Written by Anne

1 Nov 2004

A Brilliant web site, the postings of which make me so horney! So much so, I thought I would contribute while reminising over an erotic situation that happened some time ago.

I am 44 years of age, with grown up kids. Some 14 years or so ago, I worked evenings with a young lad, 20, who made it more than obvious, he fancied me. Being that much older, I of course found it flattering receiving such comments. To make a long story short, the first sexual experience commenced when this lad, lets call him Dave, offered me a lift home. As we were travelling, he mentioned that he really fancied me, at the same time placing his hand on my leg..I did not object. He then turned off the main road to an access road at the back of a row of houses, pulled over, and mentioned he wanted to kiss me. No other words were needed…we were French kissing, rubbing each other passionately. I could feel his hardness which I proceeded to release from his trousers, as he managed to finger me. His cock was beautiful, not as thick as my hubbys but longer and very very stiff! I naturally wanked him, sucked him, wanked him more until showers of spunk shot everywhere…we both laughed at some that splat on the windscreen.

That was the first experience with him..by no means the last!!!

I would take my youngest to school and proceed to Dave’s house…where we would fuck and suck on a continuous basis! I would constantly leave with a cunt full of his youthful spunk !

The nearest I have now to the aforementioned, is the occasional meet up with a male friend of mine who ive known for years. We have fucked in the past, albeit outside and over with very very quickly. My birthday is not too far away in which we hope for some passion. My sex drive has seems to have increased with age-any ladies out there experiencing anything similar.

Hope you like this account of my experience!!!!

Anne x