Written by fast eddie

24 Jan 2005

Just thought I'd tell you about what happened at the weekend. I have always been obsessed by sex and don't make an effort to try and hide it but only recently found out that my girlfriend Paula is a real cock-worshipper. It was only about a month ago that she'd been fucked in front of me by some of my teammates and old boys down at the rugby club and we'd been talking about it ever since, and she has been telling me what her fantasies are, let's just say she managed to fulfil one, or shall we say three of them at the same time on Sunday.

I was doing a major job decorating our upstairs bedrooms, stripping the walls down, moving power points round and called a couple of mates as they said they'd be happy to help, Jeff and Brian, who'd both fucked Paula previously, and I knew they'd be round like a shot if I called them. True to form, they fast appeared, with old Reg in tow, the dirty fucker, who had even cocked her up the arse that fateful night. We all got down to a bit of work and managed to get quite a bit of it done, until Paula brought the teas in for us. But it wasn't the teas we were looking at as she walked in in a short black skirt, her red fishnet stockings I'd bought for her and a clingy tight white top. I wasn't sure if she was going to do anything today but immediately Jeff dropped his stripper and got down off his stepladder, and grabbed Paula by the arse, giving it a good rub, "need a bit more meat do we girl? What do we think boys..."

I immediately took my cock out as Paula was taken over to the stepladder and bent over it, and had her fishnets pulled down. In no time at all Jeff's big nine inch cock was being fed up her cunt, and pushed in and out, with his big balls swinging back and forth. The stepladder was creaking as Paula was getting fucked against it increasingly harder and all you could hear was that and her increasingly load moaning, he really did have a big thick cock and was giving her all of it.

By now we were all stood around with our grubby work clothes on but with our cocks out and took it in turns to shove our pricks into her warm, sucking mouth, she loves tongueing a nice big willy, as she tongued old Reg's pork sword he started asking her if she loved two cocks in her at the same time, why not try three, Paula by now could only grunt her approval. Reg then ordered Jeff to get her off the stepladder and to reposition on the floor.

So there she was, straddled across Jeff who was on the floor with his knob buried up her snatch.

I went downstairs to fetch the vaseline and gave it to Reg who by now had a good thick 8-inch cock on and was smearing it with lube and also applying it to her arsehole. Paula was breathing deeply and as he put his big purple helmet against her ring, he told her to brace herself for a dirty old cock, and with that, they both pushed against each other, with a big sigh from her he managed to somehow wedge himself up her entrails. By now she had nine inches up her cunt and as Reg applied pressure to get in even more she had eight inches up her arsehole, Jeff held her in his big strong arms steadying her as she started to buck uncontrollably, her juicy tits were pressed against his muscular frame as Reg started to slowly thrust in, out, in, out of her from behind, with his big ballbag resting on her sweaty gap just above where Jeff's knob was starting to fuck her pink cunt, Paula could only pant as she concentrated on relaxing and finding room for all this cock, as she opened her mouth to gasp for breath she beckoned Brian over who waggled his cock in her face and she gobbled it up. I couldn't believe I was watching my girlfriend enveloped by three of my mates, she was their slut and I was helpless to do anything about it. I could see Reg & Jeff's huge pricks finding a rhythm to fuck her, as one plunged in to her cunt, the other was out, and vice versa, it was an unbelievable sight, as Brian held her head in place that was eagerly deep-throating him, all the way up to his balls.

Reg then upped the ante by shifting his legs up and really towering over her, putting his weight into every thrust into her needy arse, while Jeff thrusted up into her cunt relentlessly, they were like a couple of animals fucking her.

I could see Jeff's balls starting to rise as he took hold of her firmly and drove his cock into her fleshy cunt, Paula took a breather from Brian and screamed at him to come up her, he carried on and with his comrade still all the way up her arse, he came with a roar and she cried out, feeling his hot seed hitting her back wall, it was too much! With this Jeff stayed up her cunt and let Reg take over fucking duties, he grabbed her shoulders and really started to give her one, she had lost all sense of where she was by now because her eyes were glazed over in an ecstatic haze, as he thundered up her arse she was begging Brian to wank all over her face and really cover her in spunk, he didn't waste much time and as she rubbed his balls for him, he slid his loose foreskin up and down over his head and wanked, sending a big thick jet of hot spunk all over her forehead, running down into her eyes, and carried on cumming all over her face, on her mouth and chin, she yelped as she felt the sticky warmth, and with this it set Reg off even more, he was grunting at her about what a slag she was and that she deserved a good fucking, well I wasn't going to disagree.

By now Jeff's twitching cock had fallen out of her cunt and Reg told me to come and take his place, she still needed more as she hadn't had her fill yet, I gladly slid underneath her and she sat back down on my throbbing hot cock, as I probed my way up there I slid about feeling the warm pearly spunk left there by another man, and I could feel Reg pumping in and out of her bum, it was unbelievable, I could feel every time Paula's cunt or arse spasmed, as I worked up a good shagging rhythm Reg started to pummel her arse and took her blonde hair in his hands and reached around to kiss her deeply, she looked him in the eye and begged him to come hard up her, he answered her with long, hard thrusts and with the hardest yet he let out a massive grunt and she cried out as the first massive stream of spunk hit her guts, he cursed her as he carried on shooting his seedy muck inside that clinging little shithole, she then kissed me hard, hanging on to me as he finished up and took his cock out, slapping it on her white arsecheeks and dribbling all his spunk out on them, as I watched him do this I knobbed her cunt, with hers and Jeff's juices making it a lovely wet sloppy hole, I had an idea, took my tool out and reached for one of the cups of tea, and came in to it, well I managed to get some in there anyway as it shot about everywhere, looking proud of my work I handed her the cup of creamy tea, she gulped it down...mmmm..."that tastes good, I need this more" she said...Reg said "do you mean the spunky tea or getting fucked hard up your arse by a dirty old workman"...she looked around and as a big dollop of spunk ran down from her arse into her crack, winked and said "both"...the naughty slut...I'm wondering what more I can do for her as her appetite for cock seems to be getting out of control, does anyone else have any ideas....she wants to hear about them.

PS...Unfortunately the tea had got a little cold by then...damn it!