Written by Den and Sue

28 Nov 2004

After showing Sue the e mails sent by people about the account with the park keeper, especially the lengthy one from Kent, we discussed how we felt about what we’d done and we decided that we had indeed enjoyed Sue being fucked by the parkie and his subsequent rogerings of my wife. We discussed the feelings of guilt against the feelings of sexual pleasure and decided that as long as we agreed to pull out of this life style the moment either one of us felt unsure or uncomfortable about it, then we’d try to take it farther. I was surprised just how easy it is to make contact with people who wish to accommodate your desires.

We discussed what we wanted, our fanaticises etc and Sue told me she often imagined while we made love, being tied spread-eagled, helpless and fucked by one or more men. Believe me I was taken aback, this didn’t seem like the Sue I knew.

Did she want this to happen for real I asked her and she said that as long as it wasn’t too rough and she wasn’t frightened, she could think of nothing better, so that night I tied Sue as she had said and it was the best sex I’ve had in many years.

The next day, we looked on the net for contacts of this kind and found one that wasn’t too far away, only 100 miles which was no problem for us. I phoned and talked to Dale, the bloke in the ad and told him how we had come to seek his help. I told him about it being our first time and what Sue had said regarding being gentle about it etc and he assured us that “they” knew how to behave in this regard. They I enquired, and he told me that yes, they, he and his friend and his friend’s wife arranged bondage parties most weekends. Both he and his friend were in their 50’s but the wife was 45. He was black but his friend and his wife were both white. He told us that they had got together after his friend and wife had advertised for a third and black man to join them for fun some 7 years ago and things had gone from there.

He told me he’d ring back after consulting his friends and they agreed to meet us this weekend as they’d just retuned from holiday and not had any prior arrangements made. His friends had said that this would be best anyway as we were new to this scene and the five of us would be quite plenty the first time, less off putting for Sue.

We met as arranged at a nearby pub and got acquainted before going on to Alan and Carol’s home. After sitting for a while and chatting about ourselves, and relating the account of the parkie and Kent’s emails etc Carol told Sue to follow her upstairs and for us to wait till she came for us. After about 10 minutes, Carol came downstairs and told us to follow her, but not make a sound. When we got to the bedroom, I saw it had been equipped for their parties, with all kinds of restraints.

Sue was hanging in a harness that supported her body but had her legs splayed wide. She was blindfold had some duck tape across her mouth, Carol told me she’d asked if Sue could breath ok through her nose before she added this item and if she was ok with it.

Carol kept making a sign to be very quiet and then told us to make all comments from now on in whispers. She led us all downstairs again where she explained to me that leaving Sue hanging there quiet for 30 minutes or so would heighten her anticipation so much that she would probably cum waiting. She told me that the blindfold and whispering, also added to the sense of helplessness and to a more heightened arousal.

The boys had got rid of their clothes and carol told me to do likewise as she did herself. She sat beside me and Alan and dale sat opposite, I noticed that Dale had a decent cock on him but nothing like the fantasy cocks you read of.

Carol put her arm around me and kissed me while feeling my cock and invited me to explore her body. I noticed the other 2 were just watching and stroking their own cocks. Carol was very careful not to go too far with me, but noticed that a stream of precum was running from me and she smiled and bent and sucked it off the end. I pushed the back of her head and tried to buck my hips but she pulled away and told me to wait, it was time to go back to Sue.

When we entered the room, Sue was breathing hard and we could see her trying to gyrate her hips and rub the top of her thighs together, but couldn’t but we could see her juices running freely from her cunt. They had run down and dripped into a little pool on the floor. Sue hadn’t heard us yet, but as Dale asked in a whisper if Alan wanted to fuck her first, she started breathing really hard and although unable to speak, made grunting noises and thrust her hips about in an attempt to demand fucking.

Carol took me to the corner of the room and told me to watch Alan and Dale go to work while she played with me as we stood watching.

Alan started to kiss and suck Sue’s nipples as Dale stroked and kissed the inside of Sue’s legs. Sue was by now thrashing about as much as the restraints would allow and almost crying, as the frustration built up. I dind’t know my cock could get so hard and then Carol put her mouth over it and after a couple of pulls with her hand I blew like a volcano into her mouth.

Alan and Dale looked over and smiled then Alan positioned himself between Sue’s legs and and just nudging her hole with his cock teased Sue a little more before sinking his cock into her it’s full length. I’d told him earlier how the parkie had fucked her, and though he wasn’t as rough as that, he simply just fucked her till he eventually came in her, all the while Sue was thrashing about and making wailing noises like a banshee. Dale now took his place and holding her still, fucked her at his pace with long measured strokes.

Carol had been working on me again as I watched Sue being fucked by these two experts and then pulled me to the floor and told me to fuck her. I slid my cock into her and to be honest, I didn’t care about her feelings, I simply wanted to empty my balls into her. The position we were in allowed me to watch Dales cock fucking my wife as I fucked Carol. I emptied my balls into her and watched Dale spunk into Sue also. We left Sue hanging there and had a drink then I was instructed to go in and fuck Sue too while they watched. Now Sue’s blindfold was removed and the tape across her mouth. Dale stood between her legs again but this time she could see. He put his cock back into her and fucked her for some time while Alan fucked Carol. I walked up to Sue’s head and offered her my cock and she sucked on it greedily but gave up after a while because of the fucking Dale was giving her so I gave it to Carol and she finished me off.

We let Sue out and discussed how she felt about it and decided we would stay till the Sunday morning, That night, Sue fucked with Dale and Alan while Carol and I fucked in another room.

Saturday, was more fucking with Carol and Sue getting together and Carol liking and sucking Sue’s cunt while we blokes watched.

Saturday night, Dale fucked Carol while Alan and me fucked Sue.

After breakfast on Sunday (today) we left, and said we’d keep in touch for another weekend, and Carole said if Sue wished, next time she would arrange a couple more guys and a couple more women for me. We will consider this but need to get this off to SH first.

You may be right Kent, We’ll have to see. At present, Sue is too shattered even to make comment, she slept all the way home and has gone straight to bed, and that’s where I’m going too