Written by Micky T

9 Jul 2003

She was preparing us some drinks in the kitchen, my gorgeous wife Vicky.

I moved up behind her and slid my arms around her, pulling her in tight to me.

“How you doing Darling” I asked.

“ I had better make this my last drink” Vicky replied “feeling a little tipsy”.

“ Don’t worry about that, we don’t get to have a good drink too often, anyway we’re entertaining” I told her “we can’t ask Greg to leave just yet, he’s only been here half an hour.”

“Why not, we could have an early night if he went.” She suggested, winking.

“ Oh dear, are we feeling a little horny?” I whispered in her ear.

“Wouldn’t you like to know” Slipping her hands behind her and gently rubbed my Crotch, that was now pressing her against the Kitchen Counter. She leaned her head back against me as I kissed her neck and moved my hands up over her Blouse to cup those wonderful breasts and give them a little teasing squeeze. Vicky moved her hands up over mine, encouraging me to caress her more, then took them away as she turned to me.

“Patience sexy, gotta wait till I get you in that bedroom, I may just have a treat for you tonight if you behave.”

Kissing me full on the mouth then whispering to me “ Wait till you feel how hot I really am.”

With a wicked smile she turned, grabbed a couple of drinks and suggested that I bring my own.

We walked back through to the lounge with our drinks. I was hoping that the bulge in my trousers wasn’t showing, still a little aroused from Vicky’s little grope, not that our visitor would be looking at my crotch. A friend of mine was paying us a visit after I bumped into him at lunchtime, in the Pub where I was watching the Football. He had never met my wife before so I suggested he pop around sometime, and it turned out that there really was no time like the present. Vicky doesn’t really get to meet too many of my friends. Greg was sitting on the Sofa watching the TV when we entered.

Vicky handed him his drink. “There you go Greg, you aren’t driving tonight are you?” making sure he wouldn’t be over the limit if he was.

Greg took a sip, “No, I only live down the road.”

Vicky took a seat on the Sofa near him and I relaxed on my usual Armchair.

“Oh right, so did your wife not fancy coming round for a drink?” Vicky asked

“Girly night in, her and a couple of friends, they’ve hired themselves a film to watch with a couple of bottles of the old Vino” Greg replied “I thought it would be better if I made myself a bit scarce.”

“Good idea that, why don’t we do the same Mike? Fancy watching a film?” She asked me and then answered for me too. “Might as well, we already have the booze.”

“Don’t know if there’s one on Honey.” Realising that if we watch a movie that’ll mean Greg staying a couple more hours and an end to our early night.

“Just put Channel 5 on there’s always a film show on Friday night.” Vicky instructed. I pressed the button on the remote just in time to see the starting credits. “Good timing, looks like ones just started.”

Bugger, I thought. Tucking into my drink.

“Wow, did you put enough alcohol in this?” I asked, taken aback by the strength of my drink.

Vicky looked at me, “I’ll make your next one nice and weak if you can’t handle it, Greg didn’t complain.”

“That’s because he’s too polite.” I informed her. “Is yours too strong Greg?”

“A little bit, but I don’t mind. Would rather have some alcohol inside me going back to a house of giggling women.”

“Lucky bastard.” I smiled at him raising my glass

Then came the dirty look off my wife “You couldn’t manage three women.”

“Maybe, but I’d have a bloody good try” was my reply.

That’s when a cushion hurtled through the air, skimming off the side of my head as I ducked just in time. “Oi Woman, mind my drink”

“Shut up and watch the film.” Vicky commanded.

“Excuse my wife Greg, she can be quite bossy at times”

“Oh believe me, I’m quite used to that.” Referring to his wife.

We then settled to watch the film. Ten minutes in and with the appearance of Sharon Steed I started to wonder if this was such a good idea after all. Now I know from past experience what sort of movies Sharon Steed stars in. I usually enjoy them, especially when I was younger. But does my wife realise that we have sat down to a soft porn flick?

I’m sure Greg knows. I’ve seen his video collection that he and his quite ‘liberated’ wife have acquired. He always tells me how they watch them together and sometime make their own. Far from being a prude, my Vicky is very open minded and sexually quite adventurous, but she has never been that kind of girl. I switched channels to see if there was a more appropriate film on. “Oi, we’re watching that, put it back on.” She demanded. I just hope my lovely wife doesn’t get too uncomfortable. It might be one of them really tame ones. Let’s hope so.

