Written by Art

19 Apr 2004

The Doctor and I played some more Backgammon and watched a couple of movies while Rose slept and before we knew it the time had passed and it was nearly 8.00pm.

Steve, who had been watching TV, said we had better be making a move soon and the Doctor agreed.

Steve asked if I minded him going upstairs and getting Rose to shower and then he would give her a massage with this, and showed me a fancy looking small purple bottle of oil and said it was fantastic stuff, he told me it was from Amsterdam and he would massage her all over with some of it.

He explained he had used it before and its very expensive, smells really nice, makes breasts and pussies look really impressive and most of all it is the best ever lubricant for anal and pussy sex, much better than the usual KY and other creams especially when it was mixed with cum which makes it react and even more slippery and it is effective for hours or until it is washed off.

Apparently if you massage it well into a pussy or arsehole and then rub cum in afterwards any cock or toy slips in like a knife through soft butter he told me. I asked what it was and he said it was basically only a blend of animal fats and vegetable oil but with a special fish based additive which creates the reaction with the cum. It is fantastic and harmless he said and used by Gays and straight people, the woman has all the pleasure but without any discomfort but it is very expensive and has to be ordered by the Chemist and you can’t get it on prescription, unfortunately, he added.

Steve chuckled and said he will give her a good fucking to mix it with the oil as she has had a good rest now and it should be a raunchy night later and we will see how effective the oil is mixed with his cum and laughed and said “See you in an hour or so”.

Rose had just woken up when Steve went in the Bedroom and he could see she was playing with herself but immediately stopped when she saw him. He suggested she had a shower now as it was soon time to go out so she hopped out of bed and had a shower while he waited and when she came back she was surprised to see Steve had undressed and was lying back on the bed with his cock was standing rigid and there were towels on the bed when he told her to lie on the towels.He held her up close to him and told her he had seen her playing with herself when he came in and told her to carry on where she left off but this time with the Duvet off so he could watch.

No-one had watched her before apart from Art which made her a little hesitant but he kissed her and was soon quick to use his fingers to stimulate her again and as she was approaching another orgasm he stopped and told her to continue herself which she did. He kept encouraging her more as she closed her eyes and imagined lying on the picnic tables and what would happen and she soon had an orgasm and he could tell as he began to use his fingers again, feeling the wetness, kissing her and telling her what a good sexy slut she is and how she will enjoy herself later tonight as he has invited some really horny friends who will give her some really hard sex and strong orgasms which he knows she enjoys.

He said he had an old friend for her and opened the bedside drawer and took out the “Rabbit” Vibrator the Doctor had used on her and had her use it while he watched and she could feel it against her Clit and tickling again at first then it began to stimulate her quite quickly, as before. He said he knew she liked this and the Doctor wants her to take it home with her and wants her really wet for tonight and he leaned over her and sucked her breasts hard as she manoeuvred it. She spent some time using the vibrator while he kissed her, sucked and bit her breasts and she did have a couple more strong orgasms.

Then he had her lie back, fetched the bottle of oil from his pocket and enjoyed massaging her breasts with it and they were soon shiny all over, including her nipples, then he moved down over her tummy and spread it all around and inside her pussy, mixing it with her wetness from her orgasms. He had her turn over on to her tummy and massaged the lubricant all over back then down to her bum, first all over the cheeks then her hole and worked lots of the oil in there with his fingers. He then surprised her by lying back and having her sit on his cock and she felt it press lightly against her anus where it slipped easily straight in and she felt the surge and it stretching her as it thrusted forward but without any discomfort at all and she pushed hard back on to it until he was inside up to his balls.

He just left it there for a minute or two, until he was sure she was comfortable then had her move up and down on his shaft for a while then suddenly withdrew his cock, turned her on her tummy ,leaned down over her back and held her breasts tight as she felt his shaft slowly slipping back inside her and forth. Then suddenly he raised himself back up and grabbed her hair and pulled her head back as he pounded her harder and harder and she loved it and played with her clit as his cock thrusted in and out of her arse , asking him to fuck her harder and he swore at her at called her a cock slut and she swore back at him until soon his cum began explode from his cock and in her arse.

He quickly withdrew his cock as he ejaculated and finished with it spraying over her back then he worked the cum with the oil all around her anus and using his fingers mixed it deep inside then scooped what was left on her back into his hand and worked it all around her smooth pussy and as far inside as he could go with his fingers.

He then told her to lie down still for a few minutes, went to the bathroom and washed his cock and hands then returned and climbed on the bed and looked at her pussy and was satisfied with his work. He had her slowly lick and suck his cock and his erection soon returned and turned over and lay on top of her for a moment then lifted her legs over his shoulders and thrust his cock straight in her well oiled pussy and began to pound the slut and play with her breasts at the same time until they both let their cum go and this time he filled her pussy and left it there until he was empty. After he withdrew he told her any cocks will now slip in her anus and pussy like a well fitting glove.

