Written by Brian the Grandfather

8 Sep 2005

At seventy-seven years old the chances of getting lucky are normally very remote so you might just be interested in something that happened to me yesterday.

My wife having recently undergone a serious 'women's' operation is unfortunately having to travel to Cornwall every week where her mother is gradually dying from cancer. Because of this operation I have to drive her down there. I usually just drop her off at the Care Home in St.Austell then go off and park somewhere pleasant, read the papers and go for a walk whatever. Yesterday was a glorious late summer day so I drove down to Charlestown, a delightful little harbour a mile or so from St.Austell town centre. I parked up and read the paper for a while, ate my sandwiches etc. for lunch then decided on a walk. I strolled down the harbourside then went across the lock gates and went up the footpath above the cliffs as far as the Carlyon Bay Hotel. This path is pretty steep at times but even so a nice walk when you're not in a hurry. I took my time and, wandering back, found that I needed a pee. I found one of the many narrow paths through the heavy undergrowth, got it out and enjoyed great relief. As I came back onto the path, tucking everything away I was confronted by a rather attractive looking woman. I put her age at around fifty, she smiled and said, "Pity I missed that, I haven't seen one of those for a long time!" I laughed and said, "Sorry about that.", and she went on, "Come to think of it I could do with spending a penny myself!" I bowed her into the path, "Be my guest." I said.

She walked past me and said, "I don't mind and audience!" I didn't need a second invitation and as she reached the tiny clearing watched her put her hands up the skirt of her summer dress and hook down her knickers. She took them off completely and handed them to me, gathered her skirt up round her waist thus exposing her fanny. It was a plump mound between her thighs with a a good patch of thick, curly, brown hair just above the meeting of the lips of her fanny. She crouched down in front of me, spread the lips with her fingers and started peeing noisily. I developed a good erection, "I haven't seen one of those for a long time either," I told her, "very erotic!", and I pulled my cock out. "Lovely," she breathed, "what a nice cock!" As she finished she took her pants from me and dried herself, "Fancy a fuck?" she asked.

Talk abot a shock! But I didn't look a gift horse in the mouth and replied, "Sure!" "Come on then," she said, tucking the knickers into a pocket in her dress. I followed her back up the path, "Do you live here?" I asked. "Oh yes," she replied, "but in a village, very difficult if you want to play away." "I know," I replied, "used to live in a village here myself, live in Torquay now. You sound as if you're married?" "Oh yes, I am, but my husband's useless for sex, wasn't much good when he was young, but he hasn't fucked me in years. I played away quite a lot before we moved to where we are now but, as I said, it really is very difficult. Here we are, I've used this place a few times." It was a barely discernable path into the bushes but we pressed through and came out in a clearing which was covered with lovely soft, green, grass. She told me that her name was Mary and how she'd always loved sex as she took her dress off, she had nothing beneath and showed a nice mature figure. Nice breasts, bit of a tum and nice legs. I followed suit stripping off my sandals, shirt, shorts and briefs. "I do like your cock," Mary said. I have just seven rather fat inches. She came up to me and taking hold of my cock kissed me on the lips, it was nice, exciting, and I returned the favour.

Soon we were down on the grass kissing and caressing. "I like two or more fingers on my cunt," Mary told me as I started caressing it. All her lips, outer and inner, were already swollen and her clit hard, she was also lubricating profusely. She wanked my cock until she told me that she wanted to be fucked. I moved over her as she spread her legs showing the wide open mouth of her cunt, seeing it I knelt and kissed it. I followed that up with my tongue and she was soon writhing on the grass moaning, "Oh yes, yes!"

After a few moments she gasped, "Oh please, fuck me now!" This time I did move over and between her legs pushing at her open cunt with my knob, she put her hand down and entered it, She was so hot, tight, and slippery that I felt I was going to come immediately but somehow I held it off and managed to keep fucking her with good, hard thrusting. She certainly enjoyed it and, had there been anyone in earshot, they would have had no doubt about what she was experiencing. I'm an old hand at making it last and I managed to fuck her for a good twenty minutes before shooting my load deep inside her. She grabbed me kissing me fiercely, "Oh you gorgeous fucker! I love a man who shoots his spunk!" I lay, panting, on top of her, it takes a bit longer to recover at my age! Nevertheless she seemed to like the fact that I hadn't taken it out and I began to feel her rhythmically squeezing my cock. To my surprise and her amazement I became hard again and started fucking her for a second time. The spunk and fanny juice squirted out of her, all over our thighs and bellies, it was truly disgusting but Oh! how erotic! It took me a very long time to come the second time and it made her come, which she hadn't done the first time. After the first orgasm she said, "God! I've never had a climax while I was being fucked!" But she went on coming, time after time until I at last shot my load a second time up her lovely cunt. Paradise, I thought.

We lay together for some time recovering, Mary said, "Thank you Brian, even in my pomp I've never had a fuck like that!" She smiled and kissed me. Eventually we parted and she mopped us both dry with her knickers and some tissues she found in her bag. As we got up I said, "I'm sorry about this Mary, but at seventy seven and with a heart complaint I would rather like you to walk down to Charlestown with me." "Seventy seven?" she asked incredulously, "and with heart trouble? You must be mad, you marvellous man! Of course I'll walk you down." I was no fool either, I told her that I was down about once a week and could I ring her, she laughed and said, "Of course, but I'll probably be the death of you!" So, if you read in the papers about a man found dead on the cliff path above Charlestown, that'll probably be me, but what a way to go!