Written by john

25 Feb 2005

I just gotta share this with you so i'll start from the top. Last week i was on this very website looking through couples seeking men section when i saw an add for a couple in my area. I looked at their profile and pics and was amazed when i saw that it was old tutor from college. Well i replied straight away as ahe was a very attractive woman and had a great figure with long strawberry blonde hair. I got a reply a few days later telling me to come to their house at about 6pm on the friday. I was so excited at the thought i just couldn't wait. Friday came and i went round to the house, my heart pumping. As i knocked at the door i heard a voice from the window say 'come round the back' and so i did. When i got inside i saw her come into the kitchen with her white silk robe followed by her husband who was about 6'5 and very well built. I could not belive that i was about to shag the woman who used to teach me, it was so exciting. We went into the other room for some drinks and a little get to knoe ya chit chat. While there she told me to brace myself for a good night but warned me that i must be descret. When that had been cleard up she led me up to the bedroom with her husband behind me and threw me on the bed. She then undid her robe to reveal her massive tits and shaved pussy, i gasped in delight as she undid my pants and took out my hard cock. She then atarted to suck on my helmet and wank my shaft before sliding her huge tits over it and giving me a rather great tit wank. I just gazed at her as she looked up at me and told me that she wanted me to fuck her in every hole and cum all over her. Well i was nearly ready to cum so i told her to stop and sit on my face so i could lick her wet cunt out. She did and i began to suck on her clit as she clamped her legs around my head.

Now i probably should have told you this before but the advert was for a bi male so as you can imagine i wasn't too suprised when i felt her guys lips touch my exposed cock. He began to suck me as i licked his wife out untill she moaned so loudly that she came all over my face and mouth. This set me off and i then shot my spunk into the guys mouth. After that we all took a minute to get sorted and the i told her to bend over. i slide my cock up her tight cunt as i fingerd her asshole. She was moaning so much and telling me to fuck her harder. I told her husband to stand in front of me so that he had his legs on either side of her and i took his cock in my mouth and began to suck him off. It was fuckin exctasy and i stopped pumping her cunt and slide my cock into her gapping ass wich i started to shag hard. her fella let out a great moan as he told me he was about to cum and so i took his cock in my hand and moved it away from my mouth as he shot his hot spunk onto my tounge.

I was now ready for a cock up me but he was not hard so i told the woman to use a vibrator she had to fuck me. She took som lube out of her draw and applied it to my ass. She then slide it slowly up my tight ass. It felt really good as she moved it in and out of me and i could see her husband gettin hard again. When he was at full mast i removed the vibe and he moved around the back of me and touched his rather massive 10'' on my ass cheeks he then spread my ass cheeks and trust his huge nob into me. i moaned and groaned as he went faster and faster as i moved myself back on to him, each time going a little deeper untill he was shagging my arse that hard that i felt a huge warm sensation as he came up me. He pulled out and i got changed before going home but i go there reguarly and often have it both ways.