It took a good twenty minutes before things started to heat up in the film. I think Vicky figured out what was coming, but too late now. She sunk the rest of her drink and asked if anyone else was ready for a refill. Both Greg and myself emptied our glasses and passed them to her. Vicky left the room just as Sharon Steed was about to take off her top, with some very sexy brunette kissing her breasts and sliding her hand up between her stocking thighs. Greg and I looked at each other and blew out our cheeks in a sign of approval at what was happening on screen.

“That’s probably what your missus is up to right now Greg.” I taunted him

“More than likely, but three of them.” He replied “Even Better.”

“There’s no need for that you two.” Vicky scolded from the Kitchen.

“Does your wife know that’s how you talk about her?” she asked Greg as she walked in with the drinks. We took our drinks from her before she took her seat again. “Like I said, Mike is probably right.” Greg informed her.

Vicky gave me a quizzical look. “She swings both ways Honey,” I told her, waving my hand from side to side. “Just like that on the Telly.” Pointing to the two women who were by now fully naked and entwined, writhing against each other. Vicky watched for a moment, disbelieving what we were telling her, shaking her head slowly.

“ Come on Vicky, you’ve tried it.” As I said this I don’t think she could believe that I was saying this in front a guest and went bright red before taking a large gulp of her drink. “MIKE!!”

“It’s alright Vicky, I don’t think that I’ve ever met a girl who hasn’t experimented” said Greg.

“That’s different, you’re a friend, there was no need for him to tell you that” she exclaimed, before turning back to the film with the two actresses pleasuring each other with hands and mouths.

“And I was a lot younger anyway.”

She had been a lot younger, before she met me. 18 years old, out clubbing, caught her boyfriend kissing another girl. Got drunk, best friend took her home, shoulder to cry on. One thing leads to another as the old saying goes. Blames the drink, but admits that she did enjoy it after she got over the embarrassment of it all. Sad thing is neither girl has spoken to each since the event, couldn’t face the fact as to what had happened.

I thought that was the end of the conversation after that little outburst, but to my surprise it was my wife that started it off again. She looked at Greg “So you’re trying to tell me that your wife is probably at home right now having sex with these two other women?”

“Yep” we both answered at the same time.

“Well I’m not saying that she is doing that” Greg added, “I’m just saying that she might be and it wont be the first time.”

“What do you mean not the first time?” Vicky seemed lost “don’t you mind?”

“It’s just a bit of fun, it’s not often she gets to do it by herself.” Said Greg

“You mean you are usually there?” Vicky seemed to be getting very involved in this conversation.

“He means he is usually very well in there.” I told her “with other women and couples.” This is when my wife seemed totally surprised and her attention turned to me. “How do you know about all this? Have you been involved in any of it?”

I reassured her “No honey, Greg just tells me what they get up to.”

“You’ve never told me any of this before.”

“I didn’t think you’d approve of me associating with someone who does that sort of thing,” I told her “You don’t approve, do you?”

Vicky shook her head “I don’t know, I suppose if you’re happy doing It. Anyway it’s up to them what they do” she turned to Greg once more. Greg just nodded and smiled at her confirming that he more than happy. Vicky turned her gaze back to the movie and just stared.

Sharon was still at it. None of us noticed where he appeared from, with our little discussion taking our attention away from the movie, but she was now riding some very muscular young man on a huge bed with dark Silk sheets crumpled all round them. He was reaching up and rolling her ample breasts with his hands as she pounded herself down onto him, throwing her head back and moaning with pleasure. The brunette not being left out, was pleasuring herself and kissing the new addition to this little party.

Vicky stood up “I don’t know about you, but I think I need another drink.”

“Watch you don’t end up flat on your back with all that booze” I said

She looked back as she walked out “and I suppose that would suit you two down to the ground, wouldn’t it…. pervs.”

I just looked at Greg. Not sure what to say. He shrugged his shoulders.

I grabbed our now empty glasses and followed Vicky back to the Kitchen.

I wondered if we had upset her. “Sorry Honey” I apologised.

