Written by A happy guy

25 Apr 2006

After I split up with Melissa, after many years of a very happy and sex filled marriage, I wanted to carry on my sex life, but with another couple and see if they were into the same things as Melissa and I were into. To be honest, what weren’t we in to? I think we must have tried and been involved in a lot of the fantasies that I have seen people put up on contact sites.

So I registered with a contact site myself, looking for an outgoing and adventurous couple. I had a reply from Cathy and Steve. Both were in their 30s and looking to spice up their love life. They had two children so discretion was big on their list. Thus names have been changed here obviously. If they read this they will know who they are! We met up and had a couple of drinks at a local pub, and then went to my hotel. At this stage I knew we were getting along and they were certainly a nice couple. Cathy was a blonde 5ft 6ins lady with I would say a 36in bust. Steve was quite athletic looking and I he played rugby. When we got in the door, Cathy was obviously turned on and took the initiative by kissing me full on. I responded, whilst Steve started to undress her from behind. Soon she was down to her bra and panties, and Steve and I undressed so we were naked, and then took off Cathy’s remaining clothes. Cathy was still kissing me and Steve went directly to her honey pot and was licking furiously. This was making Cathy write and moan like Melissa used to do. She then got on top of me and started sucking me for all she was worth. In the mean time, I now had her pussy over my face and carried on where Steve had left off. Although she had obviously come, I continued to lick her to her next orgasm. Just then I noticed that the mouth around my cock felt different, not that I was complaining as this was by far the best blowjob I had ever received. Normally I never come when being blown, and it seems to be a challenge for women to make me come like this. I looked up to see what was happening and saw Steve sucking my cock. I thought if he can do it that good why should I complain. He carried on, and he was so good that I did come in his mouth. Wow, that was definitely new to me, and I thought I had seen it all. More was to come (sorry for the pun). He then planted his mouth over Cathy’s and they both kissed with my come now in both their mouths. When they finished kissing it was all gone, and I don’t know who swallowed it but wow.

Cathy was definitely horny now and she turned around on top of me and started to kiss me. I could taste the remnants of come in her mouth, which was also a new first. Steve got behind her and in one thrust entered her completely. All of this going on got me hard again. Yes it surprised me too so quickly afterwards. Now my cock was just underneath and Steve balls were bashing against mine when he pushed into her. I think even he could feel me now. So he withdrew from her, lent down, got my cock, sucked it a bit and then put it into Cathy’s eager and wet pussy. He then started licking me going in and out. If you’ve never had this done, it is well worth a try. He then move to her ass, and licked around the edges, and I guessed what he was going to do next. Cathy was starting to make loud moaning noises, and shouting “Yes, yes”. I did not know how thin the hotel walls were but guaranteed someone would have heard. When Steve was ready he put his cock up to her ass and eased in gradually. Like with Melissa I could feel him entering. We soon started a rhythm going and Cathy was definitely having multiple orgasms. I soon came for a second time. Steve however was still stiff and had not come yet. Cathy then asked me a question. “You know you asked for an adventurous couple?” “Yes” I replied, wondering what was coming. “Well, I have a fantasy which I would like to you to fulfil”. “Uh Ok” again wondering what it could be. “I want to suck your cock and watch Steve take you and come in you” Well for those that have read the stories so far, you will know that when Melissa was with me we experimented all over the place. Surprisingly this never came up. So in the interests of continuing new experiences and they certainly were adventurous, I said OK. Steve went down and licked my ass and made it quite wet. Cathy was on top and watching her husband place his cock at my entrance hole. He started to push and it hurt a bit, but after a couple of shoves he got it in. Now it felt OK, especially with my cock being sucked again. Steve got another rhythm going and quite soon he was starting to tense and finally he released stream after stream of come into me. Well, I suppose now I knew what it felt like for a woman to have this done.

Cathy turned to me and kissed me and said how fabulous that was, and was there anything I would like to try? To be honest there were many, but I wanted to change positions with Steve and try it myself. Which the readily agreed to, as this was also a fantasy of theirs too. I did and thought there is more to experience than I thought. At this point they had to go home and relieve their baby sitter, but we definitely agreed to meet again and try some more fantasies.