Written by james im 35

7 Jan 2004

Ive been havibg a bit of back pain lately and i saw an adver in the localpaer for a guy who dealt with all sorts of muscular problems.

I went along and he was very efficicient taking a full history of all my problems.

I got undressed and on the couch and was covered witha towel.

I began to relax and he explained that i needed to have my buttocks massaged to relieve the pain in the nerves that went down my leg.

He slipped my pants off and began to massage my ass firmly.before i knew it i could feel my cock hardening and i clenched my buttocks. he asked if i was ok and i mumbled yes.

He carried on with the massage and it felt great. then i turned over to have my thighs and legs done still covered in the vital parts.

The next thing i knew as he massaged my thighs i was hard as a rock my hand slid over to the side of the couch and i grabbed his cock. (I'm straight and married)but couldn't help myself.

To cut a long story short i ended up sucking him off and he wanked my cock covered in oil

Nothing was said, i got dressed after and he said i needed another visit to keep my back pain free.

My wife asked if it had helped when i got home and i said it was great..im not sure why i sucked himbut i think i need to go again to find out whether im straight or bi