Written by Mike and Pam

26 Mar 2004

During these cold winter months, our minds often drift back to those long hot days of summer. I would like to share an experience with you from last year, which certainly changed our relationship forever. Perhaps one of you may recall something similar happening to them...

I met my wife Pam about seven years ago when we were both out for a drink with friends. She has always been a bit of a flirt and likes to dress quite provocatively.

She is a natural blonde, good looking and very fit with an ample pair of breasts and she likes to show off her assets. Whenever we go out she can’t resist flirting with the lads and becomes more outrages the more she has to drink, which as got us into trouble in the past.

Last summer we went out into Sheffield on a Saturday evening for a few drinks,

She insisted on wearing a very short black skirt and a skimpy little white crop top that barely covered her breasts, I was a bit concerned about this as I knew she would attract more attention than I was comfortable with, but she insisted and as usual I gave in. I am proud to have a hot girl on my arm but find it difficult to overcome my jealous nature. It was quite a warm night and the town was very busy. As expected she did attract a lot of looks and comments from the many groups of guys in the various bars we visited. A few times I notice men touch her breasts or run their hands up her skirt as we squeezed our way past them in the crowded bars. Pam just seemed to let it happen. She smiled and pretended not to notice but it did bother me a little.

Towards the end of the evening we found ourselves queuing to enter one of the larger bars which had a licence extension. As the queue lengthened we were joined behind by a large noisy group of guys, who appeared to be celebrating a birthday, most of them were very drunk and it did not take them long to notice Pam. They started to make comments about the size of her breasts and what they would like to do to her.

I suggested that we ignore them and waited for the queue to move, hoping that perhaps with no reaction they would turn their attention elsewhere, but it was not to be.

Pam was not wearing a bra and as we were pressed close together by a surge in the queue, one of the guys slid both his hands under her skimpy top from behind and squeezed her breasts as if I wasn’t there, she squealed and moved his hands away but I could tell by her body language, that she was aroused by it. The others quickly realised by her reaction that they could also perhaps get away with a quick grope and continued to encourage each other to try. I just did not know how to react, my instinct told me to intervene, but I was also becoming very aroused by watching my wife publicly fondled and abused by this group of complete strangers. Pam was pushing them away, but not convincingly enough and although I was starting to becoming annoyed, my arousal got the better of me and I could do nothing but watch. By now a number of other people had noticed what was going on and a cheer went up as one of the guys had lifted her top, exposing her breasts to the crowd. Pam jerked herself away and looked for my reaction, assuming that I would be angry, but by the look in her eyes, which she was unable to hide, showed that she was as excited by the experience as I was.

As the queue reached the main doors and started to enter the bar it was my last chance to rescue her, from any further embarrassment. I was so tempted to just pull her away from them at the last moment and leave while we had the chance, but part of me was intrigued to see what might happen next and I knew that this was a situation unlikely to be repeated. I felt so horny now that I decided to go with it.

As we surged inside I became separated from Pam in the crowd and saw that the group of lads, by now at the other side of the room, had completely closed around Pam, shielding her from view of the crowd. I quickly pushed my way forward to help her and aggressively forced my way to the front of the group. To my dismay I could now see that her hands were being firmly held behind her. The flimsy top was lifted whilst they were freely playing with her exposed breasts. Their hands were everywhere. I looked down and saw that one of the guys had her skirt pulled right up so that the others could see and his fingers were exploring her pussy whilst they all jostled for a turn. I heard one of the guys say, “feel how wet she is, let’s take the little slut somewhere we can all fuck her brains out”. My heart sank as I realised that the situation was getting completely out of hand, but I had let things get to this stage and now could do nothing to stop it. I leaned forward towards Pam’s face and asked her if I should try and do something. She pouted her lips and whispered in my ear.