“What for?” she asked as I handed the glasses to her. She filled them with yet another ample serving of Bacardi and a spot of coke. I passed the ice from the freezer. “All that in there, I got a bit carried away.” I said, “I didn’t mean to embarrass you”

She dropped two cubes in each drink, left the drinks on the counter and turned to face me. Suddenly Vicky just grabbed my head, pulled my face to hers and forced her tongue inside my mouth, kissing me with such passion it took me a second to respond. When she pulled away she had a look in her eyes that I had not seen for some time, Hot, Fiery. Vicky kept staring into my eyes as she reached for my hand, pulling her skirt up she held my hand onto her panty covered mound. Her knickers were quite moist “I want you tonight.”

I let her know the feeling was mutual by rubbing my hand against the wet patch between her legs, and kissing her again.

“Ahem” came the sound from the doorway

“I’ll be off then,” Said Greg “You seem to have your hands full.” nodding at me. It was then that I realised that I still had Vicky’s skirt hitched up and a hand full of crotch. I immediately pulled away.

“No, erm, Sorry” It was my turn to go a little red. “We have these drinks to finish yet, lets just go watch the rest of the film.”

“Okay but as soon as I’m in your way just say so, I don’t want to impose myself on you” Greg told us.

“Don’t worry mate. We’ll just have one last drink,” I said.

Handing him his drink. Greg returned to the lounge, Vicky and I sniggered to each other, laughing off the embarrassment, a quick kiss then we to retrieved our drinks and made our way through. Boy did we get caught.

The conversation turned to small talk for a little while, settling both Vicky and I back down after being caught with my hand up her skirt. I don’t know about her but I found it quite a turn on when I thought about Greg seeing my wife in such a provocative position. This is when my mind got a little carried away, looking over at the sofa where Vicky and Greg were sitting. Both watching a film that I don’t think any of us had a clue what the storyline was about by this time, which only made the sex scenes stand out more, and there were plenty of them. Nothing compared to the videos I have watched that Greg secretly lent me of him screwing his wife, and I would be more than happy to do a bit of the same to that woman of his, given half the chance, Chloe was one sexy woman indeed. With that in mind I wandered if I could handle watching him do the same to mine. With so much drink inside me it wouldn’t be beyond possibility. Would it be so bad if Vicky and I joined the swinging scene, if only she was a little more open minded.

When my attention returned to the movie Sharon was Dancing in a club with two burley guys, getting very close, one behind grinding and gyrating his hips into her, the other moving in time with them from the front. “Only a matter of time before she’ll be getting yet another good seeing to” I thought to myself. It wasn’t long before the scene cut to her leading both guys into her flat, ripping each others clothes off before the door closes behind them.

“I suppose you’ve done all this too Greg” Vicky took us all by surprise with that statement. We both just looked at her.

“Sometimes” Greg eventually confessed.

“With your wife or someone else?” was her next question

“Vicky!” I couldn’t believe she was asking these kinds of questions. “You can’t ask him that. What’s with the inquisition?”

“That’s okay, I don’t mind” said Greg “Once with Chloe and a man friend of hers from work. Although we did do it once with a bloke she chatted up in a Pub.”

“A complete stranger?” she wasn’t going to let this go.

Sharon was now completely naked and spread-eagled on the bed, with two pairs of hands running up and down her body.

“It was something we had talked about before, and as she seemed to really want this guy, I agreed, but only If I was there.” Greg was being very forward “She has slept with other men without me, but always with my permission and anyway I really wanted to see her with a stranger.”

This astounded me too by now. “Is there anything you guys haven’t done?”

“Not much I suppose. At the end of the day it’s only sex and as long as we enjoy ourselves there’s no harm done”

Vicky just stared at him.

“It’s not that bad Vicky.” He told my wife “There’s quite a few people around here that are into it, you’d be very surprised”

The two guys were now either end of Sharon, one thrusting himself into her from behind while she took the other into her mouth. Being on the soft side though the details of these proceedings all left to our imagination. Not leaving too much though as they say.

“Do we really lead such sheltered lives Mike?” I was asked.

“Looks like it Honey, seems we’re the odd ones out.”

Then Greg butted in “You two can’t tell me you two haven’t fantasised about doing that.” He pointed to the TV.

“I suppose” Vicky replied “but that’s just it, a fantasy. It’s not real.”

