Written by Jon

28 Sep 2004

A fantasy inspired by an advert on SH by a sub-cumslut and bf.

I have spoken to you both on the phone, and we have all discussed the details in this email and just how far things can go and if there are any safe words or

ways of knowing if things are being taken to far and you'd both like to stop or cool things down a little; then we agree on the day and the time that this

will all take place.

On the day you pull up outside my home in Ilkeston dressed in black hold up stockings and shoes and a short jacket style coat, short enough to not cover your

arse no matter how hard you try to pull it down; apart from that you will be totally naked. Just before leaving the car you remove the coat and put it over

your arm, then you get out of the car and knock on my door and wait for me to answer it, standing nervously in case others see you there but at the same time

excited and hoping that someone will walk past.

I open the door and greet you both, then take a quick photograph of you stood there at the door so we may both have a private record of the night's events. I

invite you both in and show you where you can put your jackets and we open the bottle of wine that you have brought and poor a glass each.

On the floor in the living room is a towel and a vibrator, you sit on the towel while your b/f and I sit on the sofa and I show him how to use the camera and

we discuss any limits that may have decided on since the phone conversation or if any of the nights plans have changed. As we discuss the details you turn so

your back is towards us, pressing play on the video, a porn film starts. Leaning forwards so you almost on all fours you pick up the vibrator and turn it on,

licking and sucking it to make it wet, although by this time your pussy is starting to juice up nicely on its own accord.

We watch as the hand holding the vibrator comes back between your legs and you slowly touch the tip to your clit then insert it into your pussy as you lean up

so you are squatting on it, you then start to move up and down on it as we watch.

I stand up undoing my trousers and let them fall to the floor then grab your head and stick my cock into your mouth not caring if you want it or not. You suck

it hard as I tell you that you're such a good cock-sucking slut and that even if you don't like it you will enjoy it. With one hand still thrusting the

vibrator in and out of your wet pussy you place the other on my arse and pull me towards you, pushing my cock in as far as you can, and further, making you

gag and go red in the face, you hold me there until you can take no more then move back but keeping my cock in your mouth.

Spit runs out of the corners of your mouth and down my cock. I look over towards your b/f to see if he is enjoying this; he seems to be very happy and excited

at what is happening in front of him as his face is flushed and we had already seen the flash on the camera go off a few times. I look at his crutch and the

hardness of his cock is very evident. We had previously agreed that if he wanted to join in, watch and wank, or just enjoy the view would be up to him even

though the advert had said he wanted to just watch; after all this was both your fantasies that I was helping to be lived out. I look up and he looks me in

the eye, smiles and gives me a wink to show his approval.

At this point I am in two minds over cuming now and empty my balls in your mouth or should I do something different, after all we have as long as we want and

there are plenty of more things planned for the night. I decide that I might as well cum, after all with such a good slut and the rest of the events still to

play out would not take long to get hard again and carry on. I had also noticed that your body had been shivering, and your nipples looked painfully hard and

your cleavage had become redder and redder so I assumed you were close to cuming.

I take hold of your hand moving it slightly lower, just below my buttocks, and place your fingers between my arse hole and balls and show you how to rub

gently. With a few movements of my hips and your head I tell you to open your mouth wide, as I know I'm a fraction of a second away from cuming. I leave my

cock just inside your mouth and cum, each squirt filling it up slowly as I watch and enjoy the sight. I tilt your face upwards and your b/f comes over and

takes a shot of your mouth full of spunk then slowly close it. You look slightly alarmed, but swallow as I lean forwards and kiss your lips telling you how

well you've done, as I do you reach your orgasm, a very good slut indeed!

I pull my trousers up and do up the belt and make my way back to the sofa and sit down and take a few sips of my untouched wine, conscious that I would be

driving shortly for the rest of the nights fun. You pull the vibrator from your pussy and turn it off and sit down properly, both legs curled to your right as

you lean on your left hand and smile as a few small after shocks of the orgasm ripple through you. I look at the towel and see a damp patch where your juices

have run from you.

Your b/f looks at me, then stands up and moves towards you pulling his cock from his trousers and grabs you and pushes you on to all fours and with one thrust

he is all the way in. I watch fascinated as he pounds you hard and fast, marvelling at how long he is lasting as I know if I had been sat watching a live sex

show involving my ex while not touching my cock I would have cum very quickly. Eventually he lets out a grunt and unloads deep into you, pulls out, puts

himself away and sits down. You smile contentedly as his cum runs down between your legs then sit down again and take a large mouthful of your wine.

After a short while relaxing we all stand, get our jackets and make our way out of the house towards my specially prepared car. It's a mini people carrier and

I have removed the parcel shelf and two of the back seats, leaving the third seat in, and replaced them with a couple of quilts for comfort. I get into the

drivers seat as you work out who is going in the back and who is in the front. I start the car and we're off to a very well known dogging spot near Nottingham

for some more fun.

The petrol gauge reads half full so there is more than enough petrol but I decide to have a little more fun, after all the advert did state that you were a

sub-slut and wanted to be humiliated. With this in mind I pull into the petrol station and put in a fivers worth of petrol and then get in the car. You look

at me worriedly yet your face starts to flush as you realise what I'm up to. I hand you the fiver and you get out of the car and walk towards the cash window.

