Written by Belinda

8 Oct 2004

The sun was shining through the trees as I made my way down the country lanes. I squirmed on the car seat as my fanny was quite sore from all the activities last night and my panties felt wet from all the creamy spunk that Simon had left inside me. What a night!! I was looking forward to reliving every little detail, but I had to get the contract delivered first and at the moment that was my first priority. It was much easier to find my way in the daylight and within a quarter of an hour I had found the industrial estate and the office that I had been searching for the night before. It was still early and the documents were soon handed over.

I phoned Robert, my boss and told him that I had got it there in time, what a relief! Mind you, I've got Robert wrapped right round my little finger which helps to make working for him easy. I know that he fancies me and I occasionally tease him and am quite mean to him, but he has never put his hands on me. I'll tell you more about that later.

It was Saturday morning and there was no mad rush to get back home. My boyfriend Jason was going to be away this weekend. I had phoned him last night but was looking forward to giving him all the graphic details when we were together, and I knew that he would go mad with excitement when he heard about it all.

I had lost my bearings a bit and so pulled the car up by the roadside on the edge of a field to find a map. It was now quite warm so I lowered the window and sat for a few moments thinking about Simon and his wife and children! It had been a great night and we were lucky not to have been caught. What an amazing evening it was, I would have to see Simon again but had no idea where he lived and for that matter who he was!

As I turned to get the map I heard someone laugh not far away and then it happened again. Looking round I couldn't see anyone at all. The lane was quiet and there wasn't a car to be seen. I could hear something else like someone grunting ... perhaps it was an animal? I opened the car door and gently eased myself out. Then slowly I moved to where the noise had come from. On the other side of the hedge there was a bit of a clearing and I stood very still as my eyes focused on what was happening. A couple lay together on a rug and they were nearly naked. Biting my lip I watched then smiled as he caressed the curve of her naked breasts, his other hand stroking her hair before he buried his face into her long blond curls. His fingers ran down her neck and she writhed and gasped at his caress, her nipples swelling as his lips travelled over them. Their excitement was like a rising tide as he swept down her gorgeous young body and thrust his huge cock into her juicy nest.He then pushed her onto her knees on the rug, her breasts hanging freely down. She was just wearing a wispy liitle suspender belt and thin black stockings. His hands were all over her as he pushed his stiff prick between her curvy bum cheeks and pumping himself in and out, she squealed loudly with the pleasure. Varying his pace, he twisted, pinched and pulled her dangling tits as she squirmed under him. Suddenly he pulled his cock out of her and shot his spunk, spraying her round bum cheeks and I watched as the creamy fluid trickled down the backs of her black stockings. They then collapsed onto the rug laughing together as if they did not have a care in the world. I moved slightly and thought that I had better make my exit soon as she leaned up and opening her mouth closed her lips around his now slightly limp cock.

As quietly as I could I walked back to the car and slipped onto the front seat. I had never been a voyeur before, but it had really turned me on and I was now very wet. Slipping my fingers into my panties I played with my soaking cunt. It felt gorgeous and I soon exploded into a shattering climax. There must be something in the water here in Surrey I thought as I started up the engine!

It didn't take me long to find the motorway and from then on the journey was easy and I was back to my flat. My cat rushed out to meet me rubbing himself round my ankles purring. He must be hungry I thought letting myself into the hallway. The telephone was flashing with calls that had been left and as I put on the kettle and opened the cats food I saw a number that I didn't recognise. It would have to wait as I needed a cup of tea. My mother phoned then and it was a while before I remembered to find who had called. When I did though, I nearly dropped the phone when I heard Simon's voice! How had he got my number?

His message wasn't long and just hearing his lovely voice reminded me of our time together and our lovemaking. He said that he wanted to explain and desperately wanted to see me. He was in town at the moment and suggested that we met at a pub in the West End at seven. I looked across at the kitchen clock, I hadn't got any plans for tonight as Jason was away and I must admit that the idea did appeal to me. What should I wear, something sexy I thought looking through my wardrobe. I guessed that Simon was married and usually I did not go for someone with a partner but on this one occasion could not resist it. I caught the tube in good time and was just a few minutes late when I saw him sitting by the window. He was so good looking and any conscience that I had rapidly disappeared. We chatted for a while and I felt as though I had known him for years. I didn't even care about his excuses and jumped at the chance when he suggested that we went back to his hotel room a short tube ride away.

