Written by Sean Bean

11 Jan 2006

I had been on at my wife Sue for months to act out my fantasy and after months of peristence it paid off.

Sue is 36, brunette, nice perked tits and very attractive. Sue is quiet shy and needs a drink or two to losen up. I have a think for hold up stockings, particularly nude ones and Sue always wears them for me in bed. We have a great sex life, but I had this fantasy of seeing Sue really flirt with a younger guy at a bar. She always gets turned on during sex when I tell her my fantasy. Anyway let me tell you what actually happened.

Last December we agreed to go to a fine hotel a few miles from us. I had booked a room and arranged for the mother in-law to stay over. Sue wore a revealing black dress with a slit up to her stocking tops. As usual she wore sheer nude stockings and sexy strapless heels. Sue didn't wear a bro that nights and I had difficulty walking to the car with the size of my buldge. We agreed that we would walk into the hotel separately. Sue would sit on a bar stool order a drink and see who chats her up. I would sit at a table with a good view. The deal was anybody over 25 was out of the equation and if she really got turned on she was to bring him to the room and do what she pleased. I would follow them up, quietly open the door, watch the show and then cause a scene so he would jump up and leave.

When I entered the bar Sue was already sitting on a bar stool and was ordering a drink. There were about 20 people in the bar and a few sitting at the bar. I ordered a beer and sat at a table. It didn't take long for an old guy to hit on Sue, but she quickly gave him the push. There was a young and fit guy sitting in the corner reading a newspaper. I seen him looking over at Sue and he put his paper down. Sue was sipping her drink and dangling her sexy shoe off her foot. Her stocking tops were visible every now and again when Sue moved her legs. I had a serious hardon again just watching her. Soon the young guy was heading towards the bar and stood next to Sue while he ordered a drink. Sue's shoe fell off her foot onto the floor. The young guy was down on the floor in a flash and retrieved the strapless shoe. I was in earshot of them and Sue asked him if he would put her shoe back on. He gently held her ankle and slipped the shoe on. He kept his hand on her ankle for a fraction too long and I could see his erection growing. He offered to buy Sue a drink and she accepted. Two drinks later Sue was laughing alot with him. He was wispering things in her ear and she was giggling alot. Now and again she would wink at me when he was wishering things to her. I nodded to her. She picked up his hand and placed it on her leg. I was the only one with the good view. He massaged her leg right up to her stocking tops. She discreetly parted her legs and his hand wandered higher. I could tell he found her hairy mound as her eyes were now closed. She stopped him, grabbed his hand and they walked to the lifts. I gave them a few minutes and followed. When I quietly opened the door I couldn't believe the site before my eyes. The bed and couch were at an angle that they couldn't see me. The guy was naked with a huge penis. Sue had just her stockings on and the guy was licking her out. She was moaning with pleasure. He them climbed on top of her and entered her. She screamed with pleasure. He trusted away inside her and slipped a finger under her ass. I knew he would slip it in and she gave out another loud moan when his finger was inserted in her ass. Their were kissing hard and she pulled away and let out a loud moan. He hadn't come yet so I run into the room and let out a roar. "You slut". He jumped out with him huge member dangling in the air. He grabbed his clothes and ran. Before the door was closed I was stripping. I entered my wife and we had the best fuck ever. Later she said I was mean.