Written by jasperbd

10 Nov 2006

Maria, Erika and I had dinner and met Max in the bar about 8pm. He was a big guy in his early 30s and we knew we would get on. We had a drink and headed to our room. As soon as the door closed Erika pushed Max onto the bed and started to kiss him. Maria and I got naked and went into the 69 routine. Max eased himself from under Erika And asked her to reveal her enormous boobs. She too her top off and removed her bra.

Max stripped and revealed a cut pierced 7”. He asked who was having him first and quickly entered Erika. Maria and I watched as he moved into an easy rhythm. Very soon Erika let out a moan and trembled as she climaxed. Max then withdrew and turned Erika over. He then entered her anus doggy syle. Erika loves anal and he slid in with ease. This time he fucked hard and fast. Hepulled out and shot the most enormous load all over Maria’s boobs.

We paused for a rest and all of us had a shower.

He wanted me to fuck him as he fucked Maria. But at this stage we were both soft. Maria soon had me rockhard but Max was wanking to no avail. Erika took over and went down on him. Soon he was ready and hard. I lubed him up and he enterd Maria. I started to ease myself into him with no difficulty.

He started slowly and I began to move. It was tricky at first but soon we had a steady rhythm going.

Erika knelt on the floor and got hold of our balls which she held very tight.

I knew I was about to cum and said so. Ok said Max I’m nearly there. Lets do it after 10. He counted and we both shot together.

Maria was a bit upset because she had not climaxed, but Erika got hold of her and went down on her. Within 5 minutes she had an enormous climax Max asked if he could stay the night and Erika took him to her room

He left before breakfast & Erika told us he had asked her to fist him. He told her he had learned how to do it in the army. She said she gave him a full blowjob before he went.

Maria sent me on my way by giving me the thing I enjoy most: A really very rough wank