“But fantasies are like dreams. In a way we just make our dreams come true. Isn’t that what everyone wants, for their dreams to come true?”

“You’ve got a point there.” I said.

Still watching the screen Vicky exclaimed, “You might as well have put a porn video on, that’s all this film is.”

“You seem to be watching it okay,” I told her. “Look at you watching people having sex, that’s all Greg does. We’ve watched porn together before.”

“Yeah but in private, we’re talking about his wife not some film.”

“But that’s what I’m telling you.” Greg pointed out “It isn’t any different than watching it on a video?” “People can’t help but get aroused by this.”

“Yeah but only if you’re in the right mood in the first place, so of course it’s going to turn you on even more.” Vicky answered.

“So what’s this doing for you?” asked Greg “you don’t have to tell me just how were you feeling in the Kitchen earlier. Was that because of the film or were you thinking about what my wife does”

Vicky blushed. She couldn’t reply to that one.

I had had enough of this by now. I stood up and crossed to Vicky.

“Come here” I took her hand and stood her up.

“What?” she looked at me before I turned her to face the TV.

“Just watch for a moment” I stood behind her “and answer me honestly”

I paused while we watched the two men share this beautiful actress, kissing and caressing her naked body.

“Pretend that Greg’s not here, you and I are all alone.”

Sharon started to knead her own breasts as her lovers moved further down her torso.

“Could you let two men do that to you?”

“No” the answer came too fast.

“Liar” I pulled her close to me and whispered in her ear, “Look at how much she is enjoying that, wouldn’t you like all that attention, all that pleasure?”

She watched Sharon stretch her arms high above her head, closing her eyes in ecstasy.

“Maybe” Vicky whispered softly.

Greg was watching as I gently squeezed my wife’s arse, moving my hands round to her tummy and inside her blouse.

Sharon now reached down to take each man in hand.

“Wouldn’t you like to touch their cocks too, feeling two hot naked bodies pushing up against you?” I kissed her neck

“Mmmm” she sighed rolling her head back onto my shoulder.

I reached for Vicky’s full breasts; she didn’t stop me. I could feel her nipples stiffen at my touch under the lace of her bra. She juddered as I nibbled her neck and ear. Her skin was covered in Goosebumps caused by what I was doing to her. Looking at Greg sat nearby. He smiled and nodded.

I didn’t know why I was doing this, my mind and pulse were racing.

Greg rose from the sofa and I manoeuvred Vicky round so she was facing him. As she watched him approach us I could feel her shaking slightly. He just stood in front of her, looking in her eyes. She was frozen to the spot in anticipation. Time seemed to slow down. Was she going to turn and run? It was all up to Vicky now. She knew what was about to happen, but only if she let it. I just held her close, my hands still holding her bosom, waiting for her to pull away. Greg must have seen some sort of approval in her eyes because he stepped forward and touched the side of her face with his fingertips. That’s when I knew Vicky wanted this. She leaned her head into his hand and her breath escaped her as Greg leaned in and kissed her exposed neck.

I withdrew my hands slowly from under Vicky’s blouse, reached around and felt for the buttons that ran down the front of her blouse. I was about to expose my own wife’s body to someone else, all the time expecting her to put a stop to all this. But no, she seemed to be in a trance. As I popped each button Greg kissed his way down. Kissing her neck, shoulder, down to her cleavage, his hands now replacing mine on her Breasts. I undid the final button and steeped back to let the blouse fall down her arms and to the ground. I was now shaking as I continued to undress her in front of this man who was helping himself to my wife’s chest, the zip on the back of her skirt was next, that too sliding to the floor once the clasp was undone.

With her eyes closed and arms hanging by her sides Vicky was now stood in just her black lace underwear that contrasted beautifully with her pale skin. She had slid into a world of fantasy just as Sharon had done on the TV moments earlier.

I watched as Greg took a step back to admire what was obviously going to be his next conquest. He wanted to make sure though, this wasn’t one of his swinger’s get-togethers and the situation didn’t make him any less of a gent. “Are you two sure that this is what you want to do?” he asked us both

“I think it’s best I leave that decision to Vicky, it’s up to her.” I said as I moved to stand next to him and take in the same view of my beautiful half naked wife that he was having the pleasure of. I have always told her how gorgeous she was, but there was some sort of radiance about her at this moment in time, maybe it was the atmosphere in the room that was doing it. She just seemed to glow.

