Written by SpudMuffin

28 Jun 2004

Hi there. This is a true story about how my 1st ever swing experience with a partner. I have changed the names to protect the innocent (!). I will try to keep it short so as not to send you all to sleep!

Kate and I had ben dating since I was 17. She was 2 years younger, but even fromt hat early age had a certain amount of maturity around her. Everything was good, our sex life was great, but after 5 years had started to get a little stale. One night we were talking in bed when the conversation moved to past relationships. Oddly it was something that we hadn't really talked about in those 5 years - I knew I wasn't her 1st even though she was very young when we started dating, and I knew she'd had a few boyfriends that would crop up in conversation every now and then, but we'd never really gone into detail. Now for some reason, I was intrigued. She seemed to realise this and with each intimate detail she spilled the more aroused I got, until eventually we ended the best sex we'd had in a long time.

The following morning we layed in bed as we would do for half the day when we were both not working, she turned to me and asked what had gotten into me last night - not that she was complaining. Somewhat sheepishly I confessed to her that the thought of her being with somone else was a huge turn-on even though I couldn't explain why. She seemed a little surprised at first but it quickly became the standard topic of conversation at bed time, and always ended with us collapsing in an exhausted heap afterwards. I would always tempt the waters for what I really wanted to ask her - would you like to do this, what if someone did that to you too etc.. and so it went on. One day I was on the receiving end of a particularly dirty blowjob when I blurted out "how would you like to get fucked from behind by someone while doing this to me?". Without even pausing she replied "god yeah!", but it was as though she had been thinking out aloud, and couldn't believe the words had escaped her mouth. "Really?", I quized her, but then she backed down with a "Erm, I'm not sure". That was the opportunity I needed. Over the next week, whenever I was about to bring her to the pint of orgasm I would tease her until I got my confession out of her - she liked the idea a lot, but was worried about the effect it would have on 'us'. I reassured her we were strong enough to handle it, and a few more days later we were scouring the internet with equal enthusiasm.

We had dedided on a couple, as we figured they would be the more stable and less likely to be looking for a quick wham bam type meeting. We were very choosey, wanting someone reasonably good looking and of similar age and inexperience to us, and eventually found a couple from Birmingham. A long way away, but worth it we hoped. We emailed, chatted, exhanged saucy pics, chatted on the phone - everything was going well. We were supposed to meet the following saturday, however, last minute they called to cancel because the man had broken his leg. We stayed in touch for a little while and tried to rearrange, but they eventually seemed to dissappear, leaving us a bit dejected. Weeks and even months went past, and we had both kind of cooled on the idea. In the meantime she was being pestered by some fella that used to call into her office to go out on a date, making it obvious that it was of the wine, dine, sixty-nine variety (which she went on, but that's another story for another time). Then one day we were in a chat room when we got talking to a young women who didn't live too far away from us. She and her boyfriend were in a similar situation to us. They were similar age and shared similar interests - suddenly it was back on! We did the businessm exchanged pics, talked on the phone (i was sceptical, seemed to good to be true?), and arranged a meet. We met them in a busy bar about half way between us both, only about 25 mins drive.. and.. well, I was surprised how well we all got along. Her name was Ceri, was very petite (like Katy), blonde and slim. His name was Ian, reasonably well built - quite tall (to me anyway, I am only a short arse!), and it was fair to say that they were both good looking. It was obvious that this was going to go further so we ditched the pub and they followed us back to ours.

After what seemdd liek an age of us sitting on the sofa together, Ceri next to me, Ian and Katy on the other sofa, I got up. "Anyone want a cuppa?". It was a weak attempt at trying to get a conversation but the best I could do. I was the rabbit in the headlights and I think everyone was extremely nervous. "Anything stronger?", said Ceri. I nodded and went off to the kitchen, where I stood, trying to figure out how I could get things going. When I returned, Ceri stood up to take the glass from me. The others had declined a drink, but at least were now chatting to themselves. We 'clinked' glasses and I sat down expecting Ceri to do the same. Instead though she downed her vodka in one, turned to face me and straddled herself accross my lap. I was surprised but went with it, as we began to kiss. Her lips got lower. As she made her way down my neck she began to unbutton my shirt and I felt my eyes close so I could take in the moment. I didn't even notice she'd unzipped my fly, so was a little surprised when out came the old fella, rapidly stiffening in her hand. hen I felt her tongue, closely followed by her cool moist lips around the head of my cock and I was ready to cum already!

Suddenly I snapped out of it though! What about Katy? I opened my eyes and was quite surprised to see Ian in a similar position as Ceri, straddling my girfriend and not so much as getting a blowjob, but more like fucking her mouth. At the same time her short skirt that I had insisted on her wearing was hitched up around her waist so that he could reach behind him and touch her. Now there's one quick worker I though to myself..

To be continued...