Written by Kev Cook

15 Oct 2005

It was just before Christmas. I’d had a row with Kev about his employer’s Christmas do. I didn’t really want to attend. I’d been bored stupid at previous ones but had agreed to go. I thought I would dress really tartily to embarrass him, to get my own back and as I painted my fingernails and toenails bright red I began to feel sexy. Since turning 40 I had felt more confident sexually and now at the ripe age of 45 I enjoyed sex whereas hubby’s interest was waning.

I put on my favourite red uplift bra, panties and suspender belt to complete the effect, before splashing some Dolce Vita, my favourite perfume, down my cleavage.

After a surprisingly pleasant meal in the ‘Aziz’ an Indian Restaurant which went fairly well somebody suggested we go onto a Night Club. I was surprised when hubby agreed but thought at least it would be more exciting.

However at the club my husband and his colleagues split up into groups and continued talking shop. I went to get a drink and at the bar a young man called out my name. I looked at him. He laughed and said, “you don’t recognize me do you? I’m a mate of your son. When I was about 16 I was around your house all the time”.

I looked at him and recalled Dave but he was no longer the spotty youth I remembered. He was an attractive man in his prime with a lean fit body.

David smiled as I said, “I didn’t recognize you. You’ve changed. How old are you 20? You’re a couple of years older than my son aren’t you?”

Dave bought me a glass of wine and asked me if I was alone? I explained I was with my husband but bored by all the talk of work. I asked him to come over and join us to catch up on the last few years. I introduced him to hubby who quickly lost interest when he remembered Dave and became engrossed in talking to his colleagues again. We sat separately at another table.

I chatted easily to Dave as I continued to drink and I noticed that he kept glancing at my face and boobs. Dave asked me to dance. I agreed and told hubby who barely acknowledged I was talking to him. The dance floor was next to the bar area and I enjoyed dancing with Dave. He was really attentive and the drinks kept flowing.

The DJ then said the next few tracks would be slow numbers to give the Christmas lovers the chance for a grope. Dave smiled and put his arms around my waist. We danced closely and I realised I could feel his prick hard against my groin. Dave nuzzled into my neck and kissed it while squeezing my buttocks. He whispered that when he was younger all the lads had talked about whose mother they would best like to shag and I had always been his choice and he had often fantasised about having me. He told me I was gorgeous and his ideal woman. I glanced over to hubby between the palm fronds – he was paying me no attention. The combination of alcohol, flattery and having a virile young man in my hands made me wetter and the gusset of my panties became sopping wet. Dave kissed me and my head began to spin. I wasn’t sure if I wanted this but involuntarily I felt my tongue rolling over Dave’s tongue. We french-kissed for minutes and Dave pulled me tightly against him so he could feel my breasts squeezed up against him. Suddenly I realised the music had finished and I felt slightly embarrassed. Surely people would be looking at this old slapper licking tonsils with a man young enough be her son.

I suggested we sit down. The table near my husband was taken so we sat some distance away. I felt flushed with excitement but had regained my senses. “Dave” I said “Do you often take liberties with a woman old enough to be your mother?”

His response was to hold my hand. I then felt him stroke my inner thigh under the table. He realised I was wearing stockings. His hand caressed the flesh between stocking top and my panties. I was so surprised I did not think to object and when I did not seem to show concern his fingers massaged my cunt lips and probed for my clit through my panties. This was my vulnerability: feeling strong masculine fingers probing my cunt.This has always turned me and made me receptive to a good shagging. Combined with the excitement of a handsome younger man obviously fancying me and the danger of discovery it acted like an aphrodisiac. I could feel wetness saturate my panties as my love juices began to ooze and I felt my pussy lips swell in anticipation of sex with this young man. I instinctively opened my thighs so his fingers could probe me unhindered and shocks of sexual ecstasy raced through my belly. I pushed my pussy against the probing fingers as they burrowed deep into my moist flesh. I gasped as the fingers skillfully massaged my quim with caresses that made my juices flow freely. My head was spinning from the intoxicating effect of the finger fuck and the knowledge that a relative stranger was doing this to me in a public place only feet from my hubby. I felt excited but also a little angry at his presumption.

I broke away from Dave’s embrace and said I needed to use the loo as an excuse to get away. I Iooked around. Hubby was still in conversation so he hadn’t noticed and nobody else was looking. I felt relief and looked about me but Dave took this to be indecision and said he would show me where the toilets were.

I followed him into a corridor. The toilets were up a flight of stairs. As we walked Dave slipped his arm around my waist. I’ve always found this sexy and found myself pulling Dave to me and kissing him. I was in a daze. For the first time in years I felt really desirable. Dave took my arm and led me to the Men’s toilets. He said wait here and went inside. The next thing I knew he came out and pulled me inside saying it was all clear.