Vicky opened her eyes, staring at us both for long moments. I wondered what was going through her mind, what would she do? My question was soon answered. She reached up behind her for a moment, and then raised her arms up and across her chest. Tucking her fingers beneath the bra straps she slowly pulled downwards, revealing her soft, perfectly shaped breasts. As the bra dropped to the floor she moved towards us, took hold of my hand and then Greg’s, lifted them up to her, and carefully placed them upon her Chest. There was no doubt now, we all wanted it. My wife had just given her approval for us to dive head first into the world that Greg and Chloe live in from day to day. No turning back now.

It was Greg that made the next move. The atmosphere in the room suddenly changed, no longer was there a nervous unknowing feel about everything, and from this moment on the air was electric. He pulled Vicky in to him hard, her bare breasts squashed up against him, his lips parted and their mouths seemed to collide. Her arms flung around him, returning his kiss with such a hunger as I have ever witnessed from her. I didn’t know what to do, for the first time ever I was watching my wife kiss another man, and it was no normal kiss it was heated and hard, the sort we have only experienced together In the throws of hot passionate sex. I could only stand and watch as this man, my friend, take my wife. I was rooted to the spot.

Greg spun her round to face me. My quite wife was now gone, replaced by this fiery rampant vixen wearing nothing but skimpy, black lace panties. I looked her in the eyes and knew that she now wanted to take this fantasy to its fullest extent. Something that before this had only been a dream, a chat beneath the sheets, was now unfolding before my very eyes. It was a sight I will never forget. It was my approval she was now seeking, although I don’t think anything I said was going to stop what was happening. I moved forward, took her hand and placed it on Greg’s crotch; she didn’t hesitate in gripping his now hard cock through the material. “Mmmm” It brought a smile to her lips. Keeping hold of him she pulled me in for a kiss that was just as heated as a moment earlier. I reached down to feel her again just as we did in the kitchen but were she was moist before, Vicky’s excitement had now soaked her through. “Go ahead Darling” I offered, “Like he said, it’s just a bit of fun.”

With that, Vicky turned back to Greg and rubbed her hand up and down his crotch. I took a seat to enjoy the show that these two were about to perform for me. Then my wife lowered herself to her knees, kissing his erection through his jeans. She certainly knew what she wanted and preceded to undo the zip that was now bulging under the strain of his hardened cock, her hand slid inside his pants. Wrapping her fingers around the shaft, taking hold of him. He helped her by undoing his own belt and dropping his trousers. She then released his cock from the restraint of his briefs. She wouldn’t be disappointed with that, I thought to myself.

It’s wasn’t the first time I had seen it, the close ups of Greg pumping into Chloe’s pussy in the video had given me an idea of his size, but when Vicky took hold of it and pulled his foreskin back to reveal his helmet, she gasped. It seemed to double in size. I wasn’t even comparing until this point, not doing too bad in the trouser department myself, I knew I had good girth, even better than Greg, but the head on this was definitely going to stretch my wife, more than I could. Sliding her hand over his thick shaft she licked her lips before kissing the tip of his penis quietly moaning to herself in admiration to his size. Not wanting to waste any more time, Vicky grabbed his briefs and yanked them down to the floor. Greg lifted his T-shirt off over his head and kicked off his shoes, he then removed his socks in turn.

Here was a friend of mine stripped naked, stood in front of me and my wife on her knees slowly wanking his cock inches from her face. He looked at me and ran his fingers through her hair coaxing her face closer to his groin; Vicky kissed the side of his Prick and cupped his balls in her hand. Running the tip of her tongue along the length to his engorged helmet, as she slid it into her mouth, stretching wide open her lips closed around him and took him as deep as she could until half his dick had disappeared. I couldn’t help but be impressed with what she was doing as she pulled her head back I could see his cock glistening with her saliva. Her head continued to move up and down his shaft until he pulled her away. Making a popping sound, as his cock seemed to spring out of her mouth Vicky wiped the side of her mouth where she was obviously dribbling and looked up at Greg. Wrapping her fingers around his shaft once more, I didn’t think she wanted to let go.

