12 Sep 2016

It was a very hot day. (101 degrees) So I decided to drive over to the mall and do a few walks and take advantage of there air conditioning . It surprised me how crowded the mall was. I started my walk and not five minutes into it I literally ran into someone. Not someone I knew, but someone I was glad to run into. I ran into a hunk, an honest to goodness good looking and built hunk!! I apologized to him for me not paying attention and he immediately smiled and asked me if I would like to get a cup of coffee. I told him I would love to, but wanted to finish my walk first. I didn't want to look desperate. He said great that he would walk with me if I didn't mind. We walked and talked. He wasn't from around here and wanted to get information about the area from me. We finished walking and got our coffee and started our conversation. The whole time we were talking he kept looking me up and down. I was getting a little nervous. The lunch crowd started coming in and the place got very crowded and noisy. He then asked if I might know another place we could go and have our coffee so we could hear each other talk without all the noise. I told him about a little diner close by and told him I would meet him there. We agreed and left. We met at the diner and continued our talk. We talked for a long time and before I knew it, it was dark outside. He asked me if I could show him around the area, me driving of course. He seemed like a ok guy so I said ok and we got into my car. I drove him slowly around the area and I don't know what cologne he was wearing, but it was driving me crazy. It really turned me on. I turned to say something to him and his face was right there and our lips touched. Wow, my pussy started to pulsate when we touched I guess his cock did the same because he moaned and we started kissing and touching and the next thing I knew is we were parked in a dark spot on a dead end street. I was nicely surprised to see a 9" cock in my hands and body very hard body. I was already on the brink of cumming when he laid me down and started sucking my pussy. "OMG" I can't remember when I was that wet or when my pussy was vibrating so much. He mounted me and while he entered my very wet pussy he moaned loudly. I came immediately over and over again. I thought I was going to pass out when he pulled out and stuck his cock in my mouth dripping with my sweet pussy juices. Yummy, I sucked every last drop of cum from him and swallowed it too. We were very tired and relaxed after this event. He apologized for being so forward, but said I turned him on. I told him the feeling was mutual. He thanked me for all my help and said he hoped we might meet again on another day. I went back to the mall several times after that, but never saw him again....that was quite a few years ago, but you never know what could happen at the mall or who you might run into.