Written by mrbodget

7 Dec 2006

Julia and I had got to know each other via a chatroom and had met several times and had fantastic sex .The chatroom had arranged a get together at a travel lodge and both my wife and I were going for the weekend .My wife had by now became aware of my time spent with julia and it was agrred that we would sleep the night apart me with julia and her with martin .On the day of the meet we had all arrived at the travel lodge and martin was resting in his room my wife slipped away quietly to go and see him and I was in the bar with the rest of the crowd but couldnt get to speak to julia .The evening came and went and finally everyone started to slip off to bed we walked back with julia and martin where we parted company me with julia and my wife with martin .As soon as we were in the room we had started kissing and my hands ran over julias body to her ass and felt the suspenders I had asked her to wear for the night ,I helped her out of her blouse and skirt and was soon just stood in front of her with my boxers on .Julia was a short well built but not fat woman and had flat tits but lovely nipples for sucking on .I soon had her led back on the bed and had my mouth tatseting her sweet musky fanny and she would love me to lick her for ages my tounge would slide its way down to her brown star but was never allowed to rim her properly after lots of attention to her fanny it was now her turn to please me and she would give me lovely deep throat I dont have a big cock its only a modest 6inches but its 6 inches around when erect which julia loved to suck on .She would tease the end on my cock with her pierced tounge causing a mixture of delight with a slight hint of pain just bringing me to the edge and letting me calm down again .I was so horny now I wanted to shove my cock inside her wet fanny and with one push I went all the way in unlike my wife who is very tight julia was easy to slide in to and always enjoyed raking her nails across my back .She then got on top of me and slide down over my cock gripping me with her muscles in her fanny and really riding my cock she new how to grip a mans cock in her fanny and always had a smile on her face when she enjoyed my cock she would ride up and down on my cock for ages while I would suck on her nipples and rough play with her tits again she would tease me bring me to the point and ease off and let me relax and start all over again untill finally she wanted my seamen inside her and would enjoy the feeling of my spunk hitting her fanny .We fell asleep after that only to wake up in the middle of the night and for her to give me a slow and fantastic blow job while my head found her wet and slippery fanny for some lovein kisses and 2 fingers to slid in and bring her to climax again .At the end of the night at around 6.30 I returned to my own room just as my wife was finnishing off martin for the 4th time that night what a horny sight it was to see my wife riding another mans cock allthough she made him wear a condom ,while she was in the shower I picked up her wet knickers from the nights fun and smelt them and had a long wank in to them .