It was then she said something that I would never have imagined would come from her, “I want to feel that cock inside me, and I want you to fuck my cunt right here in front of my husband”

At least she hadn’t forgot I was there.

She stood and kissed him again making him taste his own cock. “And then you are going to watch me fuck Mike too”. She looked at me and slid her hand inside her panties; removing it she approached me, placed one hand on the chair above my head and leant over dangling her tits right in front of my face. She touched my lips with her wet finger. I licked them to taste her juice. She slid her wet finger into my mouth. I sucked it dry. The sweet taste was divine.

I don’t know how much more of this I could take. My own cock straining to be out, but not wanting to be playing with myself in front of Greg, I just sat and enjoyed the show. Vicky started to rub me through my pants. She knew how turned on I was, teasing me more for a bit of fun. I realised that Greg had now positioned himself behind her, his hands on her hips, pulling her back to grind his cock against her cunt and arsehole. He then pulled her panties down over her well-formed arse; she helped by moving her legs together until they dropped to her feet, before stepping out of them. Now totally naked with her arse on full show to my friend behind her, he pulled her legs apart once more. Pushing her arse up higher, offering herself to Greg, she leaned forward, forcing her tongue into my mouth, while he slid his hand up and down the crack of her arse. Parting her wet pussy lips, his fingertips rubbed at her clit. She groaned with pleasure as Greg worked a couple of fingers inside her. The entire time still kissing me, our tongues probing each others mouths wildly. Her tongue was thrashing around inside my mouth as she reached down with one hand to undo my belt and zip. Vicky had her hand inside my pants pulling me out as fast as she could. I sprung to action. She grabbed my cock and started gently wanking me off.

Then Vicky’s face changed; she closed her eyes and groaned loudly, her grip on my cock tightened. Greg was trying to shove that huge helmet of his into my wife’s tight cunt. She drew a deep breath between clenched teeth as she sucked in air, was he hurting her? She seemed to be in pain, but it was Vicky that pushed back hard to force his cock inside her, she let out a squeal as he broke through. A deep groan escaped her as he pushed his cock further into her. This was it, she was being fucked, she was taking the full length of Greg’s cock, and from the look on her face, wanting more. He started pumping. She, wanking my cock more frantically the more Greg fucked her. Then Vicky had to let go of me to support herself against the chair, as she was being pumped harder and harder from behind. I looked down between her open legs to see his balls slam into her swollen Mound.

She started shoving her body back to meet each thrust from behind. Her eyes opened, looking straight at me, I could see her need.

She started pleading. “Please, yes”

Groaning louder with each thrust, “Yes”

I grabbed her tits to stop them swinging so wildly.

“Yes” “Fuck me” she screamed.

My wife had become possessed, the pleasure this man was giving her, flowing through her entire body, taking over her, she was wild with passion.

I have never experienced anything like this before. It felt like I was in the middle of a hard-core porn flik. This was not my wife; it was some dirty fowl mouthed tart. “Come on you Bastard, Fuck my Cunt” She just didn’t seem to be able to get enough cock in her. Telling me in the same breath to squeeze her tits. Crazed, Shouting now “Fuck me harder” she was close to coming.

“Yes…. Yes”

Screaming, “Arghhhh”.

This is when she went rigid, hurled her head back clenching her teeth as the orgasm ripped through her. Her whole body jolted time and time again.

Greg didn’t give up though he continued to pound his cock deep into her. Not letting her orgasm subside, wave after wave sweeping through her. She had no energy to push back now. It was with the second orgasm that hit her that her knees gave way and she collapsed. Sliding off his cock and on to me.

I looked up and Greg was smiling, just stood there, slowly wanking his own cock, glistening with my wife’s cunt juice. Looking very pleased with himself.

Vicky could only lie there with her head on my stomach and groan softly. It was a couple of minutes before she could even move a muscle. When she did though she took hold of my rigid cock and kissed it. ”Mmmm” was the only sound she made.

She carefully stood up, legs still wobbling. She had a glazed look in her eyes, as if she had just taken drugs and was on high. Vicky looked at me with total satisfaction, smiled and without a word turned around and kissed Greg again, just to thank him. This time a little pang of jealousy hit me, because this kiss was longing, loving. She draped her arms around his neck and seemed to lose herself in abandonment. I shrugged the feeling straight off though; it was quite forgivable after what she had just been through.

