobile no came, then I thought it was worth going. On arriving, couple were very nice and easy going...and J look very sexy in a simple top that was revealing more and more of her boobs. We sat and chatted for a while then P suggested we go up stairs...J went first and within a couple of mins was in their bath room with J naked and het legs wide opne with a pussy alteady for shaving. Look delicious..so got undressed and started with electric shaver..was lovely shaving her pubes off and as I was doing ti I could see her nipples getting tighter and her pussy started to get wet...occasioanlly ran by thumb over her clit and could feel that getting hard.

Started on the foam and shaving all her pubes off. Was very turned on now and with everythiogn so slippery kept putting my thumb into her pussy which was getting very very wet...my cock was v hard now..but wanted to concentrate on a good shave and see how hard her clit would get...knew she was very very turned on when i pushed two fingers into her and felt her thighs contract as she was so slippery and turned on..kept on passing my fingers down her thighs to her bum and wanted to push finger into there but didnt want to turn J off...P said lets go down stairs...J's pussy was almost hairless now and my cock was v hard...wanted to have it sucked.

As soon as we were downstairs, J was wide opne on a table..and I was massaging her tits with baby oil..P was fingering her pussy which was soaking by now...then J said you can lick it if u want..was there staright away with my tomgue all over her clit and finger in her pussy...within seconds felt her cumming and was drinking her juices with my fingers soaked...

Then J asked to suck my cock...and P had his cock in J and was hard fucking her...pulled his cock out and came all over her chest...J was licking my balls and i was wanking..then came all over her tits....WAS A GREAT SHAVE!!!!