You're b/f laughs and tells me what a bastard I am. I grin and agree with him. You stand at the window and a young lad in his early 20's looks out, as you're

jacket is partially buttoned up he cannot see much, but the look on his face and the fact that his face is getting redder tells us that he can see a large

amount of your cleavage and must have guessed that you don't have a bra on.

Just then a car pulls in, as it's late the chances of there being kids in it are remote but you turn your head with such a look of shock on your face that for

a moment I worry that this was one step to far. In the other car two boy racers are looking out, absolutely gob smacked at what they can see. The youth in the

window hands you your receipt then you realise that you have to walk back to the car, so three people will have seen your naked arse and spunk covered

stockings,; but worse than that the two lads in the car will now see your naked pussy as you walk back. With your legs shaking with excitement you slowly walk

back to my car while the two lads in the other car briefly glance at each other and grin stupidly as they cannot believe what they are seeing.

As we pull off I look at you and see your face is flushed with excitement and your skin covered with goose bumps, because it was cold or because of what had

just happened I wondered to myself. As we make the rest of the 20 minute journey to where we are going I tell you to play with yourself to make sure you are

ready for what might happen when we get there, as we pull up and turn the exterior lights off you bring yourself to orgasm. Well done I say, now for my fun.

We get out of the car and walk round to the boot. I open it and we both get in and pull the boot down. I turn on the interior lights and remove my trousers

and lay down on the quilt, my cock fully hard. You take of your shoes to be a little more comfortable and position yourself above my cock, taking it in your

hand you slowly lower yourself on to it. What a fantastic feeling, tight, wet, and very warm. After a few minutes your b/f comments that there are a few

shadows moving at the windows. I reach out and wind down the window slightly, not enough to invite them to touch but enough to stop them misting up. I put my

hands on to your hips and tell you to stop moving for a moment. I tell you that I want you to carry on doing what you are doing, but now I want to be in your

arse so we can really give everyone a good show.

You lean forward lifting your pussy from my cock, I hold it feeling your juices covering it and push it slightly towards my feet and you move so your arsehole

is just in the right place and press down. That's it you cock loving slut I tell you, push down hard, as I want to be all the way in. I want to fuck just as

hard and fast while in your arse as you'd normally get fucked in your pussy. You start moving up and down quicker. Just then the door where your b/f is sat

opens and he gets out and closes the door and soon afterwards the boot is lifted and as you look over your shoulder the flash of the camera goes off. Some of

the guys have moved away because your b/f got out and the camera going off but three stay watching and enjoying the view.

I look you in the eye and you nod, I call out to the three lads that they can touch your back and breasts and if they want to cum over your back they can do

so, but no touching pussy or arse and not to worry as any photos taken wont make them identifiable. The first guy moves forward and starts to touch your back

as he is wanking his very hard cock; as he does you arch your back and I can feel a trickle of juice hit my pubes and run down the crack of my arse and you

let out a low moan. The guys grunts a second later and his spunk splatters onto your back, causing you to groan again as a second wave of the orgasm hits you.

So slut, you enjoying this I ask. All you can do is mumble an uh huh. Time for me to cum I tell you, move quicker slut because I want to cum in your arse. You

move quicker and quicker while the second guy has moved in and is now grabbing one of your breasts and pinching on your nipple as I start to cum telling you

what a seriously dirty cum loving slut you are. I push deep and hard as I cum, and then relax. You flop forward and the guy behind you lets go of your breast

and shoots his cum over your arse where it slowly drips down to your hole as I start to soften. You move up and my cock comes out and you roll to the side of


All this time the camera has been going off, but with what we were doing we'd tuned out to the very bright flash but boy did we notice it as we both lay there

panting, my crotch wet with your juice and spunk and your pussy looking puffy and very wet. The third guy was starting to put his cock away, obviously

thinking that as we'd finished then he'd best be off. I told him that although I was finished he was more than willing to cum over your belly, after all he

hadn't run off and the other two had obviously enjoyed themselves so why should he be left out. He moved forward and started to wank, as he did I tell you

pull your pussy wide apart so he can see how wet you were and to play with your clit and see if you could bring yourself off before he came. His hand was a

blur and within moments his load shot out as I watched it spray on to your tits and stomach, he obviously needed that seeing as how far it had gone.

The boot was closed by your b/f and he got back into the car, obviously very satisfied at the night. I sighed contentedly, then realised how wet and sticky I

was and didn't really want to put my trousers on while I was in that state so demanded that you clean me up with your tongue, waste not want not! Once I was

clean I pulled my trousers on, then got into the divers seat. Pulling your jacket over your shoulders I watched as you put the seat belt on, the spunk clearly

visible as you looked down, but clearly to tired to even wipe it off.

We pulled off and headed back to mine, the night had been a great success. On the way we all chatted and once there went in. You're more than welcome to stay

the rest of the night and get off in the morning as its late I said, there's still wine left and it would save you driving as you both look knackered. So we

sat down and enjoyed the wine then went up stairs. I said I was going to the toilet because I need to get rid of some of the wine I'd drunk, and joked that

perhaps we could combine my using the toilet and you getting the spunk washed of your body at the same time, so all three of us went to the bath room….

Feel free to email me with your comments, or if you'd be interested in something similar... all limits respected!

Jon xx