Greg eased her away and motioned to me. She knew exactly what to do now. Vicky backed towards me reaching between her legs she took hold of my cock. Lowering herself down until she could feel my helmet prodding against her swollen cunt lips. I grabbed her arse to help her guide herself down my shaft. My cock slid straight into her dripping pussy, still stretched from the hammering it had just taken. With her back now to me I placed a finger at her little puckered arsehole, teasing it as she started to slowly ride up and down on me. She took over wanking Greg’s cock and he started to knead her tits. She leaned forward and started licking her own juices off his dick and balls, taking one in her mouth at a time. She groaned again as I slightly inserted my finger into her arse, she speeded up the ride. I could feel the tip of my cock hitting against the back wall of her cunt with every downward motion. Watching with delight at the way her pussy clung tight to my cock every time she lifted off my lap before coming back down hard. With her free hand Vicky started to rub her clit. When her legs tired a bit she just sat in my lap and gyrated her hips, grinding me into her.

I looked up to see how Greg was doing. He was enjoying himself. Vicky was second to none when it came to blowjobs, she certainly knew what a guy wanted. I’ve had a few in my time, from different women. But as soon as Vicky got her lips wrapped around me she blew my mind as much as my cock. I watched as her cheeks drawn in with the force she was sucking. Every now and again she took a breather, wanking him into her face before diving back on. I couldn’t believe how far back she was actually taking him, over half his cock disappearing into her mouth. By the look on his face I could tell it wouldn’t be long before he was shooting his load

Half an hour ago we were all sat having a nice drink. If you told me then that this was going to happen, I would have laughed. Now here was my wife Fucking, Sucking, Wanking, and Frigging all at the same time as getting her Tits rubbed and Arse fingered, what a marvellous sight.

With all this going on I was on the verge of exploding inside her. She started wanking Greg faster, “That’s it, take me now” Greg ordered Vicky. She opened her mouth to take his load when it eventually came. I knew she was close again when she rammed down on me harder, frigged her clit faster and wrapped her lips around his cock, sucking like she never had before. She screamed with another orgasm as she pounded down on me. As she did Greg grabbed a handful of hair and pulled her head back and with her mouth wide open he came, some of the white liquid shot straight to the back of her throat causing her to swallow straight away but as she kept wanking him it flew onto her cheeks, hair and neck, then she aimed his cock at her breasts. Now she had finished frigging she had a free hand to rub the spunk into her tits as spurt after spurt landed on her soft flesh. When he was done she took Greg back into her mouth and sucked and swallowed every last drop she could drain from him.

When the orgasm subsided once more she lifted off me and positioned herself between my legs as I lay back in the chair. Smiling at me and asking “Shall I pay my hubby a little attention now” Kissing the tip of my cock and teasing my balls with her fingers. She sank her lips around my raging hard-on, sucking me off with the same ferocity that Greg had just experienced. Not to let up on things he had positioned himself behind her was spreading her arse cheeks before teasing her crack with his expert tongue. The more he teased her, the harder she sucked me. It was amazing she had never sucked my cock like this before and far from complaining I was coming within minutes. Just as happened before the first spurts hitting her straight in the face before leaning down and squeezing her tits either side of my cock, I exploded between them, the jet of sperm hitting her chin. When I was done Vicky took my still twitching cock to the back of her throat and sucked me dry. After draining me of all my fluid too, Vicky sat back on her haunches, Greg had pulled away from behind her and was standing next to her with his now flaccid dick just dangling there. I just looked at them both. “Wow”

My well-fucked wife looked at me sheepishly, batting her eyelids “So how did I do Darling, Does this make me a Slut now?” she teased. Smearing both our spent liquid further around her tits making them shine in the light. Whatever happened to my wife, things were never going to be the same again. I looked at her; she had been well and truly converted

“You always have been a horny bitch Vicky, but will we be keeping it to ourselves anymore?” I asked her.

“That’s something I’ll have to think about” she reached up and stroked her fingers over Greg’s once stiff dick, then gently kissed the tip before asking his advice “What do you think Greg, Do you think we should try this again sometime”

He looked down at her then at me “If you ask me, I have a few friends that would love to meet both of you.”

Vicky smiled and winked “I wouldn’t mind to meeting Chloe next time?”