Written by Mick

21 Nov 2005

We had been trying to pluck up the courage for ages to try out letting someone join us but didn't know how to get started. We didn't fancying dogging and didn't know what would hapeen if we broached the subject with any of our friends.

Anyway last Thursday we went out for a meal and drink to a small country pub. It was very quiet with no body else in the small restaurant am only a few guys in the pub when we got there. Julia ws wearing a dark blue wrap around skirt with a lack lace shirt. Underneath she had a a red and black tie thong which ties up at the sides hold up stockin with a black lace bra. She did look stunning. We had taken a cab and had a nice steak and a few glasses of wine and were chatting away. We didn't notice the time until we went to pay the bill and asked the landlord to call us a cab to get home. He rang the only local firm and was told it would be over an hour before a cab could get to us. he told me that another customer was already waiting for the only local cab. He offered us another drink and we sat at the bar down to wait. By now it was closing time and we were sitting in the bar with just the landlord and one other guy. We were chatting and i couldn't help notice that Julia's skirt had hd opened and she was showing a lot of leg and neither of the other guys could keep their eyes off her. She kept crossing and uncrossing her legs each time the amount of

thigh on display increased until her stocking tops were clearly on display.

She slipped off the bar stool and went off to the loo. While she was gone the other punter, Joe mentioned he legs and told me that she looked really fit. The landlord Jim told Joe to be quiet but I said I didn't mind then looking.

Julia came back into the bar and sat between Joe and I he was flirting with her and to be honset she was lapping it up. The cab arrived and Joe said why don't we share it. Julia said yes straightaway and we left the bar. I held open the bar door and Julia and Joe walked out after each other. Joe nipped over to the cab and held the door open for julia to get in she slipped oacroos the seat but before I could get in the back with her he jumped in beside her and shut the door.

I didn't want o make a scene so walked round to the front and got in beside the driver.

We set off and the driver started talking to me but I could here giggling from the back seat. The cab driver who could see what wasg oing on said I see they are enjoying themselves. I turned around as was shocked to see Julia was kissing Joe while he had his hand inside her shirt and was playing with her right boob. I didn't know what to say so just turned back and watched the road. The cab driver was giving me a commentary of what was going on in the back. "Her shirt is right open" "he is sucking her breasts now" "Now he is fingering her". I could hear the moans from the back and knew Julia was about to cum.

I turned round as she let out a massive moan and could see her thong was undone and lying under her on the seat. Joe had 2 fingers inside her as she suddenly shuddered and let out a welp as she came.

Jow was helping her hand on to the massive bulge in his jeans and she undid his zip and reached inside for his cock. The cab driver pulled into a dark lane and stpped in a layby and said I going to see if I can join in. "Come on she must be a really horny slut with a bit of luck she will let us all have a go".

He got out of the driver door and ran round to the back door behind me and opened it. His hands were on Julia's boobs and he was undoing his zip and getitng out his cock.

Julia wa spushed down across the back seat as Joe opened her thighs and pulled off his jeans. She reached for his cock and guided it into her. Joe looked at me a said " your wife is a fucking slag and i am goingg to fuck her