Written by silkyp2

31 Oct 2005

me being a male crossdresser had a dream come true while at work one day.I was working around a window on the outside of a house and when i looked in the window i saw a man lying in bed dressed in a silky black corset,black seam nylons and a tight pair of black silk panties,he was watching a gay movie were one guy was being face fucked by one guy and ass fucked by another,seeeing this made me very hard and horny,then my work partner yelled for me and startled me and i bumped against the window.the man inside turned and saw me looking in the window.i turned and asked my work partner want he wanted.i had to go help him for a minute,as we where working the mad inside came out with drinks for us and asked if i could come inside and look at a sink that was leaking.i followed the man in to his house and into a bathroom he ask me to look under the sink to see if i could fix the leak,after looking under the sink and tighting up the drain pipe i pulled my self out and stud up to walk out only to find this maid standing in his liveing room wearing a long see thu gown and the same lingerie he was wearing befor but now he was also wearing a pair of 6inch spiked red heels,he then asked me if i liked what i saw in the window.i answered with out hesation yes i did he turn me on a great deal cause i dress the same way when ever i could.he that asked me what time i get done work and if i would like to stop in after.i agreed and went back to work.afther work and everone else left i knocked on the door and he answered wearing the same sexy outfit he was befor.he told me to come in and asked if i wanted to shower i said sure after my shower i heard john say there is some clean cloth on the bed for you.after drying off i walked to the bedroom to fine a silk black corset black seam nylons and black silk lacy undys.while getting dressed i heard a knock on the door and i heard john talking to it sounded like at least four men.then jihn walked in and said,oh good it all fits you perfect now for your skirt and shoes.he handed me a short jean skirt and a pair of 6inch blue spiked heels.then i heard another voice and i looked at john and he said,dont worry about it it was a few friends i invited over.i started to get scared but then relized it must be cool cause john was still walking around with his sheer red nighty on which showed his lingerie. after getting dressed i walked out to the other room to find 7 other men.john handed me a drink and interduced me to the other men and told me to have a seat.the only place to sit was between two other men so i sat down and we all begain to talk.after talking for about ten minutes i noticed john was being rubbed by the two guy that he was sitting between,then he stood up and said ok time for some fun now,then he knelt down in the middle of the room as the men stood up and droped there pants and started to gather around john. then i herd john say wait a minute i cant do you all but my new friend might help me right,as she looked at me.then i to dropped to the floor and befor i knew it there where 4 massive cocks alaround me.so as i felt all these hands rubbing my silky covered body i started sucking first 1 then the other.as one grabbed my head and started to fuck my throut i felt two hands grab my hips and jerk my ass up in the air then i felt warm jel being apled to my ass.after be lubed up i felt a cock head slowly being inserted into my ass slowly it started pumping my ass then as one of the men i was sucking on exsploded in my mouth and all over my face the fucking my ass started pumping faster and harded till i could fell him fill my ass with his cream.i was ass fucked and face fucked and covered with hot cum for at least two hours.some had cum in my ass and face befor getting dressed and leaveing the house. when i had noticed all the guys where gone and me and john where the only two left lying there covered in cum and also fillrd with cum,john called me over to his side,as i laid to his side resting my head on his shoulder,slowly rubbing all the cum all over his silky lingerie,he asked me lick some of it off him,as i did this and he watched and jerked his cock faster and faster then he yelled get it im cumming so i slide my mouth over his massive hard cock and susked it all in he exsplode down my thout.i took it all then got up cleaned up and left,we do get together at least once a month,sometimes with other,like one time he had 24 guys over but thats a hole nother storie,watch for it if you liked this one you will love that one