Dave literally pulled me into a cubicle and locked the door. He kissed me roughly and put a hand on my left tit and squeezed, saying “Val I want you”. I said “No Dave, not like this” but I felt my body already reacting. Dave hoisted up my skirt and pulled down my panties in one go and they lay around my ankles. My heart began to hammer. “Get a condom” I breathed huskily. Dave rushed out of the cubicle and I could hear him using the machine. I spread toilet paper on the floor and the loo since it was a bit grim and stepped out of my panties. He returned and we kissed passionately. He asked me to undo my top and he watched fascinated as I unclipped my bra and my ample tits spilled out. I held out my boobs for him. He sucked on my nipples as I undid his trousers and they fell to the ground. I pulled down his shorts and felt his erection.

I could feel my nipples hardening and my fanny lips were swollen in anticipation of sex with this young man. I felt strange – I wanted this youngster to fuck me, a middle aged married woman. After years of my husband’s familiar cock I marvelled at Dave’s hardness. I began to rub his cock hard to stimulate it further as I did my hubby’s. I gasped with approval at the size of his prick; it was about 9 inches and of immense girth with a purple veined bell end. It was monstrous compared to hubby's. I realised then I had to have it inside me. My lust caused my grip to tighten. Dave winced and I let go. He lifted my skirt and moved down. He kissed my stocking tops and moved up. He began to lick at my minge. I let out a big sigh of pleasure and this seemed to turn Dave on because he stood up and put on a condom. He eased his tool between my hungry cunt lips. I felt the rubbery head of his penis sliding up and down my wet slit. I was amazed at how easily he slipped into me. I had never been so well lubricated for years.

I felt sheer animal lust and wanted this handsome young man to fuck me senseless. His pubes were strong and coarse on my pussy and then the head of his cock slipped inside giving me the first taste of how large and thick his tool was. His mouth was greedily sucking at my tits and his hands explored every inch of my body. I could feel Dave had a much longer, harder tool than I had experienced for years. Now that my vagina was fully dilated and lubricated my lover pounded into me. The feel of a different, larger extra-marital cock filling my love tube made my heart race. A succession of quick thrusts followed, moving shallowly at first but penetrating me more deeply. As I realized I was being fucked by a relative stranger I felt a strange horrified elation. Physically my body was responding fully to the manly cock lacing into me but I felt momentarily confused because I still felt love for my husband. I was about to cry out for Dave to stop when I realized I was too excited and I was enjoying the rhythmic fucking of this well endowed man. I really wanted him inside me, to truly, madly, deeply fuck me.

Dave thrust hard upwards again and again. Our pubes matted at each thrust and his coarse pubic hair ground lasciviously against my clitoris making me tingle in delight. I made up my mind then to enjoy myself with this young body and my tits bounced alarmingly each time he speared me. Suddenly he grunted and I could feel his cock twitching as he pumped into climax. I felt disappointment that I had not come. Here I was having daring extra-marital cock only to be left up in the air. I said “No Dave, I need to come”

Dave’s cock softened and he withdrew. He apologised and sat on the toilet looking miserable. I squatted down and explained that young men are too eager but that could be rectified. I took his now limp cock into my hand, pulled off the condom and asked him to tell me what he liked about my mature body. He told me he loved my wide hips and well rounded arse and my gorgeous huge tits but especially my still tight fuckable pussy. He smiled and I asked him what amused him. He said that Luke had come down my pussy and now he had been up it. I smiled at his immaturity and quickly replied that he must never tell my son. I then took his cock into my hand and pulled on it. After a few seconds I felt it stiffening once again. I took the chance to study it. It was longer and harder and seemed shinier, so much more masculine than my husbands’, even the second time round, and the bell end was a deeper purple. I felt the complete slut as I opened my mouth and began to tongue it.. I began to suck on it, something I rarely did for hubby and it became hard. I sucked and slurped on the cock until once again it felt rock solid.

“Now it’s my turn” I told Dave. I hoisted my skirt, straddled him and sunk down onto the cock. Dave fondled my breasts as I jigged up and down for a few seconds. I positioned myself so my clit was being stimulated. Dave’s cock threaded in and out of me slowly at first but then harder and deeper gliding smoothly on the lubrication of love juices. I felt my fanny fully accommodate his size and I began pushing back against the powerful thrusts. His tool touched my cervix and a hard downward thrust allowed the head of his tool to briefly penetrate my womb. I felt pain followed by intense pleasure. His hands continued to caress my boobs, squeezing my nipples and rolling them between his finger and body. His hard long cock pumped rhythmically away. The friction drove me into frenzy and I teetered on the edge of orgasm. I cried out "fuck me, fuck me...”

My entire being was gripped by an agonising need to climax and my body writhed and heaved as his impaling hugeness met my every thrust. My breasts felt full and my nipples became as hard as bullets and my toes curled in pleasure. As I enjoyed the good shafting of the vigorous young cock in such a daring location, I felt like a complete whore instead of a married woman with three kids as I fucked in a public toilet. It heightened my pleasure to feel so wild. Suddenly my fanny muscles spasmed and gripped the cock inside me. I orgasmed and it felt like a volcano erupting at the back of my pussy. A glow spread across my body from my neck to breasts to my thighs. Dave exhaled deeply as his cock twitched and pulsed and I felt his hot seed spurting deep inside me as we mutually climaxed. l opened my mouth wide in a silent scream as the orgasm exploded through me and my nails dug into his flesh. My minge rippled as it milked his stem drawing his seed deep into me. I suddenly realised that he hadn’t put on a condom this time but I didn’t care. He seemed to carry on pumping into me for an age.

