Written by BRYAN

5 Sep 2006

Diane suggested that we join the salsa lessons at the health club we are members of. I laughed, 'you've got to be joking, Ive got two left feet.'

She asked whether I'd mind her going to the lessons with her friend. I didn't see any problem.

On Friday she made her way to the club with Wendy and I followed on later to go in the gym. I had a small workout and made my way to the showers, curious, I peeped through the curtains in the dance studio where high tempo latin music pumped out. Diane was stood with crop top showing the curves of her proud breasts, and a tight pair of latex shorts. A half-caste man, tall and slender, talked to the 5 people there, explaining a dance move.

'Right' he said 'Just watch me take Diane through the move' he walked to Di and put his arm round her 'Get in close, press your bodies together and ladies open your legs a little' I began to get some stirring in my loins, the music started and he swung Diane round her groin wrapped around his left leg. He was at least 6'6'' and very athletic, everything I'm not and to be honest Di looked good in his arms. The music stopped and I melted into the shadows at the back of the adjoining tennis court. All the couples left and Wendy and Di walked through the curtains with the dark man laughing, Di was very tactile when she laughed at something he said she put her hand on his chest and let it run down his obvious six pack. They walked by me and I heard him say that there was to be a staff party after the club closed and both girls were welcome to join him as friends, he said later there would be some salsa dancing and he would show them some good moves, the girls then moved out of earshot.

I got to the showers and stripped off, I caught a glimpse of a 5' 7'' man with a cock that didn't hang it only just managed to sit on top of his hairy balls, of course it was just a mirror. I picked up my soap and shampoo, the door was pushed open and the dark man strode in with a mobile to his ear. 'Look Dave, these girls are cute but I need you to ride shotgun while I work on the blonde, no certainties but I think they're up for it' Asmall pause then he laughed. He said goodbye and started to undress, his chest was slightly hairy but this didn't disguise that he worked out, and hard. I made out I was looking for something in my bag, whilst glancing at this man, when he pulled his shorts off I nearly gasped, his cock was at least 5 1/2 inches flaccid. God knows what sort of damage it was capable of, I had to remind myself to breathe, I thought this could be it.

After my shower I rushed home and got the video camers and hid it in the spare room, the door opened downstairs and I went down. Di and Wendy stood there and said the class had been superb, Tony was a brilliant teacher and they would be going every week. No problem I said and asked if they fancied a drink, Di said they would, but could Wendy stop the night as they were going to go out to the club for a few hours. They took their wine and ran upstairs, Di's clothes are in the spare room and I knew they would get dressed in there. Di came down after a while and took my hand, 'You know what we talked about?' I suddenly started to have difficulty breathing and I could feel my heart literally pounding in my chest. 'You do want me to kiss another man, feel his cock through his trousers take it only so far, you do don't you? I blurted out I did but I was scared. 'You've nothing to fear I love you and this is to make our love life perfect, don't worry' I'll just kiss and tell' she giggled and ran upstairs.

When they came down I was staggered at how beautiful they looked,not slutty,just pure class.

As soon as they left I went upstairs and got the video camera, hand shaking I was nearly unable to plug it into the TV. I fast forwarded it to the girls going into the room, the picture was slightly angled but they were both in view as Di raided the wardrobe, Di spoke, 'he's really good looking' Wendy said 'you wouldn't cheat on Bri would you?' 'Don't worry, we've got an understanding, I can do anything as long as I keep my clothes on, oh, and tell him everything while I ride him' Di had got the clothes out that I had seen them wearing, they both began to strip off and first Di then Wendy were naked they joked about underwear and Wendy asked if they were brave enough to go bare, Di stopped and then laughed 'Lets do it' they finished getting dressed and before Diane left the room she said to Wendy what Bry doesn't know won't hurt him. Wendy said 'No' Di just said 'IfI get fucked tonight the he will have to live with it' ' Ive got a feeling thats what he wants anyway.' My cock which had been in my hand for the last few minutes exploded over the camera. 'Oh fuck, whats she going to do.' I had to think fast. TBC