Written by anonymous

25 Jan 2008

I visited several dogging sites around Rochester in Kent the other evening and found nothing at all. I was just about to give up when a car pulled in to the car park and parked/reversed opposite me.

It was around 6:15pm and the car park still had some commuters cars in it. The couple in the car didnt get out and i could quite clearly see them recline thier seats,this looked promising but i couldnt really see now.

I started the car up and drove out of the car park,waited for a couple of minutes then drove back in and parked up alongside them.

I exited my car and made out i was talking on my mobile phone so i didnt look too weird just wandering about.

I strayed fairly close to the passenger door of the car and suddenly the window buzzed down. I carried on making conversation to an off mobile but wandered nearer.

In the car was a guy laying back,shirt undone,trousers undone and a girl was laying over his lap,blouse undone and skirt pulled up bobbing her head slowly up and down on his cock.(Which i couldnt see yet).

He looked straight at me and beckoned me over.

She reached behind her and flicked open the door on his instruction,i squated in the doorway and was greeted by a lovely shaven pussy as she arched.She didnt stop sucking him and if anything was getting more and more frantic with his cock.

I probed her pussy and my finger went straight in to a very wet pussy. I left my finger deep in her pussy and played with her clit with my thumb.

After about a minute of this she started bucking and came with my finger still inside her.

Although i couldnt see i could hear that he was cumming too and she obviously didnt mind swallowing.

My cock was rock hard by now but much to my dismay they both sat up and said they were off! He said they will be back and to keep a look out for them,she didnt make eye contact with me once.

I said my goodbyes and added thank you to the lady without response.

After that it was off home to wank myself stupid.

An interesting true encounter that i dont regret but just wish it had gone further. I will keep a look out for them again though.