“No, let them have me, I want to be fucked”

They moved her to a side door, pushed the brass exit bar and we all spilled outside

into the dimly lit car park. One of the guys recognised me as Pam’s partner from the queue outside and spoke, “You shouldn’t let her dress like that, teasing everyone”, “now she is going to get what she is asking for, we are all going to have a go with her”, “and you will just have to watch”. Pam looked a little worried, but she was also panting and trembling with excitement. Her look confirmed that she wanted to go on, whatever the consequences.

The engine started on a nearby van, which had been converted into a minibus. The side doors were opened and we were led inside. “You sit at the front and we will look after your horny little wife for you” said one of the guys. I obeyed and sat helplessly watching as they led Pam to the bench seat at the back. They wasted no time. Even before the van had started to move away they had her top completely off and whilst one of them eagerly kissed her open mouth, the others were squeezing her breasts, sucking and twisting her nipples. As we left the lights of the town behind and headed north out of the city, the driver switched on the interior light for a better view of his friends abusing Pam and I could see two of the lads were supporting her legs, holding them wide apart whilst a third was using an empty beer bottle on her.

Her mouth was open and her eyes closed and she was starting to moan as they continued to abuse her. As the driver turned off the road into an uneven track leading to a woodland picnic area, one of the guys had climbed up on the seat and started to fuck her open mouth. “Almost there now said the driver”, “Then we can give this slut a really good fucking”. I just couldn’t believe what was happening. “What about condoms I asked”, “No chance” he said, “I want to see my cum on her fucking face”.

As soon as the van had stopped they all eagerly lifted her out by her arms and legs and I watched in the moon light as they stretched her naked muscular body taught over a wooden picnic table, there were about 8 guys in all and I looked on helplessly as one after another they mounted Pam. Two held her arms whilst another two her legs open. I slowly moved closer to get a better view, One had her by the hair and was pumping her mouth whilst another was in her pussy. She was sucking wildly and I knew any resistance she had displayed earlier was now long gone, she was behaving like whore just letting them do anything they wanted to her and loving every minute. I watched her eyes as the spurts of cum jetted onto her face and tits. It was obvious that she could not wait for the next guy to take his turn and I heard her taunting them to fuck her harder. Two of the men were really rough with her, almost choking her by forcing their dicks, hard down her throat and I saw her wince as they bit hard on her tender nipples, squeezing and slapping her large breasts around. I had always been so gentle with her during love making, but this treatment seemed to be driving her wild. After what seemed like hours the last one had finished, (some had gone two and three times). They slowly returned to the van, leaving Pam exhausted and panting, still stretched across the wooden table, I heard the van leave and heard them laughing and cheering as they tossed Pam’s clothing onto the woodland track. They had all used her over and over and were now just leaving us there, in the middle of nowhere.

As I approached Pam, I could still smell them on her body, her hair face and tits were covered with cum, and her legs and pussy were still spread wide open.

The sight of her like this and the thought of what had just happened seemed unbelievable. I just stood there and stared, disturbed by the whole thing.

Neither of us spoke, but she knew what I was thinking. I couldn’t hold back a second longer and quickly pulled out my rock hard dick which was by now almost bursting from my trousers and thrust hard into her open wet pussy again and again. I wanted to use her in the same way they had and it felt fantastic. It did not take me long to cum and it felt like the best most intensive sex we have ever had.

Pam stood up shakily and got dressed. We then eventually made it back by walking to a nearby village and calling a cab from the phone box there. I don’t know what the driver must have thought by the state we were in. I noticed him constantly staring at Pam in the mirror as we made the journey home.

We both still regularly fantasise about these events during love making, and we often go back to the same woods to relive the fantasy again, but this time it’s just the two of us. The memories certainly have intensified our sex lives, but in the cold light of day I think that we both realise the real danger we put ourselves in.

Pam still goes out in skimpy clothes, from time to time, often with no underwear, and I have occasionally turned a blind eye when other men touch her, but only when the situation feels right, and we both always stay firmly in control.