Mumbled word of obscene encouragement involuntarily left my lips as I reveled in the lewdness of being brought to climax by a man young enough to be my son.

Dave’s cock slowly went limp inside me as I lay across him. I felt his spunk dribble from my engorged fanny and trickle down my inner thigh. We talked. Dave said he had always preferred well-proportioned older women. He told me when he was 16 he had been visiting my son and had gone to the loo. He sneaked into my bedroom and had taken a pair of my panties from the wash basket. He told me he had used them for months to wank into and had even shown them to friends claiming he had fucked me. Now he had.

Dave asked me “What would your husband think of you fucking me"? I replied "He would think I’m a dirty whore". "Are you?" Dave asked. I found myself going down on his cock again with my tongue by way of reply.

Dave said he wanted to dog me from behind since he had never had sex that way before. We changed places and I rested my elbows on the toilet seat with my arse sticking up into the air. I had made Dave hard again but he was struggling. I had to take his soft cock into my hand and guide him into my minge from behind. He eased his tool into me and he began to thrust using my flared hips as love handles. He became harder – I thought thank goodness for the vigour of youth. I love to be taken from behind with strong masculine hands clamping my hips. My body jerked with each thrust. He began to grunt. His breathing became more erratic. I concentrated my minge muscles and as the huge prick speared me I gripped it as hard as I could and another orgasm flooded through me. Simultaneously Dave spurted again. We both cried out in ecstasy. We heard somebody peeing in the urinal outside. I went rigid as Kev's slurry voice shouted out “Give her one for me, mate”. Dave and I both began giggling.

We had been away for about thirty minutes and I began to get twitchy so we hurriedly dressed and returned to the dance floor separately. Dave had asked for my panties which I gave to him. He had kissed me and whispered "you're lovely…and a great fuck". I agreed another meeting with Dave after making him promise never to mention this to my son or anyone else. He grinned as he said ok even if he had given Luke a brother or sister. I winced inside but smiled. I kissed him and said I had to go.

I felt so sexy as I walked back to my husband, a middle aged housewife without any panties on and with a younger man's sperm oozing from my cunt.

My husband hadn’t even noticed I had gone. Dave cockily sauntered over after a few minutes and with a sideways grin at me began talking to hubby. I joined them in time to hear hubby telling Dave a joke. The joke has stuck in my memory of that night: why do women think casual sex is like the forecast for rain? – because they never know how long it’s going to last or how many inches they’ll get. Dave looked at me with a grin and I thought ‘I know exactly how many inches I got, my darling’ but smiled sweetly. Shortly we went home.

There was a post script to my extra marital shag - well several actually but I mean that night. Kev was feeling frisky from the effects of the alcohol, and wanted to make love. I didn’t particularly want to feeling fully satiated by my young lover but instead of refusing I suddenly blurted out that I had just fucked another man. Hubby looked at me strangely and put two fingers inside me as if to verify I was telling him the truth. He rubbed the sticky combination of my love juices and Dave’s spunk between his fingers and demanded to know the details. I told him what had happened. Kev then pulled the bedcovers off me - I flinched thinking he was going to strike me but he went down on my cunt licking and sniffing like a dog in heat. It less than an hour after I had fucked Dave. I wanted to know for some reason if he could smell and taste another man on my recently rogered cunt. He said 'Yes, slut' in a strange gutteral way. His tongue flicked along my fanny as he cleaned me of Dave's cream. Kev asked "Was he good? Was he a better lover?" I simply said "Bigger and better". I noticed that for a change Kev had a hard erection.

I said I would leave in the morning if he wanted me to. He picked a bit of Dave’s dried semen from his lips and said in a small voice: "No, I don't want you to go….can I fuck you…please?". I sensed that the balance of power was changing - that I was now controlling the situation. I said only if you finger fuck me to get me in the mood. He put three fingers inside me. The squelching sound of another man's seed inside me turned us both on. Kev moved down and thrust into me, penetrating me in one go where Dave had already loosened me up. He slipped easily into me without the usual KY jelly I needed to fuck hubby to ease my normal vaginal dryness. He pumped away for ages until I became sore. I told him to stop, that I was not enjoying it. He said contritely in a small voice " I'm sorry I'm not as good as your lover" and as he said this he ejaculated and I could feel him spurting inside me. He seemed to drain his balls since I could feel him twitching inside me for ages as he had years ago. I wondered afterwards why I had confessed to my husband and I realised it may have been that I was at the point in my menstrual cycle when I was most likely to get pregnant. If I did get pregnant then in all honesty hubby would never know if it were his baby or Dave’s. A picture of the older stag no longer in his prime fighting with a young rival over who impregnates the female came to mind and I surprised myself by climaxing again at the thought of my hubby’s sperm mingling with Dave’s seed inside me.

We talked long into the night and hubby told me he loved me and did not want to lose me and insisted I carry on seeing my lover if he could satisfy me sexually. So it was Kev became a cuckold….