He had a beautiful suite on the first floor and looking round thought that I could get used to this! Suddenly he came up behind me and pulled me round pressing his lips onto mine and we kissed deeply as he pushed me down onto the bed. My cunt tingled with excitement and my spine arched as he slowly moved his hands over my body in sensuous movements. I gasped as his fingers slid inside my thong. Within seconds we had ripped off our clothes and I lay back on the bed and let his exciting fingers explore my body. Then with half closed eyes I watched him bury his face in my hairy mound and as he licked my clit, enjoying its hardness, he brought me to an exquisite state of arousal. Working on the most sensitive areas of my body, like the true expert that he was, he gently kissed me again and the curly locks of my pubic hair entwined with his as we both shuddered through a series of violently exciting orgasms.

Smiling at him I fell on my knees as Simon came up to me from behind. Slowly moving my hips he pushed up against me pushing his now growing hard again cock into my wet fanny. He slid it in and out in slow sensuous movements and as I moved his fingertips caught my swinging tits. His prick was really hard again now and he began to roughly push it in and out. I wriggled my hips and squeezed my muscles to hold it in tighter as a shiver ran though my body from head to toe. "Faster, Faster" I yelled, as he pushed my shoulders down and reaching for my clit I squeezed it as I leaned backwards holding him tightly between my legs. Gyrating my hips I continued to play with myself eventually pushing hard down on him and he went really deep inside me. I writhed and squirmed as we climaxed together. We both screamed out as he filled my excited body with jets of hot white spunk.

I felt his hand move over my bare shoulders as he pulled me over beside him on the bed where we lay silently for a few minutes. Simon got up and filled two glasses with champagne from an ice bucket. I greedily sipped from my glass enjoying the delicious taste and looking at Simon as he lay beside me. We chatted for a while and it was good to just lay there getting to know him a bit better. Then he took me in his arms and as he climbed on top I felt his hard prick slide inside me again. I felt myself groan as he rammed it home, moving his body rythmically then pumping vigorously deep inside me. I let out a long low scream as I felt myself begin to come and that wonderful familiar feeling that tore through my body and again I felt his prick pulsing as he spurted into me.

Then turning he inched his tongue onto my clit which was hot and wet and still throbbing as I entwined my fingers into his thick black hair. As he sucked at my juices I quivered and moaned as he rotated his tongue round and round and deeper. I felt my body arch and stomach muscles tighten. Then closing my eyes I opened my legs wider to give him more access as Simon gave me slow then faster licks and sucks that drove me mad until I experienced a huge orgasm beneath him. Floating on a sea of sensations it was a while before I returned to earth.

I lifted my head and asked for his cock between my lips. Kissing the head I wrapped my lips around it sucking it hard and tasting my own juices and his spunk. Opening my mouth wider he pushed his now hard again cock as far as it would go all the way to the back of my throat. I drew my head backwards and forwards his beautiful prick sliding in and out of my lips. It wasn't long before he was jerking his hips backwards and forwards in time with my movements. Faster and faster I moved my lips and tongue flicking around the head when he grabbed me and forced it back into my mouth and almost down my throat. I swallowed his warm spunk, and after the third spurt drew back still sucking hard till I had finished every drop.

Simon handed me some more champagne and suggested that we sink into the whirlpool in the en suite. As I lifted my aching body into the water it gave gentle relief as we finished the bottle of bubbly.

Lying back in the water relaxing, Simon's mobile burst into life and he went back into the bedroom to answer it. He was talking for a few moments before coming back and handing his phone to me over the bubbles. Puzzled I took it and said "Hello ?". A voice answered back "Hello" continuing that it was Simon's wife Sarah! I nearly dropped the mobile in shock and looking over at Simon he just smiled and told me to talk to her. Sarah continued in a very friendly voice asking if I fancied going down to their Surrey home next weekend with my boyfriend Jason. She went on to say that they were having a little dinner party and that Simon had told her all about me and hoped we would go. For a moment I just froze. What on earth had I got myself into!!

Thanks for so much encouragement and drop me an email if you like part 2. Part 3 to follow!