He had her stand up and turned her towards the mirror sliding wardrobe doors and she could see she was all shiny and had traces of cum around her pussy as he put his arms around her and rubbed it in with the oil. He told her it was time to get ready and go for a quick drink first and he handed her the raincoat and told her to just wear that, it will be sexy. She wanted to wash but he said there was no need so she put it on and said she felt quite erotic in just a raincoat and nothing else, it stuck to her oiled skin where it touched. Rose wasn’t sure about going to a pub on a nice summer evening in a raincoat, so he said we will sit outside and he dressed and checked she looked ok.

She fastened all the buttons on the raincoat and went downstairs and when they reached the Lounge Steve told us she was all oiled and cummed up and the Doctor and I both said she looked great as we left the house and this time went in Steve’s 4 X 4 car. I sat in the front with Steve and the Doctor was in the back with Rose and as we went down the lane the Doctor leaned across and undid some of her top raincoat buttons and then a few bottom ones telling her it will look ridiculous if all her buttons are fastened on a summer night and after all the effort it took getting her ready she should show some flesh.

The first stop was a country pub about 3 miles from his house, going away from the Lake, and we sat outside on a bench and Rose felt a little conspicuous as the Doctor had her cross her legs and her coat opened and showed an expanse of shiny thigh and he had her open the top of her raincoat a little more until she showed an expanse of nice shiny breasts, glowing in the half light, it was about 9.40pm and the sun had gone down so it would be dark soon.

We were the only ones sitting outside and Steve went for some drinks and returned with three other men. He introduced Rose and me to them and as they moved close and stared at Rose’s tits and thighs they liked what they saw and told Rose they would look forward to meeting her later, by the lake. Steve bought Rose a Rum drink and laughed saying he didn’t want her to catch cold later. The men stayed chatting about football for about 10mins then returned to the pub saying they would see us later and the Doctor asked Rose if she was nervous. She admitted she was a little but he reassured her it would be fun and she will enjoy it if she plays the Slut and not to worry, Art, Steve and he will be there all the time he told her.

The light faded and the Doctor bought a round of drinks this time and by the time we had finished them it was quite dark so Steve said let’s go and we all went to the lake in his car. When we arrived there were a couple of cars there, one with the interior lights on and the windows steamed up. Steve asked if I was ok with him and the Doctor taking the lead as I had never been before, I said it was fine with me and then Steve asked Rose if she was and having made all the effort to come and had oil massaged all over her she smiled at him and said of course.

The Doctor leaned across to Rose and said “Well, let the dog see the rabbit then” and then undid all her coat buttons so her breasts and pussy were visible then he told her to relax and said she will be like a breath of fresh air tonight because there is never a lot of people here at night, it’s the way people prefer it and the women that have come before have not been to her standard and she has nothing to worry about and just to have fun and enjoy herself.

A couple more cars came into the car park and just stopped near us and Steve said lets go for a walk and Rose stepped down from the car and anyone looking would have seen her tits and pussy when we all went over to the buildings we visited earlier in the day. When we reached the picnic tables I stopped, expecting us to stop there, but we didn’t, instead the Doctor took a key out of his pocket and unlocked the ladies toilet, and had Rose go in first, followed by Steve.

I didn’t know why and still don’t, but suddenly I didn’t want to go in there with them.

I just wanted to be on my own suddenly and walked away, down towards the lake and sat on a tree stump along the bank turning things over in my mind.

I couldn’t see a problem, perhaps we had gone too far, too quickly but that couldn’t be right, Rose was very enthusiastic and obviously enjoyed the “rougher” approach to sex and even enjoyed watching the Doctor fuck me. I was the driving force at the start and have always encouraged her and to be honest enjoyed watching her being fucked. Is it my age or am I jealous of the attention she is getting?

I had a myriad of thoughts going through my mind as I sat there. In my heart I knew Rose was alright and would be enjoying herself but I didn’t feel like joining them. I looked at my watch and it was 11.50pm and suddenly realised I had been sitting there for about an hour and was feeling a little cold so thought I would just walk for a bit and get the circulation going.

I walked back towards the car park and noticed there were about nine cars there; including Steve’s, but no-one was around so I thought they probably were in the Toilet with Rose so I thought I had better make my way up there.

As I reached the picnic tables I saw this guy sitting there having a cigarette, he was about mid forties and was a big guy, must be about 15stone and over 6ft tall and at that moment I could die for one so I went to join him. He said “Hi mate” as if I knew him and when I asked for a fag he never hesitated and gave me one and a light.

I sat down with him and asked how things were and he said “Fucking hell, this bird is good, better than the last couple of women who came here”.

I asked how? And he said she has fantastic tits, loves being touched, having it in her cunt, arse or mouth and being covered in spunk. “Last couple just wanted to be fucked in their cunts as much as possible and just took it, no real sign of enjoying it” he said. “Hope she comes here again, she is real class”.

I asked him why he wasn’t still in there and he said he had a good long fuck and she sucked him off and he was knackered but said if she was still here later he might go back inside.

I thanked him for the fag and walked around the lake for a while and suddenly I realised that I was just jealous, not about other men, but because I had no control or real influence over what was happening and Rose and I were doing separate things.

I thought I had been a right Prat and thought Sod that!!! and made my way back to the picnic tables as 5 guys passed me, laughing and joking, completely ignoring me so I made my way to the Toilet and went inside.

There was just the Doctor, Steve and Rose there, The Doctor and Steve were dressed and Rose had her Raincoat just over her shoulders and I could see her breasts and pussy which had cum over them and there were traces of cum in her hair. Rose immediately asked where I had been and I lied and said I was walking behind them earlier and suddenly felt quite dizzy so went down the lake for a while, but I feel grand now and apologised which she accepted and said I should have told her though. I asked her how it was for her and she said she enjoyed it and never thought she would have such fun at her age and the Doctor said everyone else enjoyed it as well and it was the best night he had been to here so far and Steve agreed, assuring me that any fucking was with condoms but sucking was bareback.

I suddenly had an urge to try that for myself and something from somewhere deep down in me made me tell her to come closer so I could see her tits and cunt better. She was shocked to hear me speak like that but did as I said and I could see more cum on her but it didn’t bother me as I told her to take the coat off , get on her knees and suck my cock as I wasn’t here earlier and Rose did as I said. It was wonderful with her lips gliding up my cock as she sucked me and I squeezed her greasy tits then had her stand up while I felt and kissed her for a while then I had her bend over one of the sinks like before and I fucked her pussy while the Doctor and Steve watched us and I really enjoyed that and it was great filling her with my cum while they watched but it was right what Steve said, her cunt was so slippery and wet it was weird and I bet she had no problem with anyone’s cock tonight. After I had emptied my balls in her I told her she didn’t need the raincoat, it was a warm night and had her leave the toilet naked as we made our way to the car and Rose stayed close to me.

There were still a couple of blokes chatting in the car park as we walked and they could see Rose was naked and showed an interest. I ignored the Doctor and Steve and talked to them, playing with Rose’s tits while I did and asked them if they enjoyed themselves earlier with Rose and they made it very clear they did. They both smiled and said they were waiting for Rose in case she would like more fun so I held her tight and let them touch her but nothing else and she looked at me strange when I said she needed a bath now but smiled when I laughed and I made sure we sat on the back seat of Steve’s car together.

I played with Rose as we went back to the Doctors place and when we arrived the Doctor asked if we would like a nightcap. I spoke for both of us and said we would, very much so he went to get them and I had Rose sit with me, over my knees, in a chair, while I held her.

She said she needed a bath but I said she could shower later and asked the Doctor to get Rose a Double measure of Rum as she has been good fun tonight.

We were sitting and drinking and I made sure Rose finished hers first by chasing her and then I suggested that as the night was not over yet she have a quick shower and come straight back down just as she is, so she quickly went upstairs.

I asked the Doctor how many blokes had had fucked her tonight and he said nine including him and Steve. I said she seemed to enjoy it and they both said she did very much and with the special oil she had anal sex just as easy as in her pussy and he assured me that it was all safe sex like Steve did.

The Doctor asked me if I was alright about that and I said I wasn’t sure at first but after thinking about it tonight and seeing how Rose obviously enjoys being a slut occasionally, then I think I will make sure I am the main recipient of that benefit.

Good man said the Doctor and Steve agreed it wasn’t long and before she came down and I had her sitting on my knees and told her I had heard what a Sexy slut she had been and I was very pleased for her and I am sure I can arrange some more fun like that but you have been a naughty girl tonight so bend over my knees because I am going to spank you girl!!.

Rose was speechless but did as I told her and I did play spank her in front of the Doctor and Steve and I ensured she had a red glow to match what I had seen on her cheeks before. Afterwards I had her sit on my knees like before and I played with her breasts and talked to Steve and the Doctor.

I suddenly decided we shouldn’t have any more play that night and had Rose come to bed with me which left the Doctor and Steve more than a little bemused.

We didn’t talk about the nights activities but Rose cuddled up to me all night.

Although it was Sunday, as we were leaving I was up fairly early at 8.00am and the Doctor joined me about 10mins later. We both agreed it was a great weekend and I said we would probably be free to return in a couple of weeks.

I said I wished we could stay until tomorrow but I have an early morning meeting and I have to do a little preparation. He felt the same but asked if Rose could stay but I said she had a long weekend which is enough for now. Later when Steve came down and Rose a little later I told her what was happening and she was pleased we were possibly coming back again.

We said our goodbyes late morning and began our journey home.

On the way home I joked about having opened a can of worms and she can expect regular spanking from me as well as anal etc and she smiled and moved closer to me.

I told her we had experienced a lot over recent weeks but from now we will decide what we do as we originally set out to do, so we will go back, as we said, in a few weeks but before then we can meet others, possibly more local to us and she can have some regular fun, now she has a taste for it, so tonight I will take a few ‘interesting’ photos of her to send to people and we can get started.

Rose agreed with that and said it will be fun to meet new people and have